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愛想 (あいそう)
(n) civility/courtesy/compliments/sociability/graces/(P)/
間柄 (あいだがら)
(n) relation(ship)/(P)/
合間 (あいま)
(n) interval/(P)/
敢えて (あえて)
(adv) dare (to do)/challenge (to do)/(P)/
仰ぐ (あおぐ)
(v5g) to look up (to)/to respect/to depend on/to ask for/to seek/to revere/to drink/to take/(P)/
垢 (あか)
(n) dirt/filth/(P)/
赤字 (あかじ)
(n) deficit/go in the red/(P)/
明かす (あかす)
(v5s) to pass/spend/to reveal/to divulge/(P)/
赤らむ (あからむ)
(v5m) to become red/to redden/to blush/(P)/
上がり (あがり)
(n,suf) (1) ascent/rise/slope/(2) freshly-drawn green tea (esp. in sushi shops)/(3) advance income/crop yield/(4) death/spinning/completion/stop/finish/(5) after (rain)/ex (official, etc.)/(P)/
諦め (あきらめ)
(n) resignation/acceptance/consolation/
悪 (あく)
(n) bad thing/bad person/
(n) (abbr) accelerator/(P)/
(adj) (1) gaudy/showy/excessive/(2) vicious/
顎 (あご)
(n) chin/(P)/
憧れ (あこがれ)
(n) yearning/longing/aspiration/(P)/
麻 (あさ)
(n) flax/linen/hemp/(P)/
(n) birthmark/blotch/nevus/
(adj) wretched/miserable/shameful/mean/despicable/abject/
欺く (あざむく)
(v5k) to deceive/(P)/
鮮やか (あざやか)
(adj-na,n) vivid/clear/brilliant/(P)/
(v5u) (uk) to sneer at/to ridicule/
(adv) don't take me wrong, but.../I'm sorry/(P)/
味わい (あじわい)
(adj-no,n) flavour/meaning/significance/
焦る (あせる)
(v5r) to be in a hurry/to be impatient/(P)/
あせる ((色が~))
(v1) to fade/to discolor/(P)/
値 (あたい)
(adj-no,n,vs) value/price/cost/worth/merit/
値する (あたいする)
(vs-s) to be worth/to deserve/to merit/(P)/
当り (あたり)
(n-adv,n) hit/success/reaching the mark/per .../vicinity/neighborhood/(P)/
悪化 (あっか)
(n,vs) (suffer) deterioration/growing worse/aggravation/degeneration/corruption/(P)/
扱い (あつかい)
(n,n-suf,vs) treatment/service/
(adj) not enough/too quick (short, long, etc.)/
(adv,n) easily/readily/quickly/(P)/
斡旋 (あっせん)
(n,vs) kind offices/mediation/(P)/
圧倒 (あっとう)
(n,vs) overwhelm/overpower/overwhelming/(P)/
圧迫 (あっぱく)
(n,vs) pressure/coercion/oppression/(P)/
(n) up/(P)/
(v1) (uk) to give an order/to place an order/(P)/
圧力 (あつりょく)
(n,vs) stress/pressure/(P)/
当て (あて)
(n) object/aim/end/hopes/expectations/(P)/
当て字 (あてじ)
(n) phonetic-equivalent character/substitute character/(P)/
宛てる (あてる)
(v1) to address/
跡継ぎ (あとつぎ)
(n) heir/successor/(P)/
後回し (あとまわし)
(n) putting off/postponing/(P)/
油絵 (あぶらえ)
(n) oil painting/(P)/
(n) approach (in golf)/(P)/
(adj-na,n) contrary/opposite/inverse/(P)/
甘える (あまえる)
(v1) to behave like a spoiled child/to fawn on/(P)/
雨具 (あまぐ)
(n) rain gear/(P)/
甘口 (あまくち)
(adj-na,n) sweet flavour/mildness/flattery/stupidity/
(n) amateur/(P)/
網 (あみ)
(n) net/network/(P)/
操る (あやつる)
(v5r) to manipulate/to operate/to pull strings/(P)/
危ぶむ (あやぶむ)
(v5m) to fear/to have misgivings/to be doubtful/to mistrust/
(adj-na,n) uncertain/vague/ambiguous/(P)/
過ち (あやまち)
(n) fault/error/indiscretion/(P)/
誤る (あやまる)
(v5r) to make a mistake/(P)/
歩み (あゆみ)
(n) walking/
歩む (あゆむ)
(v5m) to walk/to go on foot/(P)/
予め (あらかじめ)
(adv) beforehand/in advance/previously/(P)/
荒らす (あらす)
(v5s) (1) to lay waste/to devastate/to damage/(2) to invade/to break into/(P)/
争い (あらそい)
(n) dispute/strife/quarrel/dissension/conflict/rivalry/contest/(P)/
改まる (あらたまる)
(v5r) (1) to be renewed/(2) to stand on ceremony/to be formal/(3) to take a turn for the worse/(P)/
荒っぽい (あらっぽい)
(adj) rough/rude/(P)/
霰 (あられ)
(n) hail (i.e. falling iceballs)/
有様 (ありさま)
(n) state/condition/circumstances/the way things are or should be/truth/
(adj-na,adv,n) (uk) the truth/fact/as it is/frankly/(P)/
(n) alkali/(P)/
(n) alcohol/(P)/
(n) aluminum (Al)/aluminium/(P)/
(n) hour/(P)/
合わす (あわす)
(v5s) to join together/to face/to unite/to be opposite/to combine/to connect/to add up/to mix/to match/to overlap/to compare/to check with/(P)/
(fr:) (n) questionnaire (fr: enquete)/survey/(P)/
(n) encore/(P)/
暗殺 (あんさつ)
(n,vs) assassination/(P)/
暗算 (あんざん)
(n,vs) mental arithmetic/(P)/
暗示 (あんじ)
(n,vs) hint/suggestion/(P)/
案じる (あんじる)
(v1) to be anxious/to ponder/
安静 (あんせい)
(adj-na,n) rest/(P)/
(adv,exp,n) sure enough/as usual/(P)/
(adj-na,adv,exp,n) moderate/right/random/not thorough/vague/irresponsible/halfhearted/
言い訳 (いいわけ)
(n,vs) excuse/explanation/(P)/
医院 (いいん)
(n) doctor's office (surgery)/clinic/dispensary/
家出 (いえで)
(n,vs) running away from home/leaving home/(P)/
生かす (いかす)
(v5s) to revive/to resuscitate/to make use of/(P)/
(adv,int) how?/in what way?/how much?/however/whatever/(P)/
(adv,int) (uk) indeed/really/phrase meaning agreement/(P)/
怒り (いかり)
(n) anger/hatred/(P)/
粋 (いき)
(adj-na,n) chic/style/purity/essence/(P)/
異議 (いぎ)
(n) objection/dissent/protest/(P)/
生き甲斐 (いきがい)
(n) something one lives for, very important/(P)/
行き違い (いきちがい)
(n) misunderstanding/estrangement/disagreement/crossing without meeting/going astray/
意気込む (いきごむ)
(v5m) to be enthusiastic about/
育成 (いくせい)
(n) rearing/training/nurture/cultivation/promotion/
幾多 (いくた)
(adv,n) many/numerous/
いける ((花を~))
(v1) to arrange (flowers)/(P)/
異見 (いけん)
(n) different opinion/objection/
意向 (いこう)
(n) intention/idea/inclination/(P)/
移行 (いこう)
(n,vs) switching over to/
(adv,int) now/come (now)/well/crucial moment/
意地 (いじ)
(n) disposition/spirit/willpower/obstinacy/backbone/appetite/(P)/
移住 (いじゅう)
(n) migration/immigration/(P)/
衣装 (いしょう)
(n) clothing/costume/outfit/garment/dress/(P)/
(v5r) to touch/to tamper with/(P)/
異性 (いせい)
(n) the opposite sex/(P)/
遺跡 (いせき)
(n) historic ruins (remains, relics)/(P)/
依然 (いぜん)
(adv,n) still/as yet/(P)/
依存 (いぞん)
(n,vs) dependence/dependent/reliance/(P)/
委託 (いたく)
(n,vs) consign (goods (for sale) to a firm)/entrust (person with something)/commit/(P)/
いただき ((出の~))
(n) (1) crown (of head)/summit (of mountain)/spire/(2) easy win for one/(3) something received/
(adv) very much/exceedingly/extremely/
傷める (いためる)
(v1) to damage/to impair/to spoil/(P)/
炒める (いためる)
(v1) to stir-fry/(P)/
(v5r) to pity/to sympathize with/to console/to care for/to be kind to/(P)/
市 (いち)
(n-suf) city/(P)/
一概に (いちがいに)
(adv) unconditionally/as a rule/(P)/
著しい (いちじるしい)
(adj) remarkable/considerable/(P)/
一同 (いちどう)
(n) all present/all concerned/all of us/(P)/
一部分 (いちぶぶん)
(n) a part/a portion/a section/(P)/
一別 (いちべつ)
(n) parting/
一面 (いちめん)
(adv,n) one side/one phase/front page/the other hand/the whole surface/(P)/
一目 (いちもく)
(n-adv,n-t) a glance/a look/a glimpse/(P)/
一様 (いちよう)
(adj-na,n) uniformity/evenness/similarity/equality/impartiality/(P)/
一律 (いちりつ)
(adj-na,n-adv,n) evenness/uniformity/monotony/equality/
一連 (いちれん)
(n) a series/a chain/a ream (of paper)/
一括 (いっかつ)
(n,vs) all together/batch/one lump/one bundle/summing up/(P)/
一気 (いっき)
(n) (abbr) drink!(said repeatedly as a party cheer)/
一挙に (いっきょに)
(adv) at a stroke/with a single swoop/(P)/
一見 (いっけん)
(adv,n,vs) (1) a look/a glimpse/glance/(2) first meeting/(P)/
一切 (いっさい)
(n-adv,n) all/everything/without exception/the whole/entirely/absolutely/(P)/
一心 (いっしん)
(adv,n) one mind/wholeheartedness/the whole heart/(P)/
(adv) rather/sooner/might as well/(P)/
一帯 (いったい)
(n) a region/a zone/the whole place/(P)/
一変 (いっぺん)
(n,vs) complete change/about-face/
意図 (いと)
(n) intention/aim/design/(P)/
異動 (いどう)
(n) a change/(P)/
営む (いとなむ)
(v5m) to carry on (e.g. in ceremony)/to run a business/(P)/
挑む (いどむ)
(v5m) to challenge/to contend for/to make love to/(P)/
稲光 (いなびかり)
(n) (flash of) lightning/
祈り (いのり)
(n) prayer/supplication/(P)/
(n) snoring/(P)/
(adv,n) now/at this late hour/(P)/
未だ (いまだ)
(adv) yet/still/more/besides/(P)/
移民 (いみん)
(n) emigration/immigration/emigrant/immigrant/(P)/
(int) reluctantly/by no means/unwillingly/(P)/
卑しい (いやしい)
(adj) greedy/vulgar/shabby/humble/base/mean/vile/(P)/
(adv) awfully/terribly/
(adj) unpleasant/disgusting/repulsive/indecent/lewd/dirty/lascivious/
意欲 (いよく)
(n) will/desire/ambition/(P)/
衣料 (いりょう)
(n) clothing/(P)/
威力 (いりょく)
(n) power/might/authority/influence/
衣類 (いるい)
(n) clothes/clothing/garments/(P)/
異論 (いろん)
(n) different opinion/objection/
印鑑 (いんかん)
(n) stamp/seal/(P)/
陰気 (いんき)
(adj-na,n) gloom/melancholy/(P)/
隠居 (いんきょ)
(n) (1) retirement/(2) retired person/(P)/
(n) interchange/
(adj-na,n) international/(P)/
(n) (abbr) egghead/intelligentsia/(P)/
(n) information/(P)/
(n) (abbr) inflation/(P)/
受かる (うかる)
(v5r) to pass (examination)/(P)/
受け入れ (うけいれ)
(n) receiving/acceptance/
受け入れる (うけいれる)
(v1) to accept/to receive/(P)/
受け継ぐ (うけつぐ)
(v5g) to inherit/to succeed/to take over/(P)/
受け付ける (うけつける)
(v1) to be accepted/to receive (an application)/(P)/
受け止める (うけとめる)
(v1) to catch/to stop the blow/to react to/to take/(P)/
受身 (うけみ)
(adj-na,n) passive/passive voice/(P)/
受持ち (うけもち)
(n) charge (of something)/matter in one's charge/
動き (うごき)
(n) movement/activity/trend/development/change/(P)/
渦 (うず)
(n) swirl/(P)/
埋める (うずめる)
(v1) to bury/to fill up/to fill (a seat, a vacant position)/(P)/
嘘つき (うそつき)
(adj-no,n) (uk) liar (sometimes said with not much seriousness)/fibber/(P)/
転寝 (うたたね)
(n) dozing/napping on the floor (in one's clothes)/
打ち明ける (うちあける)
(v1) to be frank/to speak one's mind/to open one's heart/(P)/
打ち切る (うちきる)
(v5r) to stop/to abort/to discontinue/to close/
打ち消し (うちけし)
