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16 terms

Welding Symbols quiz

Type of weld, approximately triangular cross section joining two surfaces at approximately exact angles to each other.
A circular fusion weld through in the hole of a slotted lap or tee joint
A type of groove weld with a small separation at the edges of the base metal parts
A groove weld in which the joint edge of each member is beveled from the similar side
A type of groove weld in which one member has a joint edge beveled from one side
U Groove
A groove weld in which the joint edge of both members is equipedin the form of a jfrom one side, giving a final U form to the fulfilled weld.
J Groove:
A type of groove weld in which one member has a joint edge in the form of a J from one part.
Flare V
A type of groove weld, generally used to join two round or curved parts.
Flare Bevel
A type of groove weld, generall used to join a round or curved piece to a level pieve
A type of welding, continuous weld made between or upon overlapping metal parts
A type of weld deposited at the back of a single groove weld
A type of weld which consists of one or more stringer beads or weave beads deposited on an steady surface in order to create desired dimension or properties
a weld that is improperly ositioned compared to current workpiece design edge welds are those welds are those welds that stroke or extend beyond the edge of the workpiece
A type of joint between two metal parts located at eact angles to one another. It requires large amounts of weld metal
Field Weld
a type of weld made at the construction site
Backing or special Material
A type of weld bead applied to the root of a single groove joint to declare complete root diffusion