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  1. biodiversity crisis
  2. continental drift
  3. recombinant DNA technology
  4. density-dependent
  5. absorption
  1. a the uptake of small nutrient molecules by an organism's own body; the third main stage of food processing, following digestion
  2. b referring to any characteristic that varies according to an increase in population density
  3. c a change in the position of continents resulting from the incessant slow movement (floating) of the plates of Earth's crust on the underlying molten mantle; it has caused continents to fuse and break apart periodically throughout geologic history
  4. d techniques for synthesizing recombinant DNA in vitro and transferring it into cells, where it can be replicated and may be expressed; also known as genetic engineering
  5. e the current rapid decline in the variety of life on Earth, largely due to the effects of human culture

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  1. a poisonous protein secreted by certain bacteria
  2. the conversion of semi-arid regions to desert
  3. the cloning of human cells by nuclear transplantation for therapeutic purposes, such as the replacement of body cells that have been irreversibly damaged by disease or injury
  4. pertaining to the rear, or tail, of a bilaterally symmetrical animal.
  5. the similarity of structure between two species that are not closely related; attributable to convergent evolution

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  1. lysogenic cyclean analytical approach to the study of the diversity of life and the evolutionary relationships between organisms


  2. reverse transcriptasea virus that has appeared suddenly or has recently come to the attention of medical scientists.


  3. tumor-suppressor genethe study of the molecular basis of genes and gene expression; molecular genetics


  4. Fungithe kingdom that includes the fungi


  5. monophyleticpertaining to a taxon derived from a single ancestral species that gave rise to no species in any other taxa