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  1. assonance
  2. Types of Rhymes
  3. dramatic irony
  4. Tone
  5. anaphora
  1. a The formality, informality, humor all contribute to the poems effect
  2. b a device by which the author implies a different meaning from that intended by the speaker in a literary work
  3. c Slant Rhyme- example- bit and hat
    Exact Rhyme- example- love and glove
  4. d repetition of an opening word or phrase in a series of lines
  5. e the repetition at close intervals of the vowel sounds of accented syllables or important words (hat, tan, amber)Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary(the a in Mary, Mary, Contrary)

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  1. Taken as a whole, the stressed/unstressed sounds in a poem are what give a poem its rhythm, which in poetic terms is called this term.
  2. it is printed or written with margins whereas poetry often ignores the margins, especially the right margin. Additionally, some words and even parts of words when spoken are stressed while others are unstressed
  3. poetry having as a primary purpose to teach or preach
  4. The is no external pattern but there is often an implied of "felt" pattern. nonmetrical poetry in which the basic rhythmic unit is the line, and in which pauses, line breaks, and formal patterns develop organically from the requirements of the individual poem rather than from established
  5. a speech pause occurring within a line

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  1. Petrarchan sonneta sonnet rhyming ABABCDCDEFEFGG; three coordinate quatrains and a concluding couplet


  2. Find the Example of Figurative Languagelanguage employing figures of speech; language that cannot be taken literally or only literally


  3. Modern Free VerseDoes not rely on meter, often pays more attention to the shape of the poem instead of the sound of the poem.


  4. figure of speechThis is a poetry form... There is no external pattern, but there is often an implied of "felt" pattern.


  5. Different Rhyming patternsCouplet, Triplet, Quatrain, Terza Rima and Spencerian Sonnet