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driver's ed permit study guide

through A+ driving school
What are the two types of crosswalks
Marked and unmarked
where at an intersection do you stop?
Behind the crosswalk
What 3 tests must you pass to get your licence?
Knowledge, Vision, and Road
At a 4 way intersection, when 2 or more people stop at the same time, who has the right of way?
the person on the right
What does S.I.P.D.E stand for?
Scan Identify Predict Decide Execute
What does S.C.R.D stand for?
Suspension Cancellation Revocation Disqualification
What can cause your license to be suspended?
Repeated violation of traffic laws, let others use license, ect...
What can cause your license to be canceled?
Acquire mental/physical illness, fail test, ect...
What can cause your license to be revoked?
Flee officer, refuse/fail DWI, ect...
What can cause your license to be disqualified?
any oddball situation
What is important to know about motorcycles?
Obey the same road laws, do not crowd them, be careful at intersections
Explain the 3 second rule
Wait 3 seconds after the car in front of you passes a stationary object before you do
What are the 3 speed laws?
Basic, posted, and statuary
What is the basic speed law
do not drive faster than conditions allow
what is the posted speed law
under ideal conditions, follow the signs
what is the statuary speed law?
when the speed is not posted, drive 10 mph in a ally, 30 mph on urban/town roads, and 55 mph on rural roads
what does S.M.O.G stand for?
Signal Mirrors Over the shoulder Go
When do you begin signaling before a turn?
100 ft
when is turning left on a red light legal?
going from a one way to a one way
how far in both directions must you be able to see in order to make a legal U-turn?
1000 ft
how far ahead must you be able to see in order to pass
700 ft
where is it illegal to pass?
Bridges, no passing zones, and solid yellow lines
When is passing on the right legal?
when there is a fully marked lane to do so
what is F.U.C.R used to remember?
how far to park from certain things
What does the F in F.U.C.R stand for?
park at least 10 ft from a fire hydrant
What does the U in F.U.C.R stand for?
park at least 20 ft from a uncontrolled intersection
What does the C in F.U.C.R stand for?
park at least 30 ft from a controlled intersection
What does the R in F.U.C.R stand for?
park at least 50 ft from a rail road crossing
What are some safety suggestions for airbags?
keep at least 10 in from steering wheel, keep hands at 8 and 4 or 9 and 3, keep thumbs tucked
what do you do in a traffic crash?
Call 911, Move to a safe location if possible, Exchange info with other drivers, Write down license plate number
what percent of accidents involve alcohol?
what types of effects does alcohol have on functions?
Judgement, Vision, Reaction time, Steering, Perception, Coordination/Balance, Attention
what is the maximum legal alcohol concentration for the driver?
what is the "No tolerance rule"?
if the driver is under legal drinking age, they can be arrested if they register at all on the DWI test.
What are some precautions you should take while driving in winter?
remove snow and ice from hood, windows, and lights. Test brakes while driving. don't use cruise control
what are some things to put in your survival kit?
shovel, sand/salt, warm clothes, red flag, blanket, quick energy food, water, ect...
what do different sign colors mean?
Regulatory: red, white
Warning: yellow, green, orange
Informational: blue, green, brown
Dim high beams within _______ feet of an on coming vehicle.
Dim high beams within _______ feet when you are following a vehicle.
when must you have your headlights on?
sunset to sunrise, also when you cannot see clearly for at least 500 ft
what does it mean to "Overdrive your headlights"?
to not be able to stop within the distance your headlights illuminate the road
how do you enter a freeway?
accelerate, select gap, adjust speed, S.M.O.G
how far behind your car should you place flares or reflectors?
100 to 500
what percent of crashes are caused by distracted driving?
what are the 3 types of distracted drivers
Visual, Mechanical/Physical, Cognitive
how deep of water will carry away most cars?
2 feet
what should you do if there is a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning?
Avoid idling in garages, don't sit in an idling car, keep window slightly open, Avoid idling cars stuck in snow or mud, keep exhaust clear, lower windows periodically.
What is hydroplaning
loss of steering or braking control when a layer of water prevents direct contact between tires and the road
how far should you stop behind a school bus?
20 ft
when an emergency vehicle comes, what should you do?
pull over to the closest side of the road