(n) (gram) negation/denial/negative/(P)/
打ち込む (うちこむ)
(v5m) to drive in (e.g. nail, stake)/to devote oneself to/to shoot into/to smash/to throw into/to cast into/
団扇 (うちわ)
(n) fan/(P)/
内訳 (うちわけ)
(n) the items/breakdown/classification/
写し (うつし)
(n) copy/duplicate/facsimile/transcript/
訴え (うったえ)
(n) lawsuit/complaint/(P)/
(oK) (adj) (uk) gloomy/depressing/(P)/
(v5k) to look downward/to stoop/
空ろ (うつろ)
(adj-na,n) blank/cavity/hollow/empty (space)/
器 (うつわ)
(n) bowl/vessel/container/(P)/
腕前 (うでまえ)
(n) ability/skill/facility/(P)/
雨天 (うてん)
(n) rainy weather/(P)/
促す (うながす)
(v5s) to urge/to press/to suggest/to demand/to stimulate/to quicken/to incite/to invite (attention to)/(P)/
(n) pretension/conceit/hubris/(P)/
(adv,n) by nature/by birth/native/
埋まる (うまる)
(v5r) to be buried/to be surrounded/to overflow/to be filled/(P)/
産む (うむ)
(v5m) to give birth/to deliver/to produce/(P)/
埋め込む (うめこむ)
(v5m) to bury/
梅干し (うめぼし)
(n) dried plum/(P)/
裏返し (うらがえし)
(n) inside out/upside down/(P)/
売り出し (うりだし)
(n) (bargain) sale/
売り出す (うりだす)
(v5s) to put on sale/to market/to become popular/(P)/
潤う (うるおう)
(v5u) to be moist/to be damp/to get wet/to profit by/to be watered/to receive benefits/to favor/to charm/to steepen/(P)/
浮気 (うわき)
(adj-na,n) flighty/fickle/wanton/unfaithful/(P)/
上回る (うわまわる)
(v5r) to exceed/(P)/
植わる (うわる)
(v5r) to be planted/(P)/
運営 (うんえい)
(n,vs) management/administration/operation/(P)/
(adv,n,vs) tedious/boring/being fed up with/(P)/
運送 (うんそう)
(n) shipping/marine transportation/(P)/
運賃 (うんちん)
(n) freight rates/shipping expenses/fare/(P)/
云々 (うんぬん)
(n,vs) and so on/and so forth/comment/
運搬 (うんぱん)
(n,vs) transport/carriage/(P)/
運命 (うんめい)
(n) fate/(P)/
運輸 (うんゆ)
(n) transportation/(P)/
運用 (うんよう)
(n,vs) making use of/application/investment/practical use/(P)/
柄 (え)
(n) hilt (of a sword)/haft (of a dagger)/handgrip/
(n) air mail/(P)/
英字 (えいじ)
(n) English letter (character)/
映写 (えいしゃ)
(n) projection/
衛星 (えいせい)
(n) satellite/(P)/
映像 (えいぞう)
(n) reflection/image/(P)/
英雄 (えいゆう)
(n) hero/great man/(P)/
液 (えき)
(n,n-suf) liquid/fluid/(P)/
閲覧 (えつらん)
(n,vs) inspection/reading/(P)/
獲物 (えもの)
(n) game/spoils/trophy/(P)/
襟 (えり)
(n) neck/collar/lapel/neckband/(P)/
(adj-na,n) elegant/(P)/
縁 (えん)
(n) a means, e.g. of living/
円滑 (えんかつ)
(ik) (adj-na,n) harmony/smoothness/
縁側 (えんがわ)
(n) veranda/porch/balcony/open corridor/(P)/
沿岸 (えんがん)
(n) coast/shore/(P)/
婉曲 (えんきょく)
(adj-na,n) euphemistic/circumlocution/roundabout/indirect/insinuating/(P)/
演出 (えんしゅつ)
(n,vs) production (e.g. play)/direction/(P)/
(n) engineer/(P)/
演じる (えんじる)
(v1) to perform (a play)/to play (a part)/to act (a part)/to commit (a blunder)/(P)/
演ずる (えんずる)
(v5z) to perform/to play/(P)/
沿線 (えんせん)
(adj-no,n) along railway line/(P)/
縁談 (えんだん)
(n) marriage proposal/engagement/(P)/
遠方 (えんぽう)
(n) long way/distant place/(P)/
円満 (えんまん)
(adj-na,n) perfection/harmony/peace/smoothness/completeness/satisfaction/integrity/(P)/
尾 (お)
(n) tail/ridge/(P)/
追い込む (おいこむ)
(v5m) to herd/to corner/to drive/(P)/
追い出す (おいだす)
(v5s) to expel/to drive out/(P)/
於いて (おいて)
(uk) at/in/on/
老いる (おいる)
(v1) to age/to grow old/(P)/
負う (おう)
(v5u) to bear/to owe/(P)/
応急 (おうきゅう)
(n) emergency/
黄金 (おうごん)
(adj-no,n) gold/(P)/
往診 (おうしん)
(n) doctor's visit/house call/(P)/
応募 (おうぼ)
(n,vs) subscription/application/(P)/
おおい ((感))
(n) mantle/cover/shroud/
大方 (おおかた)
(n-adv,n) perhaps/almost all/majority/(P)/
大柄 (おおがら)
(adj-na,n) large build/large pattern/
(n) OK/(P)/
(adj-na,n) grandiose/exaggerated/
大筋 (おおすじ)
(n) outline/summary/
大空 (おおぞら)
(n) heaven/firmament/the sky/(P)/
(adj-na,n) automatic/(P)/
(adj-na,n) open/(P)/
(adj-na,n,vs) (1) overcoat/(2) over/exceeding/going beyond/exaggeration/(3) ball hit over the head of an outfielder (baseball)/(P)/
大幅 (おおはば)
(adj-na,n) full width/large scale/drastic/(P)/
大水 (おおみず)
(n) flood/(P)/
公 (おおやけ)
(n,suf) prince/lord/duke/public/daimyo/companion/subordinate/
犯す (おかす)
(v5s) to commit/to perpetrate/to violate/to rape/(P)/
侵す (おかす)
(v5s) to invade/to raid/to trespass/to violate/to intrude on/(P)/
臆病 (おくびょう)
(adj-na,n) cowardice/timidity/(P)/
遅らす (おくらす)
(v5s) to retard/to delay/(P)/
遅れ (おくれ)
(n) delay/lag/(P)/
厳か (おごそか)
(adj-na,n) austere/majestic/dignified/stately/awful/impressive/(P)/
行い (おこない)
(io) (n) deed/conduct/behavior/action/asceticism/
おごる ((夕食を~))
(v5r) to give (someone) a treat/(P)/
収まる (おさまる)
(v5r) (1) to be in one's place/to be installed/to settle into/(2) to be obtained/to be settled/to be paid/to be delivered/(P)/
納まる (おさまる)
(v5r) (1) to be in one's place/to be installed/to settle into/(2) to be obtained/to be settled/to be paid/to be delivered/(P)/
治まる (おさまる)
(v5r) to be at peace/to clamp down/to lessen (storm, terror, anger)/(P)/
お産 (おさん)
(n) (giving) birth/
教え (おしえ)
(n) teachings/precept/lesson/doctrine/(P)/
押し切る (おしきる)
(v5r) to have one's own way/
押し込む (おしこむ)
(v5m) to push into/to crowd into/
惜しむ (おしむ)
(v5m) to be frugal/to value/to regret/(P)/
押し寄せる (おしよせる)
(v1) to push aside/to advance on/
雄 (おす)
male animal
御世辞 (おせじ)
(n) flattery/compliment/
襲う (おそう)
(v5u) to attack/(P)/
遅くとも (おそくとも)
(adv) at the latest/
恐れ (おそれ)
(n) fear/horror/(P)/
恐れ入る (おそれいる)
(v5r) to be filled with awe/to feel small/to be amazed/to be surprised/to be disconcerted/to be sorry/to be grateful/to be defeated/to confess guilt/
(v1) to stir up/to instigate/to flatter/(P)/
落ち込む (おちこむ)
(v5m) to fall into/to feel down (sad)/(P)/
落ち着き (おちつき)
(n) calm/composure/(P)/
落葉 (おちば)
(n,vs) fallen leaves/leaf litter/defoliation/shedding leaves/
乙 (おつ)
(adj-na,n) 2nd in rank/second sign of the Chinese calendar/(P)/
お使い (おつかい)
(adj) frightening/huge/
お手上げ (おてあげ)
(n) all over/given in/given up hope/bring to knees/
(adv,n) coweringly/hesitantly/(P)/
(v5s) to threaten/to menace/(P)/
訪れる (おとずれる)
(v1) to visit/(P)/
お供 (おとも)
(n,vs) attendant/companion/(P)/
衰える (おとろえる)
(v1) to become weak/to decline/to wear/to abate/to decay/to wither/to waste away/(P)/
驚き (おどろき)
(n) surprise/astonishment/wonder/(P)/
同い年 (おないどし)
(n) of the same age/
自ずから (おのずから)
(adv) naturally/as a matter of course/(P)/
怯える (おびえる)
(v1) to become frightened/to have a nightmare/
(adj) abundantly/innumerably/(P)/
脅かす (おびやかす)
(v5s) to threaten/to coerce/(P)/
帯びる (おびる)
(v1) to wear/to carry/to be entrusted/to have/to take on/to have a trace of/to be tinged with/(P)/
覚え (おぼえ)
(n) memory/sense/experience/(P)/
(n) (1) a discount/a prize/(2) something additional/bonus/an extra/(3) an exaggeration/(P)/
お宮 (おみや)
(n) Shinto shrine/
(n) diaper/nappy/
思い付き (おもいつき)
(n) plan/idea/suggestion/(P)/
趣 (おもむき)
(n) (1) meaning/tenor/gist/(2) effect/influence/(3) appearance/aspect/(4) taste/(5) grace/charm/refinement/(P)/
赴く (おもむく)
(v5k) to go/to proceed/to repair to/to become/(P)/
重んじる (おもんじる)
(v1) to respect/to honor/to esteem/to prize/(P)/
重んずる (おもんずる)
(v5z) to honor/to respect/to esteem/to prize/(P)/
親父 (おやじ)
(gikun) (n) one's father/old man/one's boss/
及び (および)
(conj) and/as well as/(P)/
及ぶ (およぶ)
(v5b) to reach/to come up to/to amount to/to befall/to happen to/to extend/to match/to equal/(P)/
折 (おり)
(n-adv,n-t) chance/suitable time/(P)/
檻 (おり)
(n) cage/pen/jail cell/(P)/
(n) orientation/(P)/
折り返す (おりかえす)
(v5s) to turn up/to fold back/(P)/
織物 (おりもの)
(n) textile/fabric/(P)/
織る (おる)
(v5r) to weave/(P)/
俺 (おれ)
(n) I (ego) (boastful first-person pronoun)/(P)/
愚か (おろか)
(adj-na,n) foolish/stupid/(P)/
(adj-na,n) neglect/negligence/carelessness/(P)/
(n,vs) carrying on one's back (e.g. baby)/(P)/
(n) on-line/(P)/
温和 (おんわ)
(adj-na,n) gentle/mild/moderate/(P)/
(n) carpet/(P)/
改悪 (かいあく)
(n) deterioration/changing for the worse/
海運 (かいうん)
(n) maritime/marine transportation/
外貨 (がいか)
(n) imported goods/foreign money/(P)/
改革 (かいかく)
(n) reform/reformation/innovation/(P)/
貝殻 (かいがら)
(n) shell/(P)/
外観 (がいかん)
(n) appearance/exterior/facade/(P)/
階級 (かいきゅう)
(n) class/rank/grade/(P)/
海峡 (かいきょう)
(n) channel/(P)/
会見 (かいけん)
(n) interview/audience/(P)/
介護 (かいご)
(n,vs) nursing/
開催 (かいさい)
(n,vs) holding a meeting/open an exhibition/(P)/
回収 (かいしゅう)
(n) collection/recovery/(P)/
改修 (かいしゅう)
(n) repair/improvement/
怪獣 (かいじゅう)
(n) monster/(P)/
解除 (かいじょ)
(n,vs) cancellation/rescinding/release/calling off/(P)/
外相 (がいしょう)
(n) Foreign Minister/(P)/
害する (がいする)
(vs-s) to injure/to damage/to harm/to kill/to hinder/(P)/
概説 (がいせつ)
(n) general statement/outline/
回送 (かいそう)
(n,vs) forwarding/(P)/
階層 (かいそう)
(n) class/level/stratum/hierarchy/(P)/
開拓 (かいたく)
(n,vs) reclamation (of wasteland)/cultivation/pioneer/(P)/
会談 (かいだん)
(n) conversation/conference/discussion/interview/(P)/
改定 (かいてい)
(n) reform/
改訂 (かいてい)
(n,vs) revision/(P)/
(n) tour guide/(P)/
街道 (かいどう)
(n) highway/(P)/
該当 (がいとう)
(n,vs) corresponding/answering to/coming under/(P)/
街頭 (がいとう)
(n) in the street/(P)/
(n) guidebook/
介入 (かいにゅう)
(n,vs) intervention/(P)/
概念 (がいねん)
(n) general idea/concept/notion/(P)/
開発 (かいはつ)
(n) development/exploitation/(P)/
海抜 (かいばつ)
(n) height above sea level/(P)/
介抱 (かいほう)
(n,vs) nursing/looking after/(P)/
解剖 (かいぼう)
(n) dissection/autopsy/(P)/
外来 (がいらい)
(n) (abbr) imported/outpatient clinic/
回覧 (かいらん)
(n) circulation/(P)/
