BUAD309 Chap 17

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independenceassumption that path duration times are independent of each other, requiring that activity times be independent, and that each activity is only on one pathmost likely timethe most probable length of time that will be requirednetwork (precedence) diagramdiagram of project activities that shows sequential relationship by use of arrows and nodesoptimistic timethe length of time requires under optimal conditionspatha sequence of activities that leads from the starting node to the finishing nodePERTprogram evaluation and review technique, for planning and coordinating large projectspessimistic timethe length of time required under the worst conditionsprobabilisticestimates of times that allow for variationproject championa person who promotes and supports a projectprojectsunique, one time operations designed to accomplish a specific set of objectives in a limited time frameslackallowable slippage for a path, the difference between the length of a path and the length of the critical pathvirtual project teamssome or all of the team members are geographically separatedwork breakdown structure WBSa hierarchical listing of what must be done during a project