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*Commanding Officer - Ultimately responsible for safety matters within his or her unit, ensures personnel are instructed and drilled in applicable safety precautions, appoints a safety officer

*Executive Officer - designated as the command ORM manager, responsible for making the decisions to accept risk or elevate it up the chain or command; responsible to provide the leadership, tools, resources, and controls for their personnel to successfully complete assigned missions and tasks.

*Safety Officer - Advises the Commanding Officer on matters pertaining to safety manages the command safety program, investigates mishaps, monitors projects, shops, and special evolutions for compliance with safety standards

*Department Head
*Division Officer
*Work Center Supervisor
- Ensure all assigned work spaces are inspected and maintained free of hazards and in compliance with applicable NAVOSH standards
- Ensure all assigned personnel are properly trained, advised of and associated hazards are equipped/provided with appropriate protective clothing/equipment
- Take prompt action to abate/correct any identified deficiencies under their control
- Ensure that mishaps and near-mishaps are reported to the Safety Officer

*Safety Petty Officer (E5 and above) - Inspect division spaces; submit hazard reports; advise division officer on status of SOH program within division; including safety-related items revealed through maintenance
*All hands - all hands must follow posted safety precautions, comply with safety standards, and report unsafe or unhealthy conditions; report injuries immediately to their supervisor