概略 (がいりゃく)
(n-t) outline/summary/gist/in brief/(P)/
海流 (かいりゅう)
(n) ocean current/(P)/
改良 (かいりょう)
(n,vs) improvement/reform/(P)/
回路 (かいろ)
(n) circuit (electric)/(P)/
海路 (かいろ)
(n-t) sea route/(P)/
省みる (かえりみる)
(v1) to reflect/(P)/
顧みる (かえりみる)
(v1) to look back/to turn around/to review/(P)/
顔付き (かおつき)
(n) (outward) looks/features/face/countenance/expression/(P)/
課外 (かがい)
(n) extracurricular/
掲げる (かかげる)
(v1) (1) to publish/to print/to carry (an article)/(2) to put up/to hang out/to hoist/to fly (a sail)/to float (a flag)/(P)/
(n) (uk) (shoe) heel/(P)/
書き取る (かきとる)
(v5r) to write down/to take dictation/to take notes/(P)/
掻き回す (かきまわす)
(v5s) to stir up/to churn/to ransack/to disturb/(P)/
欠く (かく)
(v5k) to lack/to break/to crack/to chip/(P)/
角 (かく)
(n) horn/(P)/
核 (かく)
(n) nucleus/kernel/(P)/
格 (かく)
(n,n-suf) status/character/case/(P)/
かく ((恥を))
(v5k) to draw/to paint/to sketch/to depict/to describe/
学芸 (がくげい)
(n) arts and sciences/liberal arts/
格差 (かくさ)
(n) qualitative difference/disparity/(P)/
拡散 (かくさん)
(n) scattering/diffusion/(P)/
学士 (がくし)
(n) university graduate/(P)/
各種 (かくしゅ)
(n) every kind/all sorts/(P)/
隔週 (かくしゅう)
(n-adv,n-t) every other week/
確信 (かくしん)
(n,vs) conviction/confidence/(P)/
革新 (かくしん)
(n) reform/innovation/(P)/
学説 (がくせつ)
(n) theory/(P)/
学説 (がくせつ)
(n) theory/(P)/
確定 (かくてい)
(n,vs) definition (math)/decision/settlement/(P)/
(n) cocktail/(P)/
獲得 (かくとく)
(n,vs) acquisition/possession/(P)/
楽譜 (がくふ)
(n) score (music)/(P)/
確保 (かくほ)
(n,vs) guarantee/ensure/maintain/insure/secure/(P)/
革命 (かくめい)
(n) revolution/(P)/
確立 (かくりつ)
(n) establishment/(P)/
学歴 (がくれき)
(n) academic background/(P)/
賭 (かけ)
(n) betting/gambling/a gamble/
崖 (がけ)
(n) cliff/(P)/
駆け足 (かけあし)
(n) running fast/double time/(P)/
家計 (かけい)
(n) household economy/family finances/(P)/
(n) (foot) race/
駆ける (かける)
(v1) to run (race, esp. horse)/to gallop/to canter/(P)/
賭ける (かける)
(v1) to wager/to bet/to risk/to stake/to gamble/(P)/
加工 (かこう)
(n) manufacturing/processing/treatment/(P)/
化合 (かごう)
(n,vs) chemical combination/(P)/
(v5r) to be bulky/to be unwieldy/to grow voluminous/
(v5m) to pile up/to increase/
箇条書 (かじょうがき)
(n) itemized form/itemization/
頭 (かしら)
counter for large animals/(P)/
微か (かすか)
(adj-na,n) faint/dim/weak/indistinct/hazy/poor/wretched/(P)/
霞む (かすむ)
(v5m) to grow hazy/to be misty/(P)/
擦る (かする)
(v5r) to rub/to chafe/to file/to frost (glass)/to strike (match)/(P)/
火星 (かせい)
(n) Mars (planet)/(P)/
化石 (かせき)
(n) fossil/petrifaction/fossilization/(P)/
河川 (かせん)
(n) rivers/(P)/
化繊 (かせん)
(n) synthetic fibres/(P)/
過疎 (かそ)
(n) depopulation/(P)/
課題 (かだい)
(n) subject/theme/task/(P)/
片言 (かたこと)
(n) brief remark/few words/
片付け (かたづけ)
(n) tidying up/finishing/
傾ける (かたむける)
(v1,vt) to incline/to list/to bend/to lean/to tip/to tilt/to slant/to concentrate on/to ruin (a country)/to squander/to empty/(P)/
固める (かためる)
(v1,vt) to harden/to freeze/to fortify/(P)/
傍ら (かたわら)
(adj-no,n-adv,n-t) beside(s)/while/nearby/(P)/
花壇 (かだん)
(n) flower bed/(P)/
家畜 (かちく)
(n) domestic animals/livestock/cattle/(P)/
且つ (かつ)
(adv,conj) yet/and/
画期 (かっき)
(n) epoch-making/
(adv,n,vs) heartbroken/
合唱 (がっしょう)
(n,vs) chorus/singing in a chorus/(P)/
(adv,n) firmly/solidly/tough/(P)/
合致 (がっち)
(n) agreement/concurrence/conforming to/(P)/
(adv,n) solidly built/tightly/shrewd/calculating/(P)/
(adv) once/before/formerly/ever/never (neg)/former/ex-/
勝手 (かって) (台所)
(adj-na,n) kitchen/one's own convenience/one's way/selfishness/(P)/
(n) cut/cutting/
活発 (かっぱつ)
(adj-na,n) vigor/active/(P)/
(n) cup/(P)/
合併 (がっぺい)
(ok) (n) combination/union/amalgamation/consolidation/merger/coalition/fusion/annexation/affiliation/incorporation/
(n) category/(P)/
叶う (かなう)
(v5u) to come true (wish)/(P)/
叶える (かなえる)
(v1) to grant (request, wish)/(P)/
金槌 (かなづち)
(n) (iron) hammer/(P)/
(adj) be beyond one's power/be unable/
加入 (かにゅう)
(n,vs) becoming a member/joining/entry/admission/subscription/affiliation/adherence/signing/(P)/
予て (かねて)
(adv) previously/already/lately/(P)/
庇う (かばう)
(v5u) to protect someone/to take under one's wing/to plead for/to stick up for/to cover up for someone/(P)/
株式 (かぶしき)
(n) stock (company)/(P)/
(v1) to react to/to be influenced by/to go overboard for/
花粉 (かふん)
(n) pollen/
貨幣 (かへい)
(n) money/currency/coinage/(P)/
構う (かまう)
(v5u) to mind/to care about/to be concerned about/(P)/
構える (かまえる)
(v1) to set up/(P)/
加味 (かみ)
(n) seasoning/flavoring/
過密 (かみつ)
(adj-na,n) crowded/
噛み切る (かみきる)
(v5r) to bite off/to gnaw through/
(n) comeback/(P)/
(n) cameraman/(P)/
粥 (かゆ)
(n) (rice) gruel/
体付き (からだつき)
(n) body build/figure/(P)/
絡む (からむ)
(v5m) to entangle/to entwine/(P)/
借り (かり)
(n) borrowing/debt/loan/(P)/
狩り (かり)
(n) hunting/(P)/
かりに ((名。副))
(adv) temporarily/provisionally/for example/for argument's sake/(P)/
(de:) (n) clinical records (de: Karte)/(P)/
(n) curry (abbr. for curry and rice)/(P)/
(n) garage (at house)/(P)/
過労 (かろう)
(n) overwork/strain/(P)/
(adv) barely/narrowly/just manage to do st/
交す (かわす)
(v5s) to exchange (messages)/to dodge/to parry/to avoid/to turn aside/(P)/
代る代る (かわるがわる)
(adv) alternately/
管 (かん)
(n,n-suf) pipe/tube/(P)/
癌 (がん)
(n) cancer/(P)/
簡易 (かんい)
(adj-na,n) simplicity/easiness/quasi-/(P)/
灌漑 (かんがい)
(n) irrigation/(P)/
眼科 (がんか)
(n) ophthalmology/(P)/
眼球 (がんきゅう)
(n) eyeball/
玩具 (がんぐ)
(n) (uk) toy/
簡潔 (かんけつ)
(adj-na,n) brevity/conciseness/simplicity/(P)/
還元 (かんげん)
(n,vs) resolution/reduction/return to origins/(P)/
看護 (かんご)
(n,vs) nursing/(army) nurse/(P)/
漢語 (かんご)
(n) Chinese word/Sino-Japanese word/(P)/
頑固 (がんこ)
(adj-na,n) stubbornness/obstinacy/(P)/
刊行 (かんこう)
(n) publication/issue/(P)/
慣行 (かんこう)
(adj-no,n) customary practice/habit/traditional event/
勧告 (かんこく)
(n,vs) advice/counsel/remonstrance/recommendation/(P)/
換算 (かんさん)
(n,vs) conversion/change/exchange/
監視 (かんし)
(n,vs) observation/guarding/inspection/surveillance/(P)/
慣習 (かんしゅう)
(n) usual (historical) custom/(P)/
観衆 (かんしゅう)
(n) spectators/onlookers/members of the audience/(P)/
願書 (がんしょ)
(n) written application or petition/(P)/
干渉 (かんしょう)
(n,vs) interference/intervention/(P)/
頑丈 (がんじょう)
(adj-na,n) solid/firm/stout/burly/strong/sturdy/(P)/
感触 (かんしょく)
(n) sense of touch/feeling/sensation/(P)/
肝心 (かんじん)
(adj-na,n) essential/fundamental/crucial/vital/main/(P)/
肝腎 (かんじん)
(adj-na,n) essential/fundamental/crucial/vital/main/
歓声 (かんせい)
(n) cheer/shout of joy/(P)/
関税 (かんぜい)
(n) customs/duty/tariff/(P)/
岩石 (がんせき)
(n) rock/(P)/
感染 (かんせん)
(n,vs) infection/contagion/(P)/
幹線 (かんせん)
(n) main line/trunk line/
簡素 (かんそ)
(adj-na,n) simplicity/plain/(P)/
観点 (かんてん)
(n) point of view/
感度 (かんど)
(n) sensitivity/severity (quake)/
(n) cunning/cheat/(P)/
元年 (がんねん)
(n-adv,n-t) first year (of a specific reign)/(P)/
幹部 (かんぶ)
(n) management/(executive) staff/leaders/(P)/
完ぺき (かんぺき)
(adj-na,n) perfection/completeness/flawless/
勘弁 (かんべん)
(n,vs) pardon/forgiveness/forbearance/(P)/
感無量 (かんむりょう)
(adj-na,n) deep feeling/inexpressible feeling/filled with emotion/
勧誘 (かんゆう)
(n,vs) invitation/solicitation/canvassing/inducement/persuasion/encouragement/(P)/
関与 (かんよ)
(n,vs) participation/taking part in/participating in/being concerned in/(P)/
寛容 (かんよう)
(adj-na,n) forbearance/tolerance/generosity/(P)/
元来 (がんらい)
(n-adv) originally/primarily/essentially/logically/naturally/(P)/
観覧 (かんらん)
(n) viewing/(P)/
官僚 (かんりょう)
(n) bureaucrat/bureaucracy/(P)/
慣例 (かんれい)
(adj-no,n) custom/precedent/of convention/(P)/
還暦 (かんれき)
(n) 60th birthday/(P)/
貫禄 (かんろく)
(n) presence/dignity/
緩和 (かんわ)
(n) relief/mitigation/(P)/
議案 (ぎあん)
(n) legislative bill/
危害 (きがい)
(n) injury/harm/danger/(P)/
企画 (きかく)
(n,vs) planning/project/(P)/
規格 (きかく)
(n) standard/norm/
着飾る (きかざる)
(v5r) to dress up/(P)/
気兼ね (きがね)
(adj-na,n,vs) hesitance/diffidence/feeling constraint/fear of troubling someone/having scruples about doing something/(P)/
気軽 (きがる)
(adj-na,n) cheerful/buoyant/lighthearted/(P)/
器官 (きかん)
(n) organ (of body)/instrument/(P)/
季刊 (きかん)
(n) quarterly (e.g. magazine)/
危機 (きき)
(n) crisis/(P)/
聞き取り (ききとり)
(n) listening comprehension/(P)/
効き目 (ききめ)
(n) effect/virtue/efficacy/impression/(P)/
帰京 (ききょう)
(n) returning to Tokyo/(P)/
戯曲 (ぎきょく)
(n) play/drama/(P)/
基金 (ききん)
(n) fund/foundation/(P)/
喜劇 (きげき)
(n) comedy/funny show/(P)/
議決 (ぎけつ)
(n,vs) resolution/decision/vote/(P)/
棄権 (きけん)
(n,vs) abstain from voting/renunciation of a right/(P)/
起源 (きげん)
(n) origin/beginning/rise/(P)/
機構 (きこう)
(n) mechanism/organization/(P)/
既婚 (きこん)
(adj-no,n) marriage/married/(P)/
気障 (きざ)
(adj-na) affectation/conceit/snobbery/(P)/
記載 (きさい)
(n) mention/entry/(P)/
兆 (きざし)
(num) sign/omen/indication/portent/1,000,000,000,000/trillion (American)/billion (British)/(P)/
気質 (きしつ)
(n) spirit/character/trait/temperament/disposition/(P)/
期日 (きじつ)
(n) fixed date/settlement date/(P)/
(v5m) (uk) to jar/to creak/to grate/
議事堂 (ぎじどう)
(n) Diet building/
記述 (きじゅつ)
(n,vs) describing/descriptor/(P)/
気象 (きしょう)
(n) weather/climate/(P)/
築く (きずく)
(v5k) to build/to pile up/to amass/(P)/
傷付く (きずつく)
(v5k) to be hurt/to be wounded/to get injured/(P)/
傷付ける (きずつける)
(v1) to wound/to hurt someone's feelings/(P)/
規制 (きせい)
