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Anatomy Test- Nervous System

Which of the following statements concerning the brain is true?
The blood-brain barrier maintains a stable chemical environment for the brain
Which of the following results from stimulation by the sympathetic nervous system?
Release of glucose from liver
When you are very nervous, your mouth is dry and your heart is racing. This is most likely due to stimulation by
Sympathetic division of the autonomic nervous system
The signal that crosses a synapse is stopped when
The neurotransmitter is enzymatically broken down/ transported back to signaling cells
During transmission across a typical chemical synapse
Neurotransmitter molecules bind to receptors in the receiving cell's plasma membrane
The autonomic nervous system
Regulates the internal environment of the body
The enteric division of the autonomic nervous system consists of neurons in the digestive tract, the gallbladder, and the
The gap between the transmitting and receiving neurons in a chemical synapse is known as the
Synaptic cleft
Which of the following regarding the peripheral nervous system is true?
Nerves are part of this system
Which division of the human nervous system carries signals to skeletal muscle?
Somatic nervous system
Which of the following results from stimulation by the parasympathetic nervous system?
Stimulation of saliva production
Which of the following regarding the nervous system is true?
Motor Neurons Convey Signals from CNS to effector cells
The functional unit of the nervous system is
Once the threshold potential is reached
Action potential is inevitable
Nervous System effector cells
Perform in response to signals from integration centers
What part of the nerve cell carries signals toward the part of the cell that houses the nucleus?
The speed of impulse conduction along an axon may be increased by
The nodes of Ranvier
Multiple Sclerosis results from an immune system disorder that primarily involves
Destruction of myelin sheath
Action potential normally travel along an axon
Away from the cell body
Sensory input is one of the nervous system's interconnected functions that
Conducts signals from sensory receptors to integration centers
The central communication conduit between the brain and the rest of the body is
Spinal Cord
Two major anatomical divisions of the nervous system are
Central nervous system and peripheral nervous system
What part of the brain sorts information into categories before relaying it to the cerebral cortex?
Which of the following brain regions controls the secretion of the pituitary hormones and exerts direct control over many other aspects of homeostasis?
The brain of humans is strongly oriented toward the interpretation of
What region of the brain stops breathing?
Medulla oblongata and pons
Which of the following correctly represents a structure/ function correlation?
Somatic cortex receives and integrates signals about touch, pain, temperature, and pressure
Our emotions, learning, and memory depend on
Limbic system
Is a state where the patient can no longer distinguish what is real
Our biological clock is housed within
What part of the brain serves as a memory filter?
Which of the following brain regions is responsible for rapid coordination of muscle activity?
Which of the following statements is true?
The transfer of information from short term to long term memory is enhanced by rehearsal