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Carrying to or toward a center


Carrying away or away from


Carries feedback information to somatic intergration centers in the cns


Efferent division of the peripheal nervous system that innervates cardiac, smooth muscles & glands also called the involuntary or visceral motor system


Cells that form from the myelin sheath in the central nervous system

Schwaan cells

Cells formed from the myelin sheath in the peripheal nerous system

Function of Myelin Sheath

Protects & electrically insulates fibers from one another & increases the speed of transmission of nerve impulses

How does the myelin sheath speed up transmission impulses in the nervous system

Myelinated Fibers conduct nerve impulses, rapidly, whereareas unmyelinated fibers tend to conduct impulses slowly

Nodes Or Ranvier

Small Spaces between the myelin sheath covering the axons of neurons

Difference between gray and white matter in the brain. How does it relate to myelin sheaths?

Regions of the brain and spinal cord containg dense collections of myelinated fibers reffered to as white matter primarily fiber tracts. Gray matter contains mostly nerve cellbodies & unmyelinated fibers.

Direction of impulse conduction in a neuron

Dendrite>Cell Body>Axon

What structures make up the central nervous system

Brain & Spinal Cord

What structures make up the peripheal nervous system

Nerves & Ganglia that lie outside of the brain & spinal cord

Function of neurotransmitters

Open & Close ion channels that influence membrane permeability & consequently membrane potential

Difference between chemical synapse and electrical synapse

Electrical synapses specialized to allow the flow of ions between neurons. While chemical synapses are specialized to release reception of chemical neurotransmitters.

Layers of connective tissue


Action Potential

A large transient deplorazation event, including ploarity reversal thatis conducted along the membrane of a muscle cell or nerve fiber

Which ions move through stimulus gated channels?

Sodium and pottasium

What is the resting membrane potential of a neuron


What are the effectors of the somatic nervous system?


What are the effectors of the autonomic nervous system?


Mixed nerve

Nerves containg the process of motor and sensory neurons


Protect CNS

Ependymal cells

Form Cerebrospinal fluid which fill cavaties and surrounds cushions

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