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776 BCE

the first recorded year in which the ancient Olympic games took place


god of all Greek gods; the Olympics were held to honor him


the site of the early Olympic games (and the origin of the name "Olympics")

Olympic truce

an ending of wars for a month surrounding the games in order to allow spectators to travel safely and soldiers to compete in the Olympics


a period of 4 years between
Olympic games


a foot race - the only event in the first Olympic games

olive wreaths

the reward for winning an Olympic event


large jar filled with olive oil or celery sticks; carried by marathon runners

javelin, discuss, long jump, running and wrestling

the 5 events of the pentathlon


cross between boxing and wrestling

hoplitodromos (hoplite)

a race run by men carrying shields and wearing armor


the punishment for cheating in the ancient Olympics

chariot racing

the only event that women were allowed to compete in

Panhellenic Games

a series of 4 different religious festivals that took place in ancient Greece


Greek runner who ran from Marathon to Athens to announce victory over the Persians


large gym with a sand floor where athletes trained for a month prior to the start of competition


a tool used to wipe the sweat off of athletes

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