28 terms

Us history 4th rpass

Lyndon B. Johnson
was president during Tonkin Gulf resolution;congress gave him power to use military force
26th Amendment
lowered voting age to 18
Protesters slogan
No Blood For Oil
Didn't want to to be drafted so they found ways to get out of it
ways to get out of draft
burn draft cards, college, hurt thenselves
conscientious objector
they went to canada, someone who objects to killing people
they was against war, bright colors, rock n roll, marijuana
against war
for war
New York, Most Famous rock event in history, counter culture
ML King Jr
was non violent, killed by white, protestant, wanted equal rights for blacks
Malcolm X
was violent and killed by blacks, wanted equal rights for blacks, muslim
Plessy vs. Ferguson
Seprate but equal is constitutional
Brown vs. board
Seprate but equal is not constitional
Minority Gains
NOW(women)equal pay and oppertunitys to work,
Mexican Americans and Native Americans
Civil Rights Act of 1963
equal oppertuinty in jobs
Civil Rights act of 1968
Fair housing
Voting Rights Act of 1965
blacks rights to vote, got rid poll taxes, didnt have to take literacy test
Roe vs Wade
abortion legal,
your choice for abortion
not for abortion
Griswald vs Conn
abortion is a privite matter
Seneca Falls
begining of womens movement
try to persuade law makers
Holmes Quote
case about free speech, listen to person you dont agree with
Hollywood 10, screen writers that was accused of being communist
Limits on Citizens Rights
if you libel and slander your rights end, if you put national security in danger rights end, clear and present danger rights end