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Quantitative Reasoning


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The Average Formula
Average = Sum of the terms/Number of the terms
The Average of the numbers 3, 4, 18, 21, and 34 in list L
3+4+18+21+34/5 = 16
To find the median of a group of numbers, arrange the numbers in increasing order
The median is the middle number
Probability Formula
Probability = Number of desirable outcomes/Number of possible outcomes
A jar contains 3 red, 5 green, 2 blue, and 6 yellow marbles. A marble is chosen at random from the jar. After replacing the first marble, a second marble is chosen.
Since 5 is the number of green marbles in the jar and 16 is the total number of marbles in the jar, the probability of selecting a green marble is 5/16. Applying the same formula to the yellow marble for the second selection, the probability of selecting a yellow marble is 6/16. To find the probability of selecting 1 green and then 1 yellow marble, we take the product of these two probabilities:
5/16 x 6/16 = 30/256

Without reducing the fraction, it is clear that:
30/256 < 1/2 and 11/16 > 1/2