Worldy Wise Lesson 20

15 terms by nkk123

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v. To approach and speak to in an aggressive or challenging way.


n. Greed for wealth.


v. To cheat out of what is due.


adj. Extremely skilled; complete or perfect; v. To bring to a satisfactory conclusion; to complete.


adj. Having knowledge or experience; well-informed.


adj. Willing to believe things with only slight or no evidence; easily convinced.


n. A feeling of great happiness or well-being.


adj. 1. Happening by lucky chance; accidental; 2. Lucky or fortunate.


adj. Based on something that is not actual but assumed or supposed; n. A supposition or tentative explanation for purposes of argument, further study, or investigation.


adj. Not connected; confused; rambling


adj. Very small in size or importance.


n. An agreeable, casual remark.


v. To put off until later.


n. A feeling of uneasiness as to whether what one is doing is right or wise; a misgiving.


n. A mark of shame or disgrace; v. To give a bad name to.

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