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a large area of flat land up on a mountain.


a narrow strip of land with water on both sides connecting two larger land areas


flat grassland regions

rain forest

dense forest that receives high amounts of rain each year

amazon river

A long river in the amazon.


a river or stream that flows into a large river

regions of latin america

central america, south america and the caribbean islands.

El nino

A warming of the ocean water along the western coast of south america


the heigth of land above sea level


the ways that goods and services are produced and made available to people

factors that afect climate

elevation, how close or far the place is from the equator line, wind patterns.

natural resources

things found in nature that people can use to meet their needs Ex petroleum, water, minerals


electric power produced by moving water.

one-resource economy

a country's economy that is based on on 1 resource.


many diferent things, variety.

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