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  1. Judianne Alexander
  2. Tyrone Bittings
  3. Janelle Battle
  4. Diondra Jordan
  5. Decline of the Harlem Renaissance
  1. a is very tall, plays basketball because her father wants her to, loves to paint
  2. b Overweight, wants people to see her beyond her weight. "I am coconut"
  3. c The "main character" or "tour guide" of the book
  4. d thinks that she is ugly, loves fashion and sewing
  5. e The Great Depression added economic pressure to organizations that supported the Harlem Renaissance, like the NAACP.

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  1. aspires to work on Broadway, but is moving
  2. a movement of African-American culture in literature, art, dance and music during the 1920's.
  3. is considered a bully, bad-tempered, her mom died of an overdose
  4. is balancing being a single mother with going to school full time
  5. has dyslexia, loves the saxaphone

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  1. Jazz and Bluesloves to paint, does not want to be stereotyped as by his culture


  2. Leslie Lucaswants to be considered a "bad boy" but loves the Harlem Renaissance, wants a future


  3. Poets of the Harlem RenaissanceLangston Hughes, Zora Neale Hurston, Countee Cullen


  4. Tanisha Scottrefuses to be stuck in an abusive cycle, like her sister


  5. Devon Hopeis a very good basketball player, but also likes to read