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Arabian Peninsula

a desert, Arabs/Bedouins live here


This city was the center of polytheistic Arab religion

Medina, Yathrib

This city was where Muhammad made the Hijrah to


the founder of Islam; a prophet to whom the angel Gabriel spoke


Muhammad's wife


Muhammad's daughter

The Rightly Guided Caliphs

what the first 4 caliphs were called


Islam's version of a pope

Abu Bakr

He wrote the Koran


the majority of Muslims belong to this division of Islam


about 10% of Muslims belong to this division of Islam

The Five Pillars

these are the core of Islam


this is the month when Muslims must fast


this is the pilgrimage to Mecca every Muslim must make in their lifetime


all the rules in Islam on how society should work


Islam's version of a priest


Islam's version of a church


"struggle"; there is a greater and lesser form of this; this term is often associated with terrorists

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