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  1. Raynard Patterson
  2. Harlem Renaissance
  3. Raul Ramirez
  4. Gloria Martinez
  5. Tyrone Bittings
  1. a The "main character" or "tour guide" of the book
  2. b has dyslexia, loves the saxaphone
  3. c a movement of African-American culture in literature, art, dance and music during the 1920's.
  4. d loves to paint, does not want to be stereotyped as by his culture
  5. e is balancing being a single mother with going to school full time

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  1. is a very good basketball player, but also likes to read
  2. considers her beauty a struggle
  3. is considered a bully, bad-tempered, her mom died of an overdose
  4. Overweight, wants people to see her beyond her weight. "I am coconut"
  5. The Great Depression added economic pressure to organizations that supported the Harlem Renaissance, like the NAACP.

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  1. Themes of literature in the Harlem RenaissanceAfrican-American daily life, discrimination and racism, roots in Africa.


  2. Steve Ericsonwants someone to love her, feels alone. Does not like her stepfather


  3. Amy Moscowitzher parents' divorce has greatly affected her, wants a friend but doesn't trust anyone


  4. Sterling S. Hughesher mother died of cancer, became friends with Porscha


  5. Jazz and Bluesmusic that became popular during the Harlem Renaissance. Performed at the Apollo and Cotton Club.