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Chinese paddle-wheel boats
They are warships.
Chinese canal locks
A grated chamber in canal used to raise or lower the water level.
The Great Stone Bridge
It was the world's first segmental arch bridge, with a span of 123 feet. It goes over the river Chiao Shui.
Chinese moveable type
Individual characters made of wood or metal that can be arranged to create a job for printing and then used over again.
Chinese paper,
A very thin, soft, absorbent paper, made in China from bamboo fiber, yellowish or grayish or straw-colored, used for proofs of engravings or wood-cuts, and occasionally also for lithographs
Chinese porcelain
A hard, white pottery; also called china
mass production in China
To make similar items in quantity by using standardized designs and dividing labor among workers.
Chinese gunpowder
An explosive made of saltpeter and other materials.
Chinese alchemy
A combination of science, magic, and philosophy that was practiced in medieval times.