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The socket or opening in bone which surrounds the root of a tooth is the?
What is the longest and strongest bone of the face?
What is the name of the large opening at the base of the skull through which the spinal cord, nerves, and arteries pass?
Foramen Magnum
A junction or fusion between two bones is a
What does the word lacrimal mean?
The posterior and inferior part of the nasal septum is formed by which bone?
A small rounded or slightly curved projection is a?
What is the vertical, upright portion of the mandible?
Where is the retromolar pad area located?
Posterior to mandibular molars
The sharp, prominent arch fprmed by the frontal bone over each eye is the?
Supraorbital Margin
What is the bone that forms the lower posterior part of the cranium?
How many cranial bones are in the skull?
The upper jaw is formed by which bone(s)
Which bone forms the cheek and part of the lateral wall and floor of the orbits?
What is a process?
A large prominence or projection
The anterior, medial wall of the orbit is formed by the? What structure is also located in this area?
Lacrimal bone. tear duct
What is the function of the cranium?
Protect the brain
What is the external auditory meatus?
ear canal
A channel through bone is called a?
Where is the palatine bone located?
Posterior area of the hard palate
What is the term for the tip of the chin?
Mental protuberance
Describe the location of the condyloid and coronoid processes:
Condyloid process is the posterior process or projection of the ramus part of the TMJ. Coronoid process is the anterior extension of the ramus.
The "orbit" refers to what area?
eye socket
The diagonal slope of bone located on the facial surface of the mandible near the ramus is the?
Oblique Ridge
Describe the location and function of the hyoid bone and what makes it unique?
It is suspendded between the mandible and the larynx where is anchored by ligaments to the styloid process of the temporal bone of the skull. The function is to support the tongue and other muscles in the floor of the mouth.Unique because it is the only bone that does not articulate with any other bone.
Is a single bone tha tcan be seen on the lateral view of the skull, the anterior view and forms a portion of the back of the orbits, it resembles a butterfly or the open wings of a bird.
Sphenoid bone
Where is the incisal foramen located?
Behind the central incisors
Which two bones together make up the "cheekbones"
Zygomatic bone and temporal bone
What are the openings on the facial surface of the mandible between the 1st and 2nd premolars on each side?
mental foramen
How many facial bones are there?
What does the term "fossa" mean?
A curved pit or depression in bone
A small natural opening in a bone through which nerves and blood vessels pass is a?
What is the bone that forms the forehead?
Frontal bone
Located on the border of the mandible, lingual to the angel of mandible is the?
Mandibular Notch
The opening below each eye socket where nerves and blood vessels pass through (one on each side) is called?
Infraorbital foramen
What are the four characteristics of the mandible?
The only movable bone in the skull. It is attached to the cranium by ligaments and joints. It articulates with the temporal bone. The alveolar process in the bone contains sockets for the teeth.
What is the bone that forms the medial wall of the orbits, roof of the nasal cavity and superior portion of the nasal septum?
Ethmoid bone
Which two bones make up the nasal septum?
Vomer and Ethmoid
What is the maxillary tuberosity?
The round, roughened prominence behind the last molars of the maxilla
Which bone is located on each side of the skull behind and surrounding the ear?
Temporal bone
Explain the difference between the buccal/facial and the lingual view:
Buccal/ facial view is toward the cheek area and the angle of the mandible is named different on the lingual view. Lingual view is toward inside the tongue
What is the purpose of the dots on the right side suppposed to mean?
cross section of bones
The ethmoid bone is very uniquely shaped. on the frontal view named the areas where it is visible
Orbit area, superior nasal septum, and middle nasal concha
List the bones that form the orbit:
Frontal bone. Palatine bone. Lacrimal bone. Maxilla. Sphenoid bone. Zygomatic bone. Ethmoid bone
Which landmark of the mandible is part of the temporomanndibular joint?
Condyloid process
What are the five landmarks located on the temporal bone?
Articular Eminence. Styloid Process. Mastoid Process. External Auditory Meatus. Glenoid Fossa.
Why does the baby's face lack vertical dimension?
Because the teeth have not yet erupted
What are some differences between a male skull and a female skull?
Male: larger and heavier and have more rugged muscle markings and prominences.Females: smaller and lighter and have thinner walls, smaller teeth and round forehead
How many cranium bones?
Where is the auditory ossicles located? how many?
ear (temporal bone) 6
How many bones the skull have?
28 total
The human skull is divided into what two sections?
Cranium and the face
What is the sigmoid notch?
U shaped notch separating the coronoid and the condyloid processes