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10) RWG Intermediate C: Present Progressive +/-/?

Use the key words to make sentences.

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+ he watch TV now
He is watching TV now.
- she study now
She isn't studying now.
? he talk his mother now
Is he talking to his mother now?
+ I study English right now
I'm studying English right now.
+ they eat in this picture
They are eating in this picture.
- they smile in this picture
They aren't smiling in this picture.
+ we study hard in this picture
We are studying hard in this picture.
? you wear shoes in this picture
Are you wearing shoes in this picture?
? I sleep in this picture
Am I sleeping in this picture?
+ they make dinner now
They are making dinner now.
? he wear black pants today
Is he wearing black pants today?
+ she wear glasses in this picture
She is wearing glasses in this picture.
- I study right now
I'm not studying right now.
- you smile in this picture
Your aren't smiling in this picture.