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UNIT 2 (integrált) TEST (KÉPEKKEL)


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accuse sy (v)
to say that somebody has done something wrong or is guilty of something
addiction (n)
the need or strong desire to do or to have something, or a very strong liking for something
balance (n)
a state where things are of equal weight or force
be obsessed about sg (v phr)
to be always talking or worrying about a particular thing, especially when this annoys other people/if someone is .................. with a person or thing, they keep thinking about them and find it difficult to think about anything else
behaviour (n)
the way that somebody behaves, especially towards other people
come up with sg (phr v)
to suggest or think of an idea or plan
complain (v)
to say that you are annoyed, unhappy or not satisfied about somebody/something
cut back
to spend less, do less, or use less of something
digital world (n phr)
inter connected through digital devices, media or we can say digital marketing services that are available to every one 24/7
distinguished (adj)
used to describe a respected and admired person, or their work
expert (n)
a person with a high level of knowledge or skill relating to a particular subject or activity
genuine (adj)
real; exactly what it appears to be; not artificial
go/get by (phr v)
to be able to live or deal with a situation with difficulty, usually by having just enough of something you need, such as money/ to move past, in space or time
hang out with sy (phr v)
to spend a lot of time with someone
have sy on one's back (v phr)
to criticize someone several times in an annoying way
interact with (phr v)
to communicate with or react to/to communicate with somebody, especially while you work, play or spend time with them
intriguing (adj)
very interesting because of being unusual or mysterious:
keep count of sg (v phr)
to remember a total/ to remember or keep a record of numbers or amounts of something over a period of time
lose sg/sy to sg/sy (phr v)
to have somebody/something taken away by somebody/something
mealtime (n)
a time at which a meal is eaten
object to sg (v)
to feel or express opposition to or dislike of something
overall (adj)
in general rather than in particular, or including all the people or things in a particular group or situation
phase (n)
a period of strange or difficult behaviour that will stop after a while, especially a period that a young child or person goes through
preferably (adv)
if possible/in a way that is more attractive or more suitable; in a way that is preferred to other ways
slip back into sg (phr v)
to move quietly and cautiously back to someone or something.
sympathise with sg (phr v)
to understand and care about someone's problems/to feel sorry for somebody; to show that you understand and feel sorry about somebody's problems
temporary (adj)
lasting or intended to last or be used only for a short time; not permanent/not lasting or needed for very long
tend to (v)
to be likely to do something or to happen in a particular way because this is what often or usually happens
attractive (adj)
pleasant to look at, especially in a sexual way/very pleasing in appearance or sound
bad-tempered (adj)
often angry; in an angry mood
be hooked on sg (phr v)
enjoying something so much that you are unable to stop having it, watching it, doing it,
be short of breath (v phr)
the feeling of not getting enough air when you are breathing
be subjected to sg (v phr)
to make somebody/something experience, suffer or be affected by something, usually something unpleasant
be suspended from (phr v)
If someone is .................... .......... work, school, etc., they are temporarily not allowed to work, go to school, or take part in an activity because of having done something wrong
bossy (adj)
always telling people what to do
cowardly (adj)
not brave; not having the courage to do things that other people do not think are especially difficult
die of sg (phr v)
to stop living or existing, either suddenly or slowly
exaggerate (v)
to make something seem larger, more important, better, or worse than it really is
feel lousy (v phr)
you feel very ill/very bad
gang up (phr v)
to unite as a group against someone
gesticulate at sy (phr v)
Use gestures, especially dramatic ones, instead of speaking or to emphasize one's words/to make movements with your hands or arms, to express something or to emphasize what you are saying
hang around (phr v)
to wait or spend time somewhere, usually for no particular reason/ to wait or stay near a place, not doing very much
health risk (n phr)
something that could cause harm to people's health
hostile (adj)
unfriendly and not liking something/ very unfriendly or aggressive and ready to argue or fight
introvert (adj)
someone who is shy, quiet, and unable to make friends easily
quit sg (v)
to stop doing something or leave a job or a place
rebellious (adj)
unwilling to obey rules or accept normal standards of behaviour, dress, etc.
resistance (n)
The ..................... of your body to germs or diseases is its power to remain unharmed or unaffected by them (ellenállás)
restricted (adj)
limited, especially by official rules, laws,/ limited or small in size or amount
retain ( v)
to keep or continue to have something
self-conscious (adj)
nervous or embarrassed about your appearance or what other people think of you
suspicious (adj)
not willing or able to trust somebody/something
tender (adj)
kind, gentle and loving/painful when you touch it
tension (n)
a feeling of nervousness before an important or difficult event
utterly (adj)
(used for emphasis) completely
weed (n)
tobacco ( any wild plant that grows in an unwanted place, especially in a garden or field where it prevents the cultivated plants from growing freely)
wheezy (adj)
making the high whistling sound that your chest makes when you cannot breathe easily
anxious (adj)
worried and nervous
be compelled (v)
having to do something, because you are forced to or feel it is necessary
cut down sg to
to do or use less of something/reduce
end up (phr v)
to find yourself in a place or situation that you did not intend or expect to be in/ to finally be in a particular place or situation
turn sy off (phr v)
a strong feeling of disapproval and dislike at a situation, person's behaviour (disgust)
get by on sg (phr v)
to manage to live or do a particular thing using the money, knowledge, equipment, etc. that you have/survive
give away
reveal secret information
give away
let a person have something without paying
give back
return something to its owner
give in
hand work to a teacher
give in
surrender or admit you can't do something (meghátrál)
give out
distribute things to people (kioszt)
give up on
stop being involved with a person because they
disappoint you/to stop hoping or believing that somebody will change, get better, etc
light up (phr v)
shine/if somebody's eyes or face ......... ......, or something ............ them ...... , they show happiness or excitement
like-minded (adj)
People who are described as like-minded share the same opinions, ideas, or interests/ having similar ideas and interests
prevent from (phr v)
to stop something from happening or someone from doing something
professional (n)
connected with a job that needs special training or skill, especially one that needs a high level of education
put sg through (phr v)
Initiate something and see it through to a successful conclusion/to make it certain that something is accepted, approved, or successfully completed
share (v)
to put something on a social media website so that other people can see it, or to let other people see something that someone else has put on a website/to tell someone else about your thoughts, feelings, ideas,
updated (adj)
to add the most recent information to something such as a book, document, or list