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14 terms

Szavak és kifejezések

the place that you are travelling to
to destroy
The building was completely destroyed by fire.
a chance to do something
opportunity to do
He wasn't given to opportunity to defend himself.
destination Sout-Africa
irány/cél dél Afrika
I was left alone.
Egyedül maradtam.
to disappear
if something disappears, you can no longer see it
anybody/anyone else
akárki/bármi más
to give/gave/given sb stg
I want to give you a gift.
to give stg to sb
I want to give a present to you.
to get/got/got sth from sb
I got an e-mail from Dzsozi.
to fall/fell/fallen
Snow began to falll.
to fall out/from
The glass fell out from his hans.