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  1. law of independent assortment
  2. RNA polymerase
  3. symbiotic relationship
  4. gastrovascular cavity
  5. desertification
  1. a a digestive compartment with a single opening, the mouth; may function in circulation, body support, waste disposal, and gas exchange, as well as digestion.
  2. b a general rule of inheritance that when gametes form during meiosis, each pair of alleles for a particular characteristic segregate independently; also known as Mendel's second law of inheritance
  3. c the conversion of semi-arid regions to desert
  4. d an enzyme that links together the growing chain of RNA nucleotides during transcription, using a DNA strand as a template
  5. e a close association between organisms of two or more species

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  1. the passage of energy through the components of an ecosystem
  2. the part of an ecosystem where a chemical, such as carbon or nitrogen, accumulates or is stockpiled outside of living organisms
  3. the evolutionary history of a group of organisms
  4. the offspring of two parental (P generation) individuals; F1 stands for first filial
  5. an area that one or more individuals defend and from which other members of the same species are usually excluded

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  1. prophagelatitudes between 23.5° north and south


  2. mutationthe regular back-and-forth movement of animals between two geographic areas at particular times of the year


  3. angiosperma flowering plant, which forms seeds inside a protective chamber called an ovary


  4. global warminga slow but steady rise in Earth's surface temperature, caused by increasing concentrations of greenhouse gases (such as CO2 and CH4) in the atmosphere


  5. chlamydiathe sticky part of a flower's carpel, which traps pollen grains