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Comedy defined as any discourse or work generally intended to be humorous or to amuse by including laughter.
6 elements of comedy:
-He drops and ruins a first brain and then gets a second brain that says DO NOT USE THIS BRAIN, ABNORMAL!- It's funny because he goes against a big label that specifically tells him not to use it and goes against it anyways.(Irony)
-The Monster gets out and has frustrating encounters with a girl and a blind hermit. - This is funny because it is a direct parody to the original Frankenstein.(Parody)
-Elizabeth falls in love with the creature due to his inhuman stamina- it's funny because of the way it happens and most people don't fall in love with monsters. (Romantic Comedy)
-He kidnaps and ravishes the not un-willing Elizabeth when she arrives unexpectedly for a visit. - Funny because it's not really kidnapping if she's allowing it to happen.(Satire)
-During a period of training , The demonstration continues with Fredrick and the Monster launching into the musical number "Puttin' on the Ritz', complete with top hats and tails. -This is funny because a monster breaking into a musical number with top hats is just something that turns out to be funny overall. (Slapstick Comedy)
-Lastly, the film ends happily with Elizabeth married to a sophisticated monster while Igna joyfully learns what Fredrick got in return from the Monster during the transfer. -This is funny because it's a reason why Elizabeth fell in love with the monster and out of everything Fredrick could of got in the transfer its this. (Situational Comedy)