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Realidades 2 2A Verbos reflexivos (presente)


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me despierto
I wake up
te despiertas
you wake up
nos despertamos
we wake up
me acuesto
I go to bed
se acuesta
he/she goes to bed
nos acostamos
we go to bed
se cepillan
they brush
te cepillas
you brush
me cepillo
I brush
me duermo
I fall asleep
te duermes
you fall asleep
nos dormimos
we fall asleep
se seca
he/she dries
nos secamos
we dry
se secan
they dry
me visto
I get dressed
te vistes
you get dressed
se visten
they get dressed
nos vestimos
we get dressed
me pongo la ropa
I put on clothing
se pone la ropa
he/she puts on clothing
se ponen la ropa
they put on clothing
te maquillas
you put on make-up
nos maquillamos
we put on make-up
me ducho
I take a shower
te duchas
you take a shower
se ducha
he/she takes a shower
nos duchamos
we take a shower
se duchan
they take a shower
me baño
I take a bath
te bañas
you take a bath
se baña
he/she takes a bath
nos bañamos
we take a bath
se bañan
they take a bath
me preparo
I get ready
te preparas
you get ready
se prepara
he/she gets ready
nos preparamos
we get ready
se preparan
they get ready