Sports and Event Chapter 5 Vocab


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Casual Research
research used to determine cause-and-effect relationships when the problem is already clearly defined
Click-through rate
measures the effectiveness of an internet ad by dividing the number of times an ad is clicked on by the number of times an ad is shown
Client-side researchers
staff researchers work with external research agencies
a small data file that is placed on the hard drive of a web site visitor that collects and reports data on the visitor
Data Mining
the use of powerful computers to ''dig up'' data needed to make decisions
Descriptive research
research used when the business is aware of the problem that needs to be solved
Desk Research
reports of other completed research are used to help define the problem
Engaged Customers
repeat customers who are completely loyal to the company's products and services
Exploratory Research
conducted when a business is unaware of the exact problem
Market Research
information is gathered that is very specifically focused on a single target market
surveys of people's opinions
Price Points
the range of prices charged for a category of merchandise
a small number representative of the larger group
Syndicated research
research conducted by an independent company and then offered for sale to everyone in an industry