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  1. carrier
  2. australopith
  3. hominoid
  4. temperate broadleaf forest
  5. disturbance
  1. a an individual who is heterozygous for a recessively inherited disorder and who therefore does not show symptoms of that disorder
  2. b in an ecological sense, a force that changes a biological community and usually removes organisms from it. These, such as fires and storms, play a pivotal role in structuring many biological communities
  3. c a biome located throughout midlatitude regions where there is sufficient moisture to support the growth of large, broadleaf deciduous trees
  4. d the first hominids; scavenger-gatherer-hunters who lived on African savannas between about 4.4 million years ago and 1.5 million years ago
  5. e a term that refers to great apes, including humans

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  1. hybrid
  2. selective breeding of domesticated plants and animals to promote the occurrence of desirable inherited traits in offspring
  3. a type of ecological succession in which a biological community arises in an area without soil
  4. a microorganism that thrives in a hot environment (often 60-80°C)
  5. the body framework of the head.

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  1. Punnett squarea diagram used in the study of inheritance to show the results of random fertilization


  2. photoautotropha diverse clade of gram-negative bacteria that includes five subgroups


  3. stop codonin mRNA, one of the three triplets (UAG, UAA, UGA) that signal gene translation to stop.


  4. sympatric speciationanimal behavior in transmission of, reception of , and response to signals


  5. cephalopoda member of a group of molluscs that includes squids and octopuses.