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Foucault's pendulum and the Coriolis Effect

prove the earth rotates

Earth is closer to the sun in


The closer the planet is to the sun

the higher it's velocity

Black absorbs

white reflects

The half-life of a radioactive element

can't be changed

Ocean crust is

thin and made of basalt

Continental crust is

thick and made of granite

Energy moves from

source to sink: high to low

Mountains form by


Chemical weathering occurs mostly in

warm humid climates

Physical weathering occurs mostly in

cold humid climates (good for frost wedging)

Air around high pressure moves

clockwise and outward

Air around low pressure move

moves counterclockwise and inward

Good absorbers of radiation

are good radiators

Hottest part of the day is

after 1:00p.m.

As temperature increases

air pressure decreases

As moisture increases

pressure decreases

As altitude increases

Air pressure decreases

Highs are cool and dry

lows are warm and wet

Wind is due to

air pressure differences

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