(n) regulation/(P)/
犠牲 (ぎせい)
(n) sacrifice/(P)/
汽船 (きせん)
(n) steamship/(P)/
寄贈 (きぞう)
(n) donation/presentation/(P)/
偽造 (ぎぞう)
(n) forgery/falsification/fabrication/counterfeiting/(P)/
貴族 (きぞく)
(adj-no,n) noble/aristocrat/(P)/
議題 (ぎだい)
(n) topic of discussion/agenda/(P)/
鍛える (きたえる)
(v1) to forge/to drill/to temper/to train/to discipline/(P)/
来る (きたる)
(vk) to come/to come to hand/to arrive/to approach/to call on/to come on (rain)/to set in/to be due/to become/to grow/to get/to come from/to be caused by/to derive from/(P)/
(adv) exactly/perfectly/
几帳面 (きちょうめん)
(adj-na,n,vs) methodical/punctual/steady/(P)/
(adv) exactly/precisely/
(adv,n) precisely/tightly/(P)/
(adv,n) clearly/plainly/distinctly/(P)/
規定 (きてい)
(adj-no,n,vs) regulation/provisions/(P)/
起点 (きてん)
(n) starting point/(P)/
軌道 (きどう)
(n) (1) orbit/(2) railroad track/(P)/
技能 (ぎのう)
(n) technical skill/ability/capacity/(P)/
規範 (きはん)
(n) model/standard/pattern/norm/criterion/example/(P)/
気品 (きひん)
(n) aroma/
気風 (きふう)
(n) character/traits/ethos/
起伏 (きふく)
(n) undulation/
規模 (きぼ)
(n) scale/scope/plan/structure/(P)/
(adj-na,n) whim/caprice/whimsy/fickle/moody/uneven temper/
生真面目 (きまじめ)
(adj-na,n) too serious/person who is too serious/honesty/sincerity/
end of the season or term/
(adj) feeling awkward/being ashamed/
記名 (きめい)
(n) signature/register/
規約 (きやく)
(n) agreement/rules/code/
脚色 (きゃくしょく)
(n) dramatization (e.g. film)/(P)/
逆転 (ぎゃくてん)
(n) (sudden) change/reversal/turn-around/coming from behind (baseball)/(P)/
脚本 (きゃくほん)
(n) scenario/(P)/
華奢 (きゃしゃ)
(adj-na,n) luxury/pomp/delicate/slender/gorgeous/
客観 (きゃっかん)
(n) objective/(P)/
(n) catch/(P)/
(n) career/career government employee/(P)/
救援 (きゅうえん)
(n) relief/rescue/reinforcement/(P)/
休学 (きゅうがく)
(n) temporary absence from school/suspension/(P)/
究極 (きゅうきょく)
(adj-no,n) ultimate/final/eventual/(P)/
窮屈 (きゅうくつ)
(adj-na,n) narrow/tight/stiff/rigid/uneasy/formal/constrained/(P)/
球根 (きゅうこん)
(n) (plant) bulb/
救済 (きゅうさい)
(n) relief/aid/rescue/salvation/help/(P)/
給仕 (きゅうじ)
(n) office boy (girl)/page/waiter/
給食 (きゅうしょく)
(n,vs) school lunch/providing a meal/(P)/
休戦 (きゅうせん)
(n) truce/armistice/(P)/
宮殿 (きゅうでん)
(n) palace/(P)/
旧知 (きゅうち)
(n) old friend/old friendship/
窮乏 (きゅうぼう)
(n) poverty/(P)/
丘陵 (きゅうりょう)
(n) hill/(P)/
寄与 (きよ)
(n,vs) contribution/service/
驚異 (きょうい)
(n) wonder/miracle/(P)/
教科 (きょうか)
(n) subject/curriculum/
協会 (きょうかい)
(n) association/society/organization/(P)/
共学 (きょうがく)
(n) coeducation/(P)/
共感 (きょうかん)
(n) sympathy/response/(P)/
協議 (きょうぎ)
(n,vs) conference/consultation/discussion/negotiation/(P)/
境遇 (きょうぐう)
(n) environment/circumstances/(P)/
教訓 (きょうくん)
(n) lesson/precept/moral instruction/(P)/
強行 (きょうこう)
(n,vs) forcing/enforcement/(P)/
強硬 (きょうこう)
(adj-na,n) firm/vigorous/unbending/unyielding/strong/stubborn/(P)/
教材 (きょうざい)
(n) teaching materials/(P)/
凶作 (きょうさく)
(n) bad harvest/poor crop/(P)/
業者 (ぎょうしゃ)
(n) trader/merchant/(P)/
享受 (きょうじゅ)
(n,vs) reception/acceptance/enjoyment/being given/(P)/
教習 (きょうしゅう)
(n) training/instruction/
郷愁 (きょうしゅう)
(n) nostalgia/homesickness/(P)/
教職 (きょうしょく)
(n) teaching certificate/the teaching profession/
興じる (きょうじる)
(v1) to amuse oneself/to make merry/
強制 (きょうせい)
(n,vs) obligation/coercion/compulsion/enforcement/(P)/
行政 (ぎょうせい)
(n) administration/(P)/
業績 (ぎょうせき)
(n) achievement/performance/results/work/contribution/(P)/
共存 (きょうぞん)
(n) coexistence/(P)/
協調 (きょうちょう)
(n) co-operation/conciliation/harmony/firm (market) tone/(P)/
協定 (きょうてい)
(n) arrangement/pact/agreement/(P)/
郷土 (きょうど)
(n) native place/birth place/one's old home/(P)/
脅迫 (きょうはく)
(n) threat/menace/coercion/terrorism/(P)/
業務 (ぎょうむ)
(n) business/affairs/duties/work/
共鳴 (きょうめい)
(n) resonance/sympathy/(P)/
郷里 (きょうり)
(n) birth-place/home town/(P)/
強烈 (きょうれつ)
(adj-na,n) strong/intense/severe/(P)/
共和 (きょうわ)
(n) republicanism/cooperation/
局限 (きょくげん)
(n,vs) limit/localize/
極端 (きょくたん)
(adj-na,n) extreme/extremity/(P)/
居住 (きょじゅう)
(n) residence/(P)/
拒絶 (きょぜつ)
(n,vs) refusal/rejection/(P)/
漁船 (ぎょせん)
fishing boat
漁村 (ぎょそん)
(n) fishing village/(P)/
拒否 (きょひ)
(n) denial/veto/rejection/refusal/(P)/
許容 (きょよう)
(n) permission/pardon/(P)/
清らか (きよらか)
(adj-na,n) clean/pure/chaste/(P)/
(adj-na) gorgeous/gaudy/dazzling/gay/
切り (きり)
(n,suf) limits/end/bounds/period/place to leave off/closing sentence/all there is/only/since/(P)/
義理 (ぎり)
(n) duty/sense of duty/honor/decency/courtesy/debt of gratitude/social obligation/(P)/
切替 (きりかえ)
(n) exchange/conversion/replacement/switching (to)/switchover/
気流 (きりゅう)
(n) atmospheric current/
切れ目 (きれめ)
(n) break/pause/gap/end/rift/interruption/cut/section/notch/incision/end (of a task)/
疑惑 (ぎわく)
(n) doubt/misgivings/distrust/suspicion/(P)/
極めて (きわめて)
(adv) exceedingly/extremely/(P)/
菌 (きん)
(n) germ/bacterium/bacillus/
近眼 (きんがん)
(n) nearsightedness/shortsightedness/myopia/
緊急 (きんきゅう)
(adj-na,n) urgent/pressing/emergency/(P)/
近郊 (きんこう)
(n) suburbs/outskirts/(P)/
均衡 (きんこう)
(n) equilibrium/balance/(P)/
近視 (きんし)
(n) shortsightedness/(P)/
禁じる (きんじる)
(v1) to prohibit/(P)/
勤勉 (きんべん)
(adj-na,n) industry/diligence/(P)/
吟味 (ぎんみ)
(n) testing/scrutiny/careful investigation/(P)/
勤務 (きんむ)
(n,vs) service/duty/work/(P)/
禁物 (きんもつ)
(n) taboo/forbidden thing/(P)/
勤労 (きんろう)
(n) labor/exertion/diligent service/(P)/
(n) quiz/(P)/
食い違う (くいちがう)
(v5u) to cross each other/to run counter to/to differ/to clash/to go awry/(P)/
空間 (くうかん)
(n) space/room/airspace/(P)/
空腹 (くうふく)
(adj-na,n) hunger/(P)/
区画 (くかく)
(n) division/section/compartment/boundary/area/block/(P)/
区間 (くかん)
(n,n-suf) section (of track, etc)/(P)/
茎 (くき)
(n) stalk/(P)/
区切り (くぎり)
(n) an end/a stop/punctuation/
(v5r) (1) to drive/to pass through/(2) to evade/to hide/(3) to dive (into or under water)/to go underground/(P)/
くじ ((~を引く))
(n) lottery/lot/(P)/
(n) (uk) lottery/drawn lot/(P)/
(adj) (uk) ticklish/(P)/
愚痴 (ぐち)
(adj-na,n) idle complaint/grumble/(P)/
口吟む (くちずさむ)
(v5m) to hum/
嘴 (くちばし)
(n) (uk) beak/bill/(P)/
朽ちる (くちる)
(v1) to rot/(P)/
覆す (くつがえす)
(v5s) to overturn/to upset/to overthrow/to undermine/(P)/
(adv,n) distinctly/clearly/boldly/
屈折 (くっせつ)
(n) bending/indentation/refraction/(P)/
(adv) firmly/fast/much/more/
首飾り (くびかざり)
(n) necklace/(P)/
首輪 (くびわ)
(n) necklace/choker/
組み込む (くみこむ)
(v5m) to insert/to include/to cut in (printing)/(P)/
組み合わせる (くみあわせる)
(v1) to join together/to combine/to join up/(P)/
蔵 (くら)
(n) warehouse/cellar/magazine/granary/godown/depository/treasury/elevator/
(adj-na,n) grey/gray/(P)/
(n) crane/(P)/
玄人 (くろうと)
(n) expert/professional/geisha/prostitute/(P)/
黒字 (くろじ)
(n) balance (figure) in the black/(P)/
群 (ぐん)
(n,n-suf) group (math)/(P)/
軍艦 (ぐんかん)
(n) warship/battleship/(P)/
軍事 (ぐんじ)
(n) military affairs/(P)/
君主 (くんしゅ)
(n) ruler/monarch/(P)/
群集 (ぐんしゅう)
(n) (social) group/crowd/throng/mob/multitude/(P)/
群衆 (ぐんしゅう)
(n) (social) group/crowd/throng/mob/multitude/(P)/
軍備 (ぐんび)
(n) armaments/military preparations/(P)/
軍服 (ぐんぷく)
(n) military or naval uniform/
刑 (けい)
(n,n-suf,vs) penalty/sentence/punishment/(P)/
芸 (げい)
(n) art/accomplishment/performance/
経緯 (けいい)
(n) (1) details/whole story/sequence of events/particulars/how it started/how things got this way/(2) complications/position/(P)/
経過 (けいか)
(n) passage/expiration/progress/(P)/
軽快 (けいかい)
(adj-na,n) rhythmical (e.g. melody)/casual (e.g. dress)/light/nimble/(P)/
警戒 (けいかい)
(n,vs) warning/admonition/vigilance/(P)/
計器 (けいき)
(n) meter/gauge/
契機 (けいき)
(n) opportunity/chance/(P)/
敬具 (けいぐ)
(int,n) Sincerely yours/(P)/
軽減 (けいげん)
(n,vs) abatement/
掲載 (けいさい)
(n,vs) appearance (e.g. article in paper)/(P)/
傾斜 (けいしゃ)
(n,vs) inclination/slant/slope/bevel/list/dip/(P)/
形成 (けいせい)
(n,vs) formation/(P)/
形勢 (けいせい)
(n) condition/situation/prospects/
軽率 (けいそつ)
(adj-na,n) rash/thoughtless/careless/hasty/(P)/
携帯 (けいたい)
(n,vs) (1) carrying something/(2) mobile telephone (abbr)/(P)/
形態 (けいたい)
(n) form/shape/figure/
刑罰 (けいばつ)
(n) judgement/penalty/punishment/(P)/
経費 (けいひ)
(n) expenses/cost/outlay/(P)/
警部 (けいぶ)
(n) police inspector/
軽蔑 (けいべつ)
(n,vs) scorn/disdain/(P)/
経歴 (けいれき)
(n) personal history/career/(P)/
経路 (けいろ)
(n) course/route/channel/(P)/
(n) case/(P)/
(adj) filthy/unfair/(P)/
劇団 (げきだん)
(n) troupe/theatrical company/
激励 (げきれい)
(n,vs) encouragement/(P)/
(n) guest/(P)/
獣 (けだもの)
(n) beast/brute/(P)/
決 (けつ)
(n) decision/vote/
決意 (けつい)
(n) decision/determination/(P)/
結核 (けっかく)
(n) tuberculosis/tubercule/(P)/
血管 (けっかん)
(n) blood vessel/(P)/
決議 (けつぎ)
(n) resolution/vote/decision/(P)/
決行 (けっこう)
(n,vs) doing (with resolve)/carrying out (i.e. a plan)/
結合 (けつごう)
(n,vs) combination/union/(P)/
決算 (けっさん)
(n) balance sheet/settlement of accounts/(P)/
月謝 (げっしゃ)
(n) monthly tuition fee/(P)/
決勝 (けっしょう)
(n) decision of a contest/finals (in sports)/(P)/
結晶 (けっしょう)
(n,vs) crystal/crystallization/(P)/
結成 (けっせい)
(n) formation/(P)/
結束 (けっそく)
(n) union/unity/(P)/
(adv,n,vs) being disheartened/losing weight/
決断 (けつだん)
(n) decision/determination/(P)/
月賦 (げっぷ)
(n) monthly installment/(P)/
欠乏 (けつぼう)
(n) want/shortage/famine/(P)/
蹴飛ばす (けとばす)
(v5s) to kick away/to kick off/to kick (someone)/to refuse/to reject/
