35 terms

Psychology 1 - Chapter 4

nonconscious, biofeedback
Mental processing of bodily processes, such as the brain regulating blood pressure, occur at the _____ level, and some people are able to learn to control these process through _____. p. 137
Dr. Eplort is staying in a cave for several months with no external light cues and no way to keep time. He goes to sleep when he feels sleepy and gets up when he is awake. He will most likely sleep about the _____ as he did before. P. 148
Zandra knew nothing about art, she noticed the framed Rembrandt prints in the hallway of her classroom building. When she took art appreciation class, she found that the paintings she liked best where those same Rembrandt images. Her preference was most likely affected by? P. 139
Edie has purchased a tape that contains subliminal messages designed to help her lose weight . According to the Thinking Critically section, Edie's success in losing weight most likley depends on her _____ that the subliminal messages will help. P. 140-141
Mitch noticed that, after his friends smoked marijuana, they began giggling, and acting silly. After he smoked it for his first time, he found himself doing the very same things. Mitch's specific responses to marijuana were most likely due to _____ expectations. P. 157-158
The telephone rang several hours after Leroy fell asleep. It takes Leroy a while to locate the phone, and he is so groggy when he answers that, in the morning, he can't remember who called or what was said. When the phone rang, Leroy was most likely in stage _____ sleep. P. 144
Alan's wife is concerned because he often gets out of bed during the night and acts out his dreams. One night he boxed with an invisible opponent, and last night he was fighting a phantom bull. Alan most likely would be diagnosed as having _____ behavior disorder.P. 147
The "back to sleep" program, which advises parents to have their babies sleep face up, has greatly reduced the incidence of _____ in the United States.
Franklin was flying from Los Angeles to Paris, where he was to give a speech shortly after arrival. To minimize the effects of jet lag, his physician would most likely recommend that Franklin should take _____. P. 148
REM sleep is important for improving the functioning of neurons that use norepinephrine, developing, checking and expanding the brain's nerve connections, and establishing memories of emotional information. BUT NOT FOR: (_____ the body's and brain's energy stores for the next day's activity). P. 149
Accoring to the _____ synthesis theory, dreams are meaningless, random by products of REM sleep.
P. 151
_____ has been especially effective in pain control.
P. 154
Norm has been mediatating for over a year. By now, according to your textbook, we would expect Norm to be _____ anxious. P. 155
Candice was given morphine to ease the pain of back surgery. Her doctor explained that morphine occupies the same receptors and has the same effect as endorphins, the body's natural pain killers. In other words, morphine is an endorphin _____.
P. 146-155
Vincent has been using heroin for some time, and now he finds that he needs larger amounts of the drug to achieve the same effect he used to get from smaller doses. Vincent is experiencing? P. 156
This is true of alcohol: Dopamine _____ reduce the alcohol cravings. P. 158
A young man experiencing halluninations is brought to a hospital emergency room. Which of the following drugs could his doctor rule out as a likely cause of the hallucinations?
MDMA, Cocaine, Caffeine, LSD
Abel took a drug to reduce the pain in his broken arm. The drug Abel took to reduce his pain would be classified as a(n)? P. 160
Marijuana has been used successfully in treating asthma, glaucoma, chronic pain, and nausea from chemotherapy,. It is legal to grow and use marijuana for medicinal purposes in Canada. Doctors have found that marijuana may help treat some types of cancer. BUT IT DOES NOT _____ MEMORY FUNCTION AND CREATIVITY! P. 162
Zandra's preference for the Rembrandt painting was most likely affected by _____
Edie's success depends on her _____ that the message s will help her
Leroy was most likely in stage ____sleep, the deepest stage of slow-wave sleep
Alan is most likely suffereing from _____ behavior disorder, a condition that allows dreams to be acted out
Disruptions of your _____ rythm can make you grouchy and less productive. Melatonin has been used to maintain these circadian rhythms
It is ____-REM sleep that researchers believe is important for restoring the body and brain's energy stores for the next day's activity, the other responses are functions of REM sleep.
According to the activation-synthesis theory, dreams are _____, random byproducts of REM sleep
People susceptible to _____ are able to focus and redistribute their attention on the hypnotist.
_____ has been used to help people reduce nausea from chemotherapy, surgical bleeding, and pain
Research on _____ has shown that meditators report a decrease in stressrelated problems and anxiety
_____ are drugs that bind to a receptor and mimic the effects of the neurotransmitter that normally fits that receptor
_____ is a condition in which increasingly larger drug doses are required to produce the same effect.
Since alcohol's physiological effects involve dopamine, dopamine agonists can _____ cravings and withdrawal effects.
Caffeine is a _____, which does not cause hallucinations
_____ relieve pain and cause sleep
_____ disrupts memory function and reduces creativity.