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be together
I never want to leave you. I want us to _________ forever.
// be in a relationship
become friends
How did you _________? //
develop friendship with someone
break up
I find it really hard to _________ with a girlfriend.
// to end a relationship
He's my ____________ - we study English together. //
someone who is in your class at school.
close friend
Nina is my _____________ We've known each other since we were 7. //
dear, intimate friend
a colleague
James is _________. //
someone you work with
a couple
How long have you and Wendy been _________? //
two people in a romantic relationship
I had a text message from my_________ yesterday. I told him not to contact me again. // someone you used to be in a relationship with
fall out with
If you __________ someone, you have an argument and stop being friendly with them.
This is my _________, Heather. We're getting married next month.
Sarah is my _________. We each pay half the rent.
get in touch
Please _________ when you are in town. //
to make contact with
get married
John and I are going to _________ next year. //
to be joined as husband and wife
get on
Do you _________ with your parents or do they annoy you? //
to have a good relationship
get to know
I want to _________ you. Let's meet for coffee. //
to know somebody (or something) little by little
go out together
How long did you and Nick _________ before breaking up?//
to spend a lot of time with someone and have a romantic relationship with them
have something in common
You need to _________ with your partner if the relationship is going to work. //
to share interests, experiences, or other characteristics with someone or something
lose touch
Don't _________ - let's exchange numbers before you move. //
to lose contact with
I live in a small house with my _________. We've been a couple for a long time and we might get married one day. //
the person you are in a relationship with
I want to _________ to my girlfriend tonight. I've bought a ring.
split up
When did you _________ with Marco? You seemed so happy together. What went wrong? // to stop being a relationship
I'm going to _________ my boyfriend this evening. I'm so tired of him!
Do you _________ anyone in your drama class? I bet there are some cute boys there.
have a crush on
I _________ my sister's best friend but I don't think she know's I like her.
a mate
Nicola's not my girlfriend - she's just _________.
I find it quite difficult to _________ new people because Im busy with work and have no time to go out.

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