(v5s) (uk) to speak ill of/
煙たい (けむたい)
(adj) smoky/feeling awkward/(P)/
煙る (けむる)
(v5r) to smoke (e.g. fire)/(P)/
獣 (けもの)
(n) beast/brute/(P)/
家来 (けらい)
(n) retainer/retinue/servant/(P)/
下痢 (げり)
(n) diarrhoea/(P)/
件 (けん)
(n) matter/case/item/(P)/
権威 (けんい)
(n) authority/power/influence/(P)/
兼業 (けんぎょう)
(n) side line/second business/
原形 (げんけい)
(n) original form/base form/(P)/
原型 (げんけい)
(adj-no,n) prototype/model/pattern/archetypal/(P)/
権限 (けんげん)
(n) power/authority/jurisdiction/(P)/
現行 (げんこう)
(n) present/current/in operation/
健在 (けんざい)
(adj-na,n) in good health/well/(P)/
原作 (げんさく)
(n) original work/(P)/
検事 (けんじ)
(n) public prosecutor/(P)/
原子 (げんし)
(n) atom/(P)/
元首 (げんしゅ)
(n) ruler/sovereign/(P)/
原書 (げんしょ)
(n) original document/(P)/
懸賞 (けんしょう)
(n) offering prizes/winning/reward/(P)/
減少 (げんしょう)
(n) decrease/reduction/decline/(P)/
健全 (けんぜん)
(adj-na,n) health/soundness/wholesome/(P)/
元素 (げんそ)
(n) chemical element/(P)/
現像 (げんぞう)
(n,vs) developing (film)/(P)/
原則 (げんそく)
(n) principle/general rule/(P)/
見地 (けんち)
(n) point of view/(P)/
現地 (げんち)
(n) actual place/local/(P)/
限定 (げんてい)
(n,vs) limit/restriction/(P)/
原点 (げんてん)
(n) origin (coordinates)/starting point/(P)/
原典 (げんてん)
(n) original (text)/
原点 (げんてん)
(n) origin (coordinates)/starting point/(P)/
原爆 (げんばく)
(n) atomic bomb/(P)/
原文 (げんぶん)
(n) the text/original/(P)/
厳密 (げんみつ)
(adj-na,n) strict/close/(P)/
賢明 (けんめい)
(adj-na,n) wisdom/intelligence/prudence/(P)/
倹約 (けんやく)
(adj-na,n,vs) thrift/economy/frugality/(P)/
原油 (げんゆ)
(n) crude oil/(P)/
兼用 (けんよう)
(n) multi-use/combined use/combination/serving two purposes/
権力 (けんりょく)
(n) (political) power/authority/influence/(P)/
言論 (げんろん)
(n) discussion/(P)/
語彙 (ごい)
(n) vocabulary/glossary/(P)/
恋する (こいする)
(vs-s) to fall in love with/to love/(P)/
甲 (こう)
(n) 1st in rank/first sign of the Chinese calendar/shell/instep/grade A/
好意 (こうい)
(n) good will/favor/courtesy/(P)/
行為 (こうい)
(n) act/deed/conduct/(P)/
合意 (ごうい)
(n) agreement/consent/mutual understanding/(P)/
公演 (こうえん)
(n) public performance/(P)/
後悔 (こうかい)
(n,vs) regret/repentance/(P)/
航海 (こうかい)
(n,vs) sail/voyage/(P)/
工学 (こうがく)
(n) engineering/(P)/
抗議 (こうぎ)
(n,vs) protest/objection/(P)/
合議 (ごうぎ)
(n) consultation/conference/
皇居 (こうきょ)
(n) Imperial Palace/(P)/
好況 (こうきょう)
(n) prosperous conditions/healthy economy/
鉱業 (こうぎょう)
(n) mining industry/(P)/
興業 (こうぎょう)
(n) industrial enterprise/(P)/
高原 (こうげん)
(n) tableland/plateau/(P)/
交互 (こうご)
(adj-no,n) mutual/reciprocal/alternate/(P)/
煌々と (こうこうと)
考古学 (こうこがく)
(adj-no,n) archaeology/
工作 (こうさく)
(n) work/construction/handicraft/maneuvering/(P)/
耕作 (こうさく)
(n,vs) cultivation/farming/(P)/
鉱山 (こうざん)
(n) mine (ore)/(P)/
講習 (こうしゅう)
(n) short course/training/
口述 (こうじゅつ)
(n) verbal statement/(P)/
控除 (こうじょ)
(n) subsidy/deduction/(P)/
交渉 (こうしょう)
(n) negotiations/discussions/connection/(P)/
高尚 (こうしょう)
(adj-na,n) high/noble/refined/advanced/(P)/
向上 (こうじょう)
(n,vs) elevation/rise/improvement/advancement/progress/(P)/
行進 (こうしん)
(n,vs) march/parade/(P)/
香辛料 (こうしんりょう)
(n) spices/
降水 (こうすい)
(n) rainfall/precipitation/(P)/
洪水 (こうずい)
(n) flood/(P)/
合成 (ごうせい)
(n) synthesis/composition/synthetic/composite/mixed/combined/compound/(P)/
公然 (こうぜん)
(adj-na,adj-no,n) open (e.g. secret)/public/official/(P)/
抗争 (こうそう)
(n) dispute/resistance/(P)/
構想 (こうそう)
(n) plan/plot/idea/conception/(P)/
拘束 (こうそく)
(n,vs) restriction/restraint/(P)/
後退 (こうたい)
(n,vs) retreat/backspace (BS)/
光沢 (こうたく)
(n) brilliance/polish/lustre/glossy finish (of photographs)/(P)/
公団 (こうだん)
(n) public corporation/(P)/
好調 (こうちょう)
(adj-na,n) favourable/promising/satisfactory/in good shape/(P)/
口頭 (こうとう)
(n) oral/(P)/
講読 (こうどく)
(n,vs) reading/translation/
購読 (こうどく)
(n,vs) subscription (e.g. magazine)/(P)/
購入 (こうにゅう)
(n,vs) purchase/buy/(P)/
公認 (こうにん)
(n) official recognition/authorization/licence/accreditation/(P)/
光熱費 (こうねつひ)
(n) cost of fuel and light/(P)/
荒廃 (こうはい)
(n,vs) ruin/(P)/
購買 (こうばい)
(n,vs) purchase/buy/(P)/
好評 (こうひょう)
(n) popularity/favorable reputation/
交付 (こうふ)
(n,vs) delivering/furnishing (with copies)/(P)/
降伏 (こうふく)
(n) capitulation/surrender/submission/(P)/
興奮 (こうふん)
(n,vs) excitement/stimulation/agitation/arousal/(P)/
公募 (こうぼ)
(n) public appeal/public contribution/(P)/
巧妙 (こうみょう)
(adj-na,n) ingenious/skillful/clever/deft/(P)/
公用 (こうよう)
(n) government business/public use/public expense/
小売 (こうり)
(n,vs) retail/(P)/
効率 (こうりつ)
(n) efficiency/(P)/
公立 (こうりつ)
(n) public (institution)/(P)/
護衛 (ごえい)
(n) guard/convoy/escort/(P)/
(n) corner/(P)/
小柄 (こがら)
(n) knife attached to the sheath of a sword/
小切手 (こぎって)
(n) cheque/check/(P)/
語句 (ごく)
(n) words/phrases/(P)/
国産 (こくさん)
(n) domestic products/(P)/
国定 (こくてい)
(n) state-sponsored/national/
告白 (こくはく)
(n,vs) confession/acknowledgement/(P)/
国防 (こくぼう)
(n) national defence/(P)/
国有 (こくゆう)
(n) national ownership/(P)/
極楽 (ごくらく)
(n) paradise/(P)/
国連 (こくれん)
(n) U.N./United Nations/(P)/
焦げ茶 (こげちゃ)
(n) black tea/
語源 (ごげん)
(n) word root/word derivation/etymology/(P)/
個々 (ここ)
(n) individual/one by one/(P)/
心地 (ここち)
(n) feeling/sensation/mood/(P)/
心得 (こころえ)
(n) knowledge/information/(P)/
心掛け (こころがけ)
(n) readiness/intention/aim/(P)/
心掛ける (こころがける)
(v1) to bear in mind/to aim to do/(P)/
志 (こころざし)
(n) will/intention/motive/(P)/
志す (こころざす)
(v5s) to plan/to intend/to aspire to/to set aims (sights on)/(P)/
心強い (こころづよい)
(adj) heartening/reassuring/(P)/
心細い (こころぼそい)
(adj) helpless/forlorn/hopeless/unpromising/lonely/discouraging/disheartening/(P)/
試み (こころみ)
(n) trial/experiment/(P)/
試みる (こころみる)
(v1) to try/to test/(P)/
快い (こころよい)
(adj) pleasant/agreeable/(P)/
誤差 (ごさ)
(n) error/(P)/
ございます ((感))
(exp) to be (polite)/to exist/
孤児 (こじ)
(n) orphan/
(v1) to get complicated/to grow worse/
故人 (こじん)
(n) the deceased/old friend/(P)/
こす ((水を~))
(v5s) to cross/to pass/to tide over/(P)/
梢 (こずえ)
(n) treetop/
個性 (こせい)
(n) individuality/personality/idiosyncrasy/(P)/
戸籍 (こせき)
(n) census/family register/(P)/
小銭 (こぜに)
(n) coins/small change/(P)/
古代 (こだい)
(adj-na,n-adv,n-t) ancient times/(P)/
(n) (uk) table with heater/(orig) charcoal brazier in a floor well/(P)/
(v5r) to fuss over/to be particular about/to be concerned about/(P)/
誇張 (こちょう)
(n) exaggeration/(P)/
こつ ((をつかむ))
(n) (uk) knack/skill/
滑稽 (こっけい)
(adj-na,n) funny/humorous/comical/laughable/ridiculous/joking/(P)/
国交 (こっこう)
(n) diplomatic relations/(P)/
骨董品 (こっとうひん)
(n) curio/
固定 (こてい)
(n,vs) fixation/fixing (e.g. salary, capital)/(P)/
事柄 (ことがら)
(n) matter/thing/affair/circumstance/(P)/
孤独 (こどく)
(adj-na,n) isolation/loneliness/solitude/(P)/
(adv) (uk) altogether/entirely/(P)/
言付け (ことづけ)
(n) (verbal) message/
殊に (ことに)
(adv) especially/above all/(P)/
depending on the circumstances/(P)/
粉々 (こなごな)
(adj-na,n) in very small pieces/
好ましい (このましい)
(adj) nice/likeable/desirable/(P)/
碁盤 (ごばん)
(n) Go board/(P)/
個別 (こべつ)
(n) particular case/
(v5s) to deceive/to falsify/to misrepresent/(P)/
細やか (こまやか)
(adj-na) meagre/modest/(P)/
(n) a commercial/(P)/
込める (こめる)
(v1) to include/to put into/(P)/
(n) comment/(P)/
籠もる (こもる)
(v5r) to seclude oneself/to be confined in/to be implied/to be stuffy/(P)/
固有 (こゆう)
(adj-na,n,pref) characteristic/tradition/peculiar/inherent/eigen-/(P)/
暦 (こよみ)
(n) calendar/almanac/(P)/
凝らす (こらす)
(v5s) to concentrate/to devote/to apply/to strain/to rack/
ごらんなさい ((感))
(please) look/(please) try to do/
孤立 (こりつ)
(n) isolation/helplessness/(P)/
懲りる (こりる)
(v1) to learn by experience/to be disgusted with/(P)/
凝る (こる)
(v5r) to stiffen/to harden/
根気 (こんき)
(n) (1) patience/(2) perseverance/energy/(P)/
根拠 (こんきょ)
(n) basis/foundation/(P)/
混血 (こんけつ)
(n) mixed race/mixed parentage/(P)/
コンタクト ((レンズ))
(n) contact/contact lens/(P)/
昆虫 (こんちゅう)
(n) insect/bug/(P)/
根底 (こんてい)
(n) root/basis/foundation/(P)/
(n) contest/(P)/
混同 (こんどう)
(n) confusion/mixing/merger/(P)/
(n) contrast/(P)/
(n) control/(P)/
(n) compass/(P)/
根本 (こんぽん)
(n) origin/source/foundation/root/base/principle/(P)/
さ ((感))
財 (ざい)
(n,n-suf) fortune/riches/(P)/
再会 (さいかい)
(n) another meeting/meeting again/reunion/(P)/
災害 (さいがい)
(n) calamity/disaster/misfortune/(P)/
細菌 (さいきん)
(n) bacillus/bacterium/germ/(P)/
細工 (さいく)
(n) work/craftsmanship/tactics/trick/(P)/
採掘 (さいくつ)
(n) mining/(P)/
(n) cycle/(P)/
採決 (さいけつ)
(n) vote/roll call/(P)/
再建 (さいけん)
(n) (temple or shrine) rebuilding/
再現 (さいげん)
(n) reappearance/reproduction/return/revival/
財源 (ざいげん)
(n) source of funds/resources/finances/(P)/
在庫 (ざいこ)
(n) stockpile/stock/
採算 (さいさん)
(n) profit/(P)/
採集 (さいしゅう)
(n) collecting/gathering/(P)/
(n) size/(P)/
再生 (さいせい)
(n,vs) playback/regeneration/resuscitation/return to life/rebirth/reincarnation/narrow escape/reclamation/regrowth/(P)/
財政 (ざいせい)
(n) economy/financial affairs/(P)/
最善 (さいぜん)
(n) the very best/
採択 (さいたく)
(n,vs) adoption/selection/choice/(P)/
栽培 (さいばい)
(n) cultivation/(P)/
再発 (さいはつ)
(n) return/relapse/reoccurrence/
細胞 (さいぼう)
(n) cell (biology)/(P)/
採用 (さいよう)
(n) use/adopt/(P)/
遮る (さえぎる)
(v5r) to interrupt/to intercept/to obstruct/(P)/
(v5r) (uk) to sing/to chirp/to twitter/(P)/
冴える (さえる)
(v1) to be clear/to be serene/to be cold/to be skillful/(P)/
竿 (さお)
