Videos (Chapter 17)

Electron Beam
The speed at which the ___ moves across the screen is known as the Horizontal refresh rate.
Vertical Refresh Rate
VRR stands for ___.
A color LCD screen is composed of many tiny liquid crystal molecules called ___.
A single port that is similar to a PCI slot and is dedicated to video is the ___.
Dual Scan Passive
In a ___ matrix LCD display the screen is refreshed two lines at a time.
In a CRT monitor a stream of ___ hits the phosphor coating inside the display.
Video Cards have a ___ that offloads 3-D rendering duties from the CPU.
The ___ applet in Windows XP can be used to set screen resolution.
Random Access Memory Digital to Analog Converter
RADMDAC stands for ___.
The higher the intensity of the electron stream in a CRT monitor, the ___ the color produced by the glowing phosphor.
Shadow Mask
The ___ is a screen that lies directly behind the phosphors in a CRT and allows only the proper electron gun to light the proper phosphors.
Picture Elements
The term pixels is derived from the term.
A resolution of 1024 x 768 indicates a horizontal resolution of ___ pixels.
Monitors that meet the ___ specifications for DPMS can reduce monitor power consumption by roughly 75 percent
A good contrast ration, which is the difference between the darkest and lightest spots that the monitor can display is ___.
The ___ indicates how fast the monitor can display an image on the screen.
Dot Pitch
The ___ of a monitor defines the diagonal distance between phosphorous dots of the same color.
LCD monitors need a ___ signal.
All LCD monitors have a ___ resolution that enables them to display the sharpest picture possible.
15-pin VGA
Most digital LCD monitors come with an ___ connector.
The VESA specification pertains to ___ and can reduce power consumption.
A typical CRT monitor uses about 120 watts. In contrast, a typical LCD monitor uses about ___ watts.
Direct access to the hardware for MIDI devices is supported by the ___ protocol.
640 x 480
When IBM introduced the VGA standard in video cards, it offered 16 colors at resolution of ___ pixels.
Video Processor Circuitry
The video RAM and the ___ are the two major components of the video card.
A pixel is made up of a group of red, green and blue phosphors, called a ___.
With the introduction of the PS/2, IBM introduced the ___ standard.
Monitor Power Supply
If you hear bird-like chirping sounds emanating from your computer at regular intervals, it usually indicates a problem with the ___.
Graphics Processor
The ___ takes commands from the CPU and translates them into coordinates and color information that the monitor understands and displays.
In the PC gaming world, ___ is a small picture that is tiled over and over again on walls, floors, and other surfaces to create the 3-D surfaces.
In the PC gaming world, a true 3-D object is composed of a group of points called
The ___ function of AGP significantly increases the signals two, four and eight times for each clock cycle.
Cables for Breaks
If one color is missing on a monitor display, you should check the ___.
Horizontal Refresh Rate
The speed at which an electron beam moves across a monitors screen is known as the ___.
Vertical Refresh Rate
The amount of time taken to draw a monitors entire screen and get the electron guns back up to the upper-left corner is called the ___.
15, 2
Using DPMS, a typical CRT monitors power consumption will be reduced to approximately ___ watts and a LCD monitor will be reduced to about ___ watts.