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What is perception?
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What is a crisis?-An event that is sudden, arbitrary, and unpredictable -Potential for psychological disruption is greatest at this stageWhat is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?-Development of characteristic symptoms following a psychological distressing even that is outside the range of usual human experience -Long-term effects (>1 month)Physiological effects of Critical Incident Stress-Time Distortion -Auditory distortion -Visual distortion -Behavioral responses -Physical responses -Cognitive responses -Emotional responsesPsychological effects of Critical Incident Stress-Denial -Isolation -Preoccupation w/ event -Heightened sensitivityIdentify coping strategies to prepare for and techniques to reduce a critical incident xposure-Resilience -Agency Policy -Training -Talk to others w/ experienceWhat is resilience?Process of adapting well in the face of adversity, trauma, tragedy, threats, or even significant sources of stressWhat is the National Incident Management System (NIMS) based on?-Incident Command System (ICS) -The Multiagency Coordination system -Public Information SystemWhen is ICS used?-HAZMAT -Planned Events -Natural Disasters -Fires -Wide Search & RescuesWhat is the ICS Organizational Structure?-Incident Commander (IC) -Command Staff -General Staff -Branches -Divisions -Groups -Units -Task Forces -Strike Teams -Single ResourcesWhat are the parts of ICS Incident Facilities?-Incident Command Post -Staging Areas -A base -A camp -Helibase -HelicampWhat do first responders base their decisions on during crisis situations?-Life safety -Incident stability -Property conservationWhat do LEO's do within an immediate crisis area?Utilize the concepts of cover, concealment, and ICER within the incident siteWhat is ICER?-Isolate -Contain -Evaluate -ReportIdentify the Two Tactical Perimeters to be Established during the Containment Phase of a Critical Incident-Inner Perimeter -Outer PerimeterWhat is a First Responder's involvement at a HAZMAT scene?-Recognition -Identification -Notification -Isolation -ProtectionWhat is RAIN?-Recognize -Avoid -Isolate -Notify ->CHALETWhat is CHALET?-Casualties -Hazards -Access -Location -Evacuation -TypeWhat are the roles of computers in criminal activity?-Target -Instrument -RepositoriesWhat are the components of the Survival Circle?-Mental Preparation*** -Tactics -Physical Fitness -Equipment -Shooting skillsIdentify the Ten Deadly Errors-Failure to maintain proficiency and care of weapons, vehicles, and equipment -Improper frisk, search, or use of handcuffs -Not enough rest/sleep -Relaxing too soon -Missing danger signs -Taking a bad position -Failure to watch the hands -Tombstone Courage -Preoccupation -ApathyFactors that define an ambush assault-Element of surprise -Concealment of the assailant, their intentions, or weapon type -Suddenness of attack -Lack of provocationCategories of Ambushes-Hasty -Deliberate -In an Area -In a Far -In a NearEssential Elements of Narrative Police Reports-Accurate -Complete -Concise -Clear -ObjectiveIdentify when the 5th Amendment privilege against self-incrimination is applicable1. Made by a person 2. Government compelled 3. Testimonial 4. IncriminatingIdentify when Miranda warnings are required-Police (known) -Interrogation -CustodyWhat is the cooling off period after a Miranda Invocation?-Normal: 2 hours -Right to counsel: 14 days after releaseWhat is the only schedule of drug that has no accepted medical use?Schedule IWhat are the Three Pharmacological classifications of drug abuse?-Depressants -Stimulants -HallucinogensWhat are some major Narcotic substances?-Morphine -Codeine -Heroin -Dilaudid -Methadone -Demerol -OxycodoneWhat are the two categories within the stimulant family of drugs abuse?-Cocaine -AmphetaminesWhat schedule are stimulants?-Schedule IIWhat are the drugs within the hallucinogenic family of drugs and abuse?-Cannabis -Peyote -Mushrooms -LSD -PCPWhat schedule are hallucinogens?Schedule IWhat are the "Club and Date Rape drugs"?-MDMA -Katamine -Rohypnol -GHB -GBLElements of 21 U.S.C. 844Unlawfully and knowingly or intentionally possessing a controlled substance3 ways to possess drugs-Actual -Constructive -Joint possessionElements of 21 U.S.C. 841Unlawfully and knowingly or intentionally manufacturing, distributing, or dispense or possessing with intent to distrubuteTypes of Evidence-Physical -Testimonial -DocumentaryWhat should photographs consist of?-3 perspectives of the incident: Overall, Intermediate, Close upWhat are the three fundamental principles for officer preparation for Risk and High Risk Vehicle Stops?-Physical conditioning -Mental conditioning -Tactical thinkingCommon types of driving distractions-Visual -Manual -Cognitive -Duty/TechnologyTwo main components of Below 100 initiative-Awareness -AccountabilityFive basic tenants of Below 100 initiative-Wear your belt -Watch your speed -Wear your vest -WIN -Remember: Complacency KillsWhat is the most common night driving error?Over-driving headlightsWhen is a buccal collection kit performed?Time of arrestWhen should the buccal collection kit be mailed in?Within 24 hoursHow should you read a drug test kit?Top to bottom, left to rightWhat is a crowd?Number of persons temporarily congregated in an areaCharacteristics of crowds-No unity of purpose -No leadership -Not dependent on each otherWhat is a demonstration?A person or large number of persons exhibiting sympathy with or against authority for some political, social, economic, or other condition or movementCharacteristics of Demonstrations-Has leadership -Organized -Prearranged plan or course of action -May or may not be orderly or violentWhat is a mob?A crowd whose members, under stimulus of intense excitement or agitation, lose their sense of reason and respect for the lawCharacteristics of a Mob-Excited or agitated -May have leadership -Have a common goal or motive -Have lost all respect for the law -Respect only POWER and the show of FORCE***What is a Riot?A breach of the peace committed in violence against anyone who may oppose the common goal or purposeCharacteristics of a Riot-May have leadership in early stages -Commit violent acts -Have lost their original goal or purpose -Show a disregard for life and/or property -Have lost all peaceful reasoningInfluences on the behavior of congregations of people-Numbers -Contagious -Novelty -Anonymity -ImitationTypes of Crowd Control Chemical Agents-CN-Tear Gas-RED -CS-Irritant Gas-BLUE -OC-Inflammatory Agent-ORANGE -HC-Smoke-YELLOW