(n) rod/pole (e.g. for drying laundry)/(P)/
栄える (さかえる)
(v1) to shine/to look attractive/to look pretty/(P)/
差額 (さがく)
(n) balance/difference/margin/(P)/
杯 (さかずき)
(n) wine cups/(P)/
逆立ち (さかだち)
(n) handstand/headstand/(P)/
さきに ((以前))
(adv,n) before/earlier than/ahead/beyond/away/previously/recently/(P)/
詐欺 (さぎ)
(n) fraud/swindle/(P)/
作 (さく)
(n,n-suf) a work/a harvest/(P)/
策 (さく)
(n,n-suf) plan/policy/(P)/
柵 (さく)
(n) fence/paling/
削減 (さくげん)
(n) cut/reduction/curtailment/(P)/
錯誤 (さくご)
(n) mistake/(P)/
作戦 (さくせん)
(n) military or naval operations/tactics/strategy/(P)/
叫び (さけび)
(n) shout/scream/outcry/(P)/
裂ける (さける)
(v1) to split/to tear/to burst/(P)/
捧げる (ささげる)
(v1) to lift up/to give/to offer/to consecrate/to devote/to sacrifice/to dedicate/(P)/
(v5r) to come near to/to approach/(P)/
指図 (さしず)
(n) instruction/mandate/(P)/
差し出す (さしだす)
(v5s) to present/to submit/to tender/to hold out/(P)/
差し支える (さしつかえる)
(v1) to interfere/to hinder/to become impeded/(P)/
差し引き (さしひき)
(n) deduction/subtraction/balance/ebb and flow/rise and fall/(P)/
授ける (さずける)
(v1) to grant/to award/to teach/(P)/
摩する (さする)
(vs-s) (1) to rub/to scrub/(2) to draw near/to press/
さぞ ((さぞや。さぞかし))
(adv) (uk) I am sure/certainly/no doubt/(P)/
定まる (さだまる)
(v5r) to become settled/to be fixed/(P)/
定める (さだめる)
(v1) to decide/to establish/to determine/(P)/
座談会 (ざだんかい)
(n) symposium/round-table discussion/(P)/
雑 (ざつ)
(adj-na,n) rough/crude/(P)/
雑貨 (ざっか)
(n) miscellaneous goods/general goods/sundries/
殺人 (さつじん)
(n) murder/(P)/
察する (さっする)
(vs-s) to guess/to sense/to presume/to judge/to sympathize with/(P)/
雑談 (ざつだん)
(n,vs) chatting/idle talk/(P)/
(adv) suddenly/smoothly/
悟る (さとる)
(v5r) to attain enlightenment/to perceive/to understand/to discern/(P)/
最中 (さなか)
(n-adv,n) in the middle of; height of; in course of; midst/
裁く (さばく)
(v5k) to judge/(P)/
座標 (ざひょう)
(n) coordinate(s)/
(adv) not so/not particularly/not that much/
(v5r) to be truant/to be idle/to sabotage by slowness/(P)/
様 (さま)
(adj-na,n-adv,n) way/manner/kind/sort/appearance/like/such as/so as to/in order to/so that/yang/(P)/
寒気 (さむけ)
(n) (1) cold/frost/(2) a cold/a chill/shivering fit/
侍 (さむらい)
(n) Samurai/warrior/(P)/
(adv) with gusto/with satisfaction/
作用 (さよう)
(n) action/operation/effect/function/(P)/
さらう ((子供を~))
(v5u) to sweep away/to wash away/to dredge/(P)/
障る (さわる)
(v5r) to hinder/to interfere with/to affect/to do one harm/to be harmful to/(P)/
酸 (さん)
(n) acid/(P)/
酸化 (さんか)
(n) oxidation/(P)/
山岳 (さんがく)
(n) mountains/(P)/
参議院 (さんぎいん)
(n) House of Councillors/(P)/
産休 (さんきゅう)
(n) maternity leave/
(exp) thank you/(P)/
残金 (ざんきん)
(n) remaining money/
産後 (さんご)
(n-adv,n-t) postpartum/after childbirth/
残酷 (ざんこく)
(adj-na,n) cruelty/harshness/(P)/
産出 (さんしゅつ)
(n,vs) yield/produce/
参照 (さんしょう)
(n,vs) reference/consultation/consultation/(P)/
参上 (さんじょう)
(n,vs) calling on/visiting/
残高 (ざんだか)
(n) (bank) balance/remainder/(P)/
Santa Claus/(P)/
桟橋 (さんばし)
(n) wharf/bridge/jetty/pier/(P)/
賛美 (さんび)
(n,vs) praise/adoration/glorification/(P)/
山腹 (さんぷく)
(n) hillside/mountainside/
産婦人科 (さんふじんか)
(n) maternity and gynecology department/(P)/
産物 (さんぶつ)
(n) product/result/fruit/(P)/
山脈 (さんみゃく)
(n) mountain range/
死 (し)
(n,n-suf) death/decease/
仕上がり (しあがり)
(n) finish/end/completion/
仕上 (しあげ)
(n) end/finishing touches/being finished/
仕上げる (しあげる)
(v1,vt) to finish up/to complete/(P)/
飼育 (しいく)
(n,vs) breeding/raising/rearing/(P)/
強いて (しいて)
(adv) by force/(P)/
(n) seat/sheet/(P)/
(n) (abbr) jeans (lit: jeans pants)/dungarees/(P)/
仕入れる (しいれる)
(v1) to lay in stock/to replenish stock/to procure/(P)/
強いる (しいる)
(v1) to force/to compel/to coerce/(P)/
潮 (しお)
(n) tide/ebb and flood/salt water/opportunity/(P)/
歯科 (しか)
(n) dentistry/(P)/
自我 (じが)
(n) self/the ego/(P)/
資格 (しかく)
(n) qualifications/requirements/capabilities/(P)/
視覚 (しかく)
(n) sense of sight/vision/
自覚 (じかく)
(n) self-conscious/(P)/
仕掛 (しかけ)
(n) device/trick/mechanism/gadget/(small) scale/half finished/commencement/set up/challenge/
仕掛ける (しかける)
(v1) to commence/to lay (mines)/to set (traps)/to wage (war)/to challenge/
(adv,conj) (uk) however/nevertheless/(P)/
指揮 (しき)
(n) command/direction/(P)/
磁気 (じき)
(n) magnetism/(P)/
磁器 (じき)
(n) porcelain/china/(P)/
色彩 (しきさい)
(n) colour/hue/tints/(P)/
式場 (しきじょう)
(n) ceremonial hall/place of ceremony (e.g. marriage)/
(n) custom/conventional practice/mores/ordinance/
事業 (じぎょう)
(n) project/enterprise/business/industry/operations/(P)/
仕切る (しきる)
(v5r) to partition/to divide/to mark off/to settle accounts/to toe the mark/
資金 (しきん)
(n) funds/capital/(P)/
軸 (じく)
(n,n-suf) axis/stem/shaft/axle/(P)/
(v5r) to fail/to fall through/to blunder/(P)/
仕組 (しくみ)
(n,vs) (1) structure/construction/arrangement/contrivance/(2) plan/plot/contrivance/
死刑 (しけい)
(n) death penalty/capital punishment/(P)/
湿気る (しける)
(v5r) to be damp/to be moist/
自己 (じこ)
(n) self/oneself/(P)/
施行 (しこう)
(n,vs) (1) execution/enforcing/carrying out/
思考 (しこう)
(n) thought/(P)/
志向 (しこう)
(n) intention/aim/(P)/
嗜好 (しこう)
(n) taste/liking/preference/
事項 (じこう)
(n) matter/item/facts/(P)/
時刻表 (じこくひょう)
(n) table/diagram/chart/timetable/schedule/
地獄 (じごく)
(n) hell/(P)/
時差 (じさ)
(n) time difference/(P)/
自在 (じざい)
(adj-na,n) freely/at will/
視察 (しさつ)
(n,vs) inspection/observation/(P)/
資産 (しさん)
(n) property/fortune/means/assets/(P)/
支持 (しじ)
(n,vs) support/maintenance/(P)/
自主 (じしゅ)
(n) independence/autonomy/(P)/
自首 (じしゅ)
(n,vs) surrender/give oneself up/(P)/
刺繍 (ししゅう)
(n,vs) embroidery/
市場 (しじょう)
(n) (the) market (as a concept)/(P)/
辞職 (じしょく)
(n) resignation/(P)/
雫 (しずく)
(n) drop (of water)/
(n) system/(P)/
沈める (しずめる)
(v1,vt) to sink/to submerge/(P)/
施設 (しせつ)
(n) institution/establishment/facility/(army) engineer/(P)/
事前 (じぜん)
(adj-no,n) prior/beforehand/in advance/(P)/
子息 (しそく)
(n) (hon) son/
持続 (じぞく)
(n) continuation/(P)/
自尊心 (じそんしん)
(n) self-respect/conceit/(P)/
字体 (じたい)
(n) type/font/lettering/(P)/
辞退 (じたい)
(n) refusal/(P)/
慕う (したう)
(v5u) to yearn for/to miss/to adore/to love dearly/(P)/
下心 (したごころ)
(n) secret intention/motive/
下地 (したじ)
(n) groundwork/foundation/inclination/aptitude/elementary knowledge of/grounding in/prearrangement/spadework/signs/symptoms/first coat of plastering/soy/
親しむ (したしむ)
(v5m) to be intimate with/to befriend/(P)/
下調べ (したしらべ)
(n) preliminary investigation/preparation/(P)/
仕立てる (したてる)
(v1) to tailor/to make/to prepare/to train/to send (a messenger)/(P)/
下取り (したどり)
(n) trade in/part exchange/
下火 (したび)
(n) burning low/waning/declining/
実 (じつ)
(n) fruit/nut/seed/content/good result/(P)/
実家 (じっか)
(n) (one's parents') home/(P)/
失格 (しっかく)
(n) disqualification/elimination/incapacity (legal)/(P)/
質疑 (しつぎ)
(n) question/
失脚 (しっきゃく)
(n,vs) losing one's standing/being overthrown/falling/(P)/
実業家 (じつぎょうか)
(n) industrialist/businessman/(P)/
(adj-na,n) chic/(P)/
(adv) deliberately/carefully/(P)/
躾 (しつけ)
(n) home discipline/training/upbringing/breeding/(P)/
躾ける (しつける)
(v1) to train/to discipline/to teach manners/
実践 (じっせん)
(n) practice/put into practice/(P)/
質素 (しっそ)
(adj-na,n) simplicity/modesty/frugality/(P)/
実態 (じったい)
(n) truth/fact/(P)/
失調 (しっちょう)
(n) lack of harmony/
嫉妬 (しっと)
(n,vs) jealousy/(P)/
実費 (じっぴ)
(n) actual expense/cost price/(P)/
指摘 (してき)
(n,vs) pointing out/identification/(P)/
視点 (してん)
(n) opinion/point of view/visual point/(P)/
自転 (じてん)
(n) rotation/spin/
助動詞 (じょどうし)
(n) auxiliary verb/
淑やか (しとやか)
(adj-na,n) graceful/(P)/
萎びる (しなびる)
(v1) to wilt/to fade/
(n) scenario/(P)/
(adj-na,n) (uk) supple/flexible/elastic/(P)/
屎尿 (しにょう)
(n) excreta/raw sewage/human waste/night soil/
地主 (じぬし)
(n) landlord/(P)/
凌ぐ (しのぐ)
(v5g) to outdo/to surpass/to endure/to keep out (rain)/to stave off/to tide over/to pull through/to defy/to slight/to excel/to eclipse/(P)/
芝 (しば)
(n) lawn/sod/turf/(P)/
始発 (しはつ)
(n) first train/(P)/
耳鼻科 (じびか)
(n) otolaryngology/(P)/
私物 (しぶつ)
(n) private property/personal effects/(P)/
(adj) tenacious/stubborn/
司法 (しほう)
(n) administration of justice/(P)/
脂肪 (しぼう)
(n) fat/grease/blubber/(P)/
志望 (しぼう)
(n) wish/desire/ambition/(P)/
始末 (しまつ)
(n,vs) (1) management/(2) dealing/settlement/(3) cleaning up afterwards/(P)/
染みる (しみる)
(aux-v,v1) to have a touch of/to look like/
使命 (しめい)
(n) mission/errand/message/(P)/
地元 (じもと)
(n) local/(P)/
視野 (しや)
(n) field of vision/outlook/(P)/
弱 (じゃく)
社交 (しゃこう)
(n) social life/social intercourse/(P)/
(n) jazz/(P)/
謝絶 (しゃぜつ)
(n) refusal/
社宅 (しゃたく)
(n) company owned house/
若干 (じゃっかん)
(n-adv,n) some/few/number of/(P)/
三味線 (しゃみせん)
(n) three-stringed Japanese guitar/shamisen/(P)/
斜面 (しゃめん)
(n) slope/slanting surface/bevel/(P)/
砂利 (じゃり)
(n) gravel/ballast/pebbles/(P)/
洒落る (しゃれる)
(v1) to joke/to play on words/to dress stylishly/(P)/
(n) jacket/jumper/(P)/
(n) jump/(P)/
(adj-na,n) jumbo/(P)/
(n) genre/(P)/
主 (しゅ)
(n) owner/master/lover/god/(P)/
種 (しゅ)
(n) (1) seed/pip/kind/variety/quality/tone/(2) material/matter/subject/theme/(news) copy/(3) cause/source/trick/secret/inside story/(P)/
私有 (しゆう)
(n) private ownership/(P)/
衆 (しゅう)
(n) masses/great number/the people/(P)/
住 (じゅう)
(n) dwelling/living/
収益 (しゅうえき)
(n) earnings/proceeds/returns/(P)/
