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What is chickenfeet?
Is when someone aims for a player's leg or below the hips.
What is a late-pass?
Is when a player passes it to another player not perfectly to the person.
What's a chuck?
Is when a player throws it hard at someone to get them out.
What is Snake-Eye?
Is when someone passes the ball to another person not aware of the ball.
What is a hard-pass?
A almost chuck but has different strategies to throw.
If Tin passes to Yang, it is a?
A pass
What is hesitation?
Is when a player looks for someone to pass to. If Ron looks to someone else but than quickly passes it to another person, he committed hesitation.
What strategy is most famous in using Chickenfeet?
Folding hands (or arms or feet).
If Earl passes the ball to Danny but changes his mind quickly and passes to Dwamb. What is this called?
A hesitation
What is Tips?
Is a new game created by volleyball players. This game requires the players to jump in the air to get the ball. While in air, the player has to pass it or he/she is out.
What is Fake Tips?
Is a new game created by a specific person which does not require to jump up in the air. But some games require the player to jump when passing.
What is the difference between a hard pass and a chuck?
A chuck is a hard pass used by folding hands, arm or feet. A hard pass uses different strategies. Almost close to a chuck but has different speed.
If Qhy passes it to Drowingal almost as hard as a chuck. What is it?
Qhy made a hard-pass.