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I don't know if someone already did "Greek Gods" but I was bored so... ya


Goddess of love and beauty, forced wife of Hephaestus.


God of the sun (light), music, healing, prophecy, and poetry.


God of war, vengeance, anger


Goddess of The Moon, hunting and archery twin sister of Apollo.


Goddess of wisdom, crafts, defensive warfare, and the patron of athens.


Goddess of agriculture, grain, harvest and earth.


God of the Dead and of the riches found within the earth. Brother of Poseidon and Zeus.


Goddess of marriage, family, motherhood and queen of the gods. Zeus' jealous wife.


God of travel, thieves, and commerce. Messenger of the gods.He showed the way for the dead souls to Hades's realm.


Goddess of the hearth and domestic life. Eventually gave her place to Dionysus.


God of the sea and horses. Brother of Hades and Zeus and father of Polyphemus


King of the gods. God of thunder and lightning. Brother of Poseidon and Hades. Husband of Hera.


God of fire and the forge (god of fire and smiths)with very weak legs. Makes armor for the gods and other heroes like Achilles. Son of Zeus.

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