修学 (しゅうがく)
(n) learning/
周期 (しゅうき)
(n) cycle/period/(P)/
衆議院 (しゅうぎいん)
(n) Lower House/House of Representatives/(P)/
就業 (しゅうぎょう)
(n) employment/starting work/
従業員 (じゅうぎょういん)
(n) employee/worker/(P)/
集計 (しゅうけい)
(n,vs) totalization/aggregate/
襲撃 (しゅうげき)
(n) attack/charge/raid/(P)/
収支 (しゅうし)
(n) income and expenditure/(P)/
終始 (しゅうし)
(adv,n,vs) (1) beginning and end/from beginning to end/doing a thing from beginning to end/(2) consistent(ly)/(P)/
修士 (しゅうし)
(n) Masters degree program/(P)/
従事 (じゅうじ)
(n,vs) engaging/pursuing/following/(P)/
終日 (しゅうじつ)
(n-adv,n-t) all day/(P)/
充実 (じゅうじつ)
(n,vs) fullness/completion/perfection/substantiality/enrichment/(P)/
収集 (しゅうしゅう)
(n,vs) gathering up/collection/accumulation/(P)/
修飾 (しゅうしょく)
(n,vs) (1) ornamentation/embellishment/decoration/adornment/polish up (writing)/(2) modification (gram)/(P)/
十字路 (じゅうじろ)
(n) crossroads/(P)/
執着 (しゅうじゃく)
(n) attachment/adhesion/tenacity/(P)/
執着 (しゅうちゃく)
(n) attachment/adhesion/tenacity/(P)/
柔軟 (じゅうなん)
(adj-na,n) flexible/lithe/(P)/
重複 (じゅうふく)
(n,vs) duplication/repetition/overlapping/redundancy/restoration/(P)/
収容 (しゅうよう)
(n,vs) (1) accommodation/reception/housing/(2) seating/(3) custody/(4) admission/(5) entering (in a dictionary)/(P)/
従来 (じゅうらい)
(n-adv,n-t) up to now/so far/traditional/(P)/
終了 (しゅうりょう)
(n,vs) end/close/termination/(P)/
守衛 (しゅえい)
(n) security guard/doorkeeper/(P)/
主演 (しゅえん)
(n) starring/playing the leading part/(P)/
主観 (しゅかん)
(n) subjectivity/subject/ego/(P)/
修行 (しゅぎょう)
(n,vs) pursuit of knowledge/studying/learning/training/ascetic practice/discipline/(P)/
塾 (じゅく)
(n) coaching school/lessons/(P)/
祝賀 (しゅくが)
(n,vs) celebration/congratulations/(P)/
宿命 (しゅくめい)
(n) fate/destiny/predestination/(P)/
手芸 (しゅげい)
(n) handicrafts/
主権 (しゅけん)
(n) sovereignty/supremacy/dominion/(P)/
主催 (しゅさい)
(n,vs) organization/sponsorship/(P)/
取材 (しゅざい)
(n) choice of subject/collecting data/(P)/
趣旨 (しゅし)
(n) object/meaning/(P)/
種々 (しゅじゅ)
(adj-na,adj-no,adv,n) variety/(P)/
主食 (しゅしょく)
(n) staple food/(P)/
主人公 (しゅじんこう)
(n) (1) protagonist/main character/hero(ine) (of a story)/(2) head of household/(P)/
主体 (しゅたい)
(n) subject/main constituent/(P)/
主題 (しゅだい)
(n) subject/theme/motif/(P)/
出演 (しゅつえん)
(n) performance/stage appearance/(P)/
出血 (しゅっけつ)
(n,vs) bleeding/haemorrhage/(P)/
出現 (しゅつげん)
(n,vs) appearance/arrival/make one's appearance/(P)/
出産 (しゅっさん)
(n) (child)birth/delivery/production (of goods)/(P)/
出社 (しゅっしゃ)
(n,vs) arrival (in a country, at work, etc.)/
出生 (しゅっしょう)
(n) birth/(P)/
出生 (しゅっせい)
(n) birth/(P)/
出世 (しゅっせ)
(n) promotion/successful career/eminence/(P)/
出題 (しゅつだい)
(n) proposing a question/(P)/
出動 (しゅつどう)
(n) sailing/marching/going out/
出費 (しゅっぴ)
(n) expenses/disbursements/
出品 (しゅっぴん)
(n) exhibit/display/(P)/
主導 (しゅどう)
(n,vs) main leadership/(P)/
主任 (しゅにん)
(n) person in charge/responsible official/(P)/
首脳 (しゅのう)
(n) head/brains/(P)/
守備 (しゅび)
(n) defense/(P)/
手法 (しゅほう)
(n) technique/
樹木 (じゅもく)
(n) trees and shrubs/arbour/(P)/
樹立 (じゅりつ)
(n) establish/create/(P)/
準急 (じゅんきゅう)
(n) local express (train, slower than an express)/(P)/
準じる (じゅんじる)
(v1) to follow/to conform/to apply to/
私用 (しよう)
(adj-no,n) personal use/private business/(P)/
仕様 (しよう)
(n) way/method/resource/remedy/(technical) specification/
情 (じょう)
(n) feelings/emotion/passion/(P)/
上位 (じょうい)
(n) superior (rank not class)/higher order (e.g. byte)/host computer (of connected device)/(P)/
上演 (じょうえん)
(n,vs) performance (e.g. music)/(P)/
城下 (じょうか)
(n) land near the castle/
生涯 (しょうがい)
(n-adv,n-t) one's lifetime (i.e., one's existance until death)/(P)/
消去 (しょうきょ)
(n,vs) elimination/erasing/dying out/melting away/
上空 (じょうくう)
(n) sky/the skies/high-altitude sky/upper air/(P)/
衝撃 (しょうげき)
(n) shock/crash/impact/ballistic/(P)/
証言 (しょうげん)
(n,vs) evidence/testimony/(P)/
証拠 (しょうこ)
(n) evidence/proof/(P)/
照合 (しょうごう)
(n,vs) collation/comparison/
詳細 (しょうさい)
(adj-na,n) detail/particulars/(P)/
上司 (じょうし)
(n) superior authorities/boss/(P)/
上昇 (じょうしょう)
(n,vs) rising/ascending/climbing/(P)/
昇進 (しょうしん)
(n) promotion/(P)/
称する (しょうする)
(vs-s) (1) to take the name of/to call oneself/(2) to pretend/to feign/to purport/(P)/
情勢 (じょうせい)
(n) state of things/condition/situation/(P)/
消息 (しょうそく)
(n) news/letter/circumstances/(P)/
正体 (しょうたい)
(n) natural shape/one's true colors/true character/consciousness/senses/(P)/
承諾 (しょうだく)
(n,vs) consent/acquiescence/agreement/(P)/
情緒 (じょうちょ)
(n) emotion/feeling/(P)/
情緒 (じょうしょ)
(n) emotion/feeling/(P)/
象徴 (しょうちょう)
(n,vs) symbol/(P)/
小児科 (しょうにか)
(n) pediatrics/(P)/
使用人 (しようにん)
(n) employee/servant/(P)/
情熱 (じょうねつ)
(adj-na,n) passion/enthusiasm/zeal/(P)/
譲歩 (じょうほ)
(n) concession/conciliation/compromise/(P)/
照明 (しょうめい)
(n) illumination/(P)/
条約 (じょうやく)
(n) treaty/pact/(P)/
勝利 (しょうり)
(n) victory/triumph/conquest/success/win/(P)/
上陸 (じょうりく)
(n,vs) landing/disembarkation/(P)/
蒸溜 (じょうりゅう)
(n) distillation/
奨励 (しょうれい)
(n) encouragement/promotion/message/address/(P)/
(n) show/(P)/
除外 (じょがい)
(n,vs) exception/exclusion/(P)/
職員 (しょくいん)
(n) staff member/personnel/(P)/
植民地 (しょくみんち)
(n) colony/(P)/
職務 (しょくむ)
(n) professional duties/(P)/
諸君 (しょくん)
(n) Gentlemen!/Ladies!/(P)/
助言 (じょげん)
(n) advice/suggestion/
徐行 (じょこう)
(n,vs) going slowly/(P)/
所在 (しょざい)
(n) whereabouts/
所持 (しょじ)
(n,vs) possession/owning/
女史 (じょし)
(n) Ms./(P)/
助詞 (じょし)
(n) (gram) particle/postposition/(P)/
所属 (しょぞく)
(n) attached to/belong to/(P)/
処置 (しょち)
(n,vs) treatment/(P)/
(adj-na,n) shock/(P)/
(adv) always/constantly/(P)/
所定 (しょてい)
(n) fixed/prescribed/
助動詞 (じょどうし)
(n) auxiliary verb/
所得 (しょとく)
(n) income/earnings/(P)/
処罰 (しょばつ)
(n,vs) punishment/(P)/
初版 (しょはん)
(n) first edition/(P)/
書評 (しょひょう)
(n,vs) book review/(P)/
処分 (しょぶん)
(n,vs) disposal/dealing/punishment/(P)/
庶民 (しょみん)
(n) masses/common people/(P)/
庶務 (しょむ)
(n) general affairs/(P)/
所有 (しょゆう)
(n,vs) one's possessions/ownership/(P)/
調べ (しらべ)
(n,n-suf) preparation/investigation/inspection/(P)/
自立 (じりつ)
(n,vs) independence/self-reliance/(P)/
記す (しるす)
(v5s) to note/to write down/(P)/
指令 (しれい)
(n) orders/instructions/directive/(P)/
陣 (じん)
(n) battle formation/camp/encampment/
進化 (しんか)
(n) evolution/progress/(P)/
人格 (じんかく)
(n) personality/character/individuality/(P)/
審議 (しんぎ)
(n) deliberation/(P)/
進行 (しんこう)
(n) advance/(P)/
新興 (しんこう)
(n) rising/developing/emergent/(P)/
振興 (しんこう)
(n) promotion/encouragement/(P)/
申告 (しんこく)
(n,vs) report/statement/filing a return/notification/(P)/
新婚 (しんこん)
(n) newly-wed/(P)/
審査 (しんさ)
(n) judging/inspection/examination/investigation/(P)/
人材 (じんざい)
(n) man of talent/(P)/
紳士 (しんし)
(n) gentleman/(P)/
真実 (しんじつ)
(adj-na,adv,n) truth/reality/(P)/
信者 (しんじゃ)
(n) believer/adherent/devotee/Christian/(P)/
真珠 (しんじゅ)
(n) pearl/(P)/
進出 (しんしゅつ)
(n) advance/step forward/(P)/
心情 (しんじょう)
(n) mentality/
新人 (しんじん)
(n) new face/newcomer/(P)/
神聖 (しんせい)
(adj-na,n) holiness/sacredness/dignity/(P)/
親善 (しんぜん)
(n) friendship/(P)/
真相 (しんそう)
(n) truth/real situation/(P)/
迅速 (じんそく)
(adj-na,n) quick/fast/rapid/swift/prompt/(P)/
人体 (じんたい)
(n) personal appearance/looks/
新築 (しんちく)
(n) new building/new construction/(P)/
心中 (しんじゅう)
(n) in one's heart/true motives/mind/(P)/
進呈 (しんてい)
(n,vs) presentation/(P)/
進展 (しんてん)
(n,vs) progress/development/(P)/
神殿 (しんでん)
(n) temple/sacred place/
進度 (しんど)
(n) progress/
振動 (しんどう)
(n,vs) oscillation/vibration/(P)/
新入生 (しんにゅうせい)
(n) freshman/first-year student/
信任 (しんにん)
(n,vs) trust/confidence/credence/(P)/
神秘 (しんぴ)
(adj-na,n) mystery/(P)/
辛抱 (しんぼう)
(n,vs) patience/endurance/(P)/
人民 (じんみん)
(n) people/public/(P)/
真理 (しんり)
(n) truth/(P)/
侵略 (しんりゃく)
(n) aggression/invasion/raid/(P)/
診療 (しんりょう)
(n,vs) medical examination and treatment/diagnosis/(P)/
粋 (すい)
(adj-na,n) chic/style/purity/essence/(P)/
水源 (すいげん)
(n) source of river/fountainhead/
推進 (すいしん)
(n) propulsion/driving force/(P)/
水洗 (すいせん)
(n) flushing/(P)/
吹奏 (すいそう)
(n,vs) playing wind instruments/
推測 (すいそく)
(n,vs) guess/conjecture/(P)/
水田 (すいでん)
(n) (water-filled) paddy field/(P)/
推理 (すいり)
(n) reasoning/inference/mystery or detective genre (movie, novel, etc.)/(P)/
数詞 (すうし)
(n) numeral/
崇拝 (すうはい)
(n,vs) worship/adoration/admiration/cult/(P)/
据え付ける (すえつける)
(v1) to install/to equip/to mount/(P)/
据える (すえる)
(v1) to set (table)/to lay (foundation)/to place (gun)/to apply (moxa)/(P)/
(adj) (uk) fresh/refreshing/
救い (すくい)
(n) help/aid/relief/(P)/
すくう ((水を~))
(v5u) to build (a nest)/to haunt (a place)/to hang out (somewhere)/
健やか (すこやか)
(adj-na,n) vigorous/healthy/sound/(P)/
濯ぐ (すすぐ)
(v5g) to rinse/to wash out/
進み (すすみ)
(n) progress/
裾 (すそ)
(n) (trouser) cuff/(skirt) hem/cut edge of a hairdo/foot of mountain/(P)/
(n) studio/(P)/
(n) steam/(P)/
(n) strike/(P)/
(n) (abbr) strike/(P)/
(n) stress/(P)/
(n) straw/(P)/
(n) stroboscope (lit: strobo)/strobe lamp/stroboscopic lamp/(P)/
(adj) nimble/smart/quick/
素早い (すばやい)
(adj) fast/quick/prompt/agile/(P)/
(adv) decisively/decidedly/once and for all/unreservedly/frankly/(P)/
(n) spring/(P)/
(n) space/(P)/
(n) soaked/dripping wet/
(n) sports car/(P)/
澄ます (すます)
(v5s) to clear/to make clear/to be unruffled/to look unconcerned/to look demure/look prim/put on airs/(P)/
