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This is for Medical Law and Ethics Proper Terms, and Spelling (Chapter by Chapter) Written by Bonnie F. Fremgen (Third Edition)


an approval or sanction


the cooperation of one state in granting a license to practice medicine to a physician already licensed in another state. Reciprocity can be applied to other licensed professionals such as nurses and pharmacists


take away, as in revoke a license

Standard of Care

the ordinary skill and care that medical practitioners use and that is commonly used by other medical practitioners in the same locality when caring for patients; what another medical professional would consider appropriate care in similar circumstances

Prudent Person Rule

also called the responsible person standard, means the healthcare professional must provide the information that a prudent, reasonable person would want before making a decision about treatment or refusal of treatment

Statute of Limitations

the period of time that a patient has to file a lawsuit

Discovery Rule

legal theory that provides that the statute of limitations begins to run at the time the injury is discovered or when the patient should have known of the injury

Guardian Ad Litem

court-appointed guardian to represent a minor or unborn child in litigation

Good Samaritan Laws

state laws that help protect healthcare professionals and ordinary citizens from liability while giving emergency care to accident victims

Respondeat Superior

Latin phrase meaning "let the master answer"; means the employer is responsible for the actions of the employee

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