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Wordly Wise 12 Lesson 6


V. To cause to put into mechanical motion
V. To cause to take action


Adj. Made up of a mixture of fresh water and seawater
Adj. Having an unpleasant taste


Adj. Relating to mental processes such as awareness, remembering and reasoning.


N. A lengthy, usually written discussion of a topic, often for a college or university degree


Adj. Causing or marked by pain, misery, or sorrow


Adj Widespread or peculiar to a certain place or among a certain people


Adj. Producing or capable of producing many offspring
Adj. Intellectually or artistically productive; creative


N. The history of a family and how its members are related to one another; also the study of such family histories


Adj. Deprived of good sense and judgement, especially as the result of imbibing alcohol


Adj Seemingly harmless when actually being dangerous; treacherous r deceptive
Adj. Spreading harmfully in a subtle or gradual way


N. One who intrudes on or interferes in the affairs of others


N. A person or thing that comes before and indicates the approach of another; a forerunner


N. A feeling that something is about to occur


N. An outgrowth of a simple idea or plan; a resulting development or consequence


N. A state of mental or physical sluggishness or inactivity

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