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one of the big 3, King of all gods, god of sky, thunder, and lightning, symbols- eagle, lightning bolt, oak tree


Wife of Zeus, goddess of marriage, women, and childbirth, symbols- peacock, cow, pomagranate, and wedding ring


Virgin goddess of wisdom and war, symbols- olive tree, owl, Aegis


one of the big 3, god of the underworld and wealth, symbols-helm of darkness, metals, and jewels


one of the big 3, god of the Sea, symbols- trident, horse, and bull


Virgin goddess of Hearth and Home, Cooking, and Fertility, symbols- hearth, home, fire


god of war and bloodshed, symbols- vulture, sword, battle implements, boars, and spear


god of fire and forge, jewlery maker to gods, married to Aphrodite, symbols- Hammer and flame


married to Hephaestus, goddess of love and beauty, symbols- dove, rose, scallop, swan, shell, and myrtle


god of flight, thieves, travelers, commerce, and trading, messenger to gods; symbols- winged boots, winged helment, and wand


god of music, medicine, healing, light, and truth, symbols- lyre, sun, musical insturments, medical stuff, golden bow


Virgin goddess of the hunt, wild animals; symbols- deer, silver bow and arrow


god of wine and merriment; symbols- Grape vine, wine, harvesting, ivy


goddess of earth; symbols- grain, fire, and torch

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