30 terms

psychology 101 part 1

"Impulsive," "mellow," and "shy" are all adjectives that can be used to represent
personality traits
Which of the following is not considered to be a psychodynamic theory of personality
Rogers' client-centered psychology
which one of the following types of human responses is most likely to be governed by classical conditioning?
According to Maslow, which of the following categories of needs must be met first
Results of twin studies have supported eysenck's theory that personality is largely inherited by showing that
identical twins are more similar in personality than fraternal twins
Test norms provide information about
where a score ranks in the relation to other scores
The emerging consensus among contemporary researchers is that stress is
a special stimulus-response transaction in which one feels threatened
one accepted definition of stress is
any circumstance that threatens well-being and taxes coping abilities.
which if the following may be a significant cause of stress for ethnic minorities in Western societies
effects of subtle discrimination
which of the following is not a major source of stress described in your textbook?
The four major types of stress described in your textbook are
frustration, internal conflict, pressure, and change
which of the following researchers designed a scale to measure pressure as a form of life stress
Wayne Weiten
Baumeister's research suggests that a narcissist who experiences an ego threat is likely to
become aggressive or violent
_______ helps to explain the ability to pick out our name in a room full of chattering people.
Selective attention
Research suggests that people who attribute their failures to internal causes while discounting external causes may be more prone to _______ than people who display opposite tendencies
In the _____stage of the general adaption syndrome, the body attempts to adapt to continued stress
Research findings indicate that on a cognitive task, stress may increase one's tendency to
jump to conclusions too quickly
Physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion due to work-related stress is called
research reveals that stress often contributes to the onset of al but which of the following?
autistic disorder
Social support involves
various types of aid from one's social networks
the adaptive value of a coping technique depends on the
nature of the situation
researchers have argued that ______ is a desirable quality in applying coping strategies across various situations
Mayer-Salovey-Caruso Emotional Intelligence Test authors are striving to make this test
a performance based measure of the ability to deal effectively with emotions
According to Herbert Benson, the relaxation response is not aided by an
active attitude
Freud believed that defence mechanisms operate at
the unconscious level only
in making projections about the future, "normal" people are more likely that depressed people to
be unrealistically optimistic
The first step in attempting to use your time more effectively is to
monitor your use of time
Hazel Markus uses the term ______ selves to refer to one's conceptions about the kind of person one might become in the future
as actual-ideal discrepancies outnumber actual-ideal congruencies, cheerfulness decreases and
sadness increases
People who tend to attribute their setbacks to external, unstable, specific factors are exhibiting
an optimistic explanatory style