済ます (すます)
(v5s) (1) to finish/to get it over with/to conclude/(2) to settle/to pay back/(3) to get along (without something)/(P)/
(adj-na,n) speed/(P)/
(n) slacks/(P)/
(adv) in a line/in a row/
擦る (する)
(v5r) to rub/to chafe/to file/to frost (glass)/to strike (match)/(P)/
(adj-na,adv,n) sound or act of dragging/loose/inconclusive but unwanted situation/trailingly/(P)/
(n) chance encounter/
擦れる (すれる)
(v1) to rub/to chafe/to wear/to become sophisticated/(P)/
(adv,n) pass with no objection/slim/slender/
生育 (せいいく)
(n) growth/development/breeding/(P)/
成育 (せいいく)
(n) growth/raising/
成果 (せいか)
(n) results/fruits/(P)/
正解 (せいかい)
(n,vs) correct/right/correct interpretation (answer, solution)/(P)/
正規 (せいき)
(adj-na,adj-no,n) regular/legal/formal/established/legitimate/(P)/
正義 (せいぎ)
(n) justice/right/righteousness/correct meaning/(P)/
生計 (せいけい)
(n) livelihood/living/(P)/
政権 (せいけん)
(n) (political) administration/political power/(P)/
精巧 (せいこう)
(adj-na,n) elaborate/delicate/exquisite/(P)/
星座 (せいざ)
(n) constellation/(P)/
制裁 (せいさい)
(n) restraint/sanctions/punishment/(P)/
政策 (せいさく)
(n) political measures/policy/(P)/
精算 (せいさん)
(n) exact calculation/squaring of accounts/(P)/
生死 (せいし)
(n) life and death/(P)/
静止 (せいし)
(n) stillness/repose/standing still/(P)/
誠実 (せいじつ)
(adj-na,n) sincere/honest/faithful/(P)/
成熟 (せいじゅく)
(n) maturity/ripeness/(P)/
青春 (せいしゅん)
(adj-no,n) youth/springtime of life/adolescent/(P)/
清純 (せいじゅん)
(adj-na,n) purity/innocence/
聖書 (せいしょ)
(n) Bible/scriptures/(P)/
正常 (せいじょう)
(adj-na,n) normalcy/normality/normal/(P)/
制する (せいする)
(vs-s) to control/to command/to get the better of/
整然 (せいぜん)
(adj-na,n) orderly/regular/well-organized/trim/accurate/
盛装 (せいそう)
(n,vs) be dressed up/wear rich clothes/
盛大 (せいだい)
(adj-na,n) grand/prosperous/magnificent/(P)/
清濁 (せいだく)
(n) good and evil/purity and impurity/(P)/
制定 (せいてい)
(n,vs) enactment/establishment/creation/(P)/
静的 (せいてき)
(adj-na,n) static/
製鉄 (せいてつ)
(n) iron manufacture/(P)/
晴天 (せいてん)
(n) fine weather/(P)/
正当 (せいとう)
(adj-na,n) just/justifiable/right/due/proper/equitable/reasonable/legitimate/lawful/(P)/
成年 (せいねん)
(n) majority/adult age/(P)/
制服 (せいふく)
(n) uniform/(P)/
征服 (せいふく)
(n) conquest/subjugation/overcoming/(P)/
製法 (せいほう)
(n) manufacturing method/recipe/formula/
精密 (せいみつ)
(adj-na,n) precise/exact/detailed/minute/close/(P)/
税務署 (ぜいむしょ)
(n) tax office/(P)/
声明 (せいめい)
(n) declaration/statement/proclamation/(P)/
姓名 (せいめい)
(n) full name/(P)/
制約 (せいやく)
(n,vs) limitation/restriction/condition/constraints/(P)/
生理 (せいり)
(n) physiology/menses/(P)/
勢力 (せいりょく)
(n) influence/power/might/strength/potency/force/energy/(P)/
整列 (せいれつ)
(n,vs) stand in a row/form a line/(P)/
(n) sale/(P)/
急かす (せかす)
(v5s) to hurry/to urge on/(P)/
伜 (せがれ)
(n) son/my son/
責務 (せきむ)
(n) duty/obligation/(P)/
(n) section/(P)/
世辞 (せじ)
(n) flattery/compliment/(P)/
世帯 (せたい)
(n) household/(P)/
是正 (ぜせい)
(n) correction/revision/(P)/
世代 (せだい)
(n) generation/the world/the age/(P)/
節 (せつ)
(n-suf) tune/tone/knot/knob/point/
切開 (せっかい)
(n,vs) clearing (land)/opening up/cutting through/
(n,vs) sexual intercourse/(P)/
切実 (せつじつ)
(adj-na,n) compelling/serious/severe/acute/earnest/pressing/urgent/(P)/
接触 (せっしょく)
(n,vs) touch/contact/(P)/
接続詞 (せつぞくし)
(n) conjunction/
設置 (せっち)
(n) establishment/institution/(P)/
折衷 (せっちゅう)
(n) compromise/cross/blending/eclecticism/(P)/
設定 (せってい)
(n,vs) establishment/creation/(P)/
説得 (せっとく)
(n) persuasion/(P)/
切ない (せつない)
(adj) painful/trying/oppressive/suffocating/(P)/
絶版 (ぜっぱん)
(n) out of print/
設立 (せつりつ)
(n) establishment/foundation/institution/(P)/
攻め (せめ)
(n) attack/offence/
(n) (1) jelly/(2) Jerry/(P)/
(n) ceremony/(P)/
世論 (せろん)
(n) public opinion/(P)/
先 (せん)
(adj-no,n) the future/priority/precedence/former/previous/old/late/
膳 (ぜん)
(n) (small) table/tray/meal/
禅 (ぜん)
(n) Zen (Buddhism)/(P)/
繊維 (せんい)
(n) fibre/fiber/textile/(P)/
全快 (ぜんかい)
(n) complete recovery of health/(P)/
選挙 (せんきょ)
(n,vs) election/(P)/
宣教 (せんきょう)
(n) religious mission/
宣言 (せんげん)
(n,vs) declaration/proclamation/announcement/(P)/
先行 (せんこう)
(n,vs) preceding/going first/
選考 (せんこう)
(n,vs) selection/screening/
戦災 (せんさい)
(n) war damage/(P)/
専修 (せんしゅう)
(n) specialization/
戦術 (せんじゅつ)
(n) tactics/
(n) good sense (for music, style, tact, etc.)/(P)/
潜水 (せんすい)
(n) diving/(P)/
全盛 (ぜんせい)
(n) height of prosperity/(P)/
先代 (せんだい)
(n) family predecessor/previous age/previous generation/
先だって (せんだって)
(n-adv,n-t) recently/the other day/(P)/
先着 (せんちゃく)
(n) first arrival/(P)/
前提 (ぜんてい)
(n) preamble/premise/reason/prerequisite/(P)/
先天的 (せんてんてき)
(adj-na,n) a priori/inborn/innate/inherent/congenital/hereditary/(P)/
前途 (ぜんと)
(n) future prospects/outlook/the journey ahead/(P)/
戦闘 (せんとう)
(n,vs) battle/fight/combat/(P)/
潜入 (せんにゅう)
(n) infiltration/sneaking in/(P)/
船舶 (せんぱく)
(n) ship/(P)/
全滅 (ぜんめつ)
(n) annihilation/(P)/
専用 (せんよう)
(n,pref,suf) exclusive use/personal use/(P)/
占領 (せんりょう)
(n,vs) occupation/capture/possession/have a room to oneself/(P)/
善良 (ぜんりょう)
(adj-na,n) goodness/excellence/virtue/(P)/
戦力 (せんりょく)
(n) war potential/
前例 (ぜんれい)
(n) precedent/(P)/
相 (そう)
(n) aspect/phase/countenance/(P)/
沿う (そう)
(v5u) to run along/to follow/(P)/
添う (そう)
(v5u) to accompany/to become married/to comply with/(P)/
僧 (そう)
(n) monk/priest/(P)/
像 (ぞう)
(n,n-suf) statue/image/figure/picture/portrait/(P)/
相応 (そうおう)
(adj-na,n) suitability/fitness/(P)/
総会 (そうかい)
(n) general meeting/(P)/
創刊 (そうかん)
(n,vs) launching (e.g. newspaper)/first issue/(P)/
雑木 (ぞうき)
(n) various kinds of small trees/assorted trees/
早急 (そうきゅう)
(adj-na,n) urgent/
早急 (さっきゅう)
(adj-na,n) urgent/
増強 (ぞうきょう)
(n) augment/reinforce/increase/
送金 (そうきん)
(n) remittance/sending money/(P)/
走行 (そうこう)
(n,vs) running a wheeled vehicle (e.g. car)/traveling/
総合 (そうごう)
(n,vs) synthesis/coordination/putting together/integration/composite/(P)/
捜査 (そうさ)
(n,vs) search (esp. in criminal investigations)/investigation/(P)/
捜索 (そうさく)
(n) search (esp. for someone or something missing)/investigation/(P)/
操縦 (そうじゅう)
(n,vs) management/handling/control/manipulation/(P)/
蔵相 (ぞうしょう)
(n) Minister of Finance/(P)/
装飾 (そうしょく)
(n) ornament/(P)/
増進 (ぞうしん)
(n,vs) promoting/increase/advance/(P)/
創造 (そうぞう)
(n,vs) creation/(P)/
相対 (そうたい)
(n) relative/
壮大 (そうだい)
(adj-na,n) magnificent/grand/majestic/splendid/(P)/
騒動 (そうどう)
(n) strife/riot/rebellion/(P)/
遭難 (そうなん)
(n) disaster/shipwreck/accident/(P)/
相場 (そうば)
(n) market price/speculation/estimation/(P)/
装備 (そうび)
(n) equipment/
創立 (そうりつ)
(n) establishment/founding/organization/(P)/
添える (そえる)
(v1,vt) to add to/to attach/to append/to accompany/to garnish/to imitate/to annex/(P)/
(n) source/(P)/
即座に (そくざに)
immediately/right away/
促進 (そくしん)
(n,vs) promotion/acceleration/encouragement/facilitation/spurring on/(P)/
即する (そくする)
(vs-s) to conform to/to agree with/to be adapted to/to be based on/
束縛 (そくばく)
(n,vs) restraint/shackles/restriction/confinement/binding/(P)/
側面 (そくめん)
(n) side/flank/sidelight/lateral/(P)/
損う (そこなう)
(io) (suf,v5u) to harm/to hurt/to injure/to damage/to fail in doing/(P)/
(n) (uk) everywhere/somewhere/approximately/that area/around there/
素材 (そざい)
(n) raw materials/subject matter/(P)/
阻止 (そし)
(n,vs) obstruction/check/hindrance/prevention/interdiction/(P)/
訴訟 (そしょう)
(n) litigation/lawsuit/(P)/
育ち (そだち)
(n) breeding/growth/(P)/
措置 (そち)
(n) measure/step/(P)/
(n) socks/(P)/
(adj) cold/short/curt/blunt/
外方 (そっぽ)
(n) look (or turn) the other way/
備え付ける (そなえつける)
(v1) to provide/to furnish/to equip/to install/(P)/
備わる (そなわる)
(v5r) to be furnished with/to be endowed with/to possess/to be among/to be one of/to be possessed of/(P)/
具わる (そなわる)
(v5r) to be furnished with/to be endowed with/to possess/to be among/to be one of/to be possessed of/(P)/
聳える (そびえる)
(v1) to rise/to tower/to soar/(P)/
(adj-na,adj-no,n) (abbr) soft/soft hat/software/(P)/
素朴 (そぼく)
(adj-na,n) simplicity/artlessness/naivete/(P)/
背く (そむく)
(v5k) to run counter to/to go against/to disobey/to infringe/(P)/
染まる (そまる)
(v5r) to dye/(P)/
染める (そめる)
(v1) to dye/to colour/(P)/
(v5s,vt) to bend/to warp/to curve/(P)/
そり ((~に乗る))
(uk) sleigh/sled/
反る (そる)
(v5r) to warp/to be warped/to curve/to be curved/to be arched/to bend (backward)/(P)/
(conj) therefore/for that reason/so/
(n) solo/(P)/
揃い (そろい)
(n) set/suit/uniform/
(adj-na,n) rude/careless/slovenly/(P)/
損失 (そんしつ)
(n) loss/(P)/
存続 (そんぞく)
(n,vs) duration/continuance/(P)/
隊 (たい)
(n) party/company/body (of troops)/corps/
対応 (たいおう)
(n,vs) interaction/correspondence/coping with/dealing with/(P)/
大家 (たいか)
(n) rich family/distinguished family/
退化 (たいか)
(n) degeneration/retrogression/
大概 (たいがい)
(n-adv,n-t) in general/mainly/(P)/
体格 (たいかく)
(n) physique/constitution/(P)/
退学 (たいがく)
(n) dropping out of school/(P)/
大金 (たいきん)
(n) great cost/(P)/
待遇 (たいぐう)
(n) treatment/reception/(P)/
対決 (たいけつ)
(n) confrontation/showdown/(P)/
体験 (たいけん)
(n,vs) personal experience/(P)/
対抗 (たいこう)
(n) opposition/antagonism/(P)/
退治 (たいじ)
(n,vs) extermination/(P)/
大衆 (たいしゅう)
(n) general public/(P)/
対処 (たいしょ)
(n,vs) deal with/cope/(P)/
退職 (たいしょく)