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Road to Revolution


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Proclamation of 1763
King George III said that colonists could not move west of the Appalachian Mountains.
Quartering Act
Parliament declared that colonists had to house British soldiers & provide supplies for them.
Tea Act
Lord North tried to save the East India Company by selling its tea very cheaply. This created a monopoly for the East India Company, which angered the colonists.
First Continental Congress
50 delegates from 12 colonies met to discuss the problems with Great Britain. They sent a letter to King George III, which was ignored.
French & Indian War
A war fought between England and France for control of North America
Stamp Act
Parliament placed taxes on newspapers, marriage licenses, playing cards, etc. As a result, the colonists boycotted British goods. The tax was repealed one year later.
Battle of Concord
The British soldiers arrived where the ammunition & weapons were being stored, but they had been moved. They were shot at all the way back to Boston.
Battle of Lexington
Patriots met British soldiers who were on their way to capture ammunition and weapons. Eight militiamen were killed and 10 were wounded. This event marks the beginning of the Revolution.
Boston Tea Party
The Sons of Liberty dressed up as Mohican Indians and dumped 90,000 pounds of tea into Boston Harbor.
Townshend Acts
Taxes were placed on lead, paper, paint, glass and tea. As a result, the colonists boycotted British goods. All of the taxes were repealed within two years, except for the tax on tea.
Boston Massacre
A crowd taunted British soldiers & threw rocks at them. Five colonists were killed and six were wounded.
Intolerable Acts
Laws passed by Parliament to punish Boston. They closed Boston harbor and sent more soldiers to maintain order.