23 terms

Les endroits - aller à

je vais
I go / I am going
tu vas
you go / you are going (informal)
il va
he goes / he is going
nous allons
we go / we are going
vous allez
you go / you are going (formal)
elles vont
they (girls) go / they are going
la bibliothèque
the library
la poste
the post office
la piscine
the swimming pool
le restaurant
the restaurant
the church
le stade
the stadium / fields
le cinéma
the movie theater
le centre commercial
the mall
le musée
the museum
le café
the café
le parc
the park
le concert
the concert
the school
the hotel
le supermarché
the supermarket
la boulangerie
the bakery
la pharmacie
the pharmacy

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