30 terms

Conflict Resolution Worksheet Vocabulary Set 1

A list of vocabulary words found in the reading covering how to resolve conflicts in the workplace.
the room or building where you work.

In many cases, conflicts in the workplace just seem to be a fact of life.
strong dislike or hatred, hostility

And we've all seen the often-intense personal animosity that can result.
The final result of a meeting, discussion etc. especially when no one knows what it will actually be until it happens.

Conflict resolution skills can make the difference between positive and negative outcomes.
knowledge or understanding of a particular subject or situation

The discussion needed to resolve conflict expands people's awareness of the situation.
to successfully complete something or get a good result, especially by working hard
Conflict resolution helps people achieve their own goals.
to gradually make someone or something less strong or effective

They can achieve their own goals without undermining those of other people
if there is cohesion among a group of people, a set of ideas etc, all the parts or members of it are connected or related in a reasonable way to form a whole

When a conflict is resolved effectively, it increases group cohesion.
starting again, especially with increased interest or strength

Team members can develop stronger mutual respect, and a renewed faith in their ability to work together.
to improve something so it is up to the necessary standard or quality also to make something have a sharper edge or point.

The recent conflicts have sharpened the group's focus on how to resolve them.
to improve something

Improved self-knowledge will help you enhance your effectiveness in resolving conflicts.
a feeling of not liking someone or something

Conflicting goals can quickly turn into personal dislike.
when a group of people work effectively together

I want to encourage teamwork in our class.
break down
to fail or stop working in a successful way

Negotiations broke down when neither side could agree on anything.
to stop being involved or interested in something

People disengage from their work when teamwork breaks down.
unpleasantly strong or severe, violent and cruel, very unkind

That dog has bitten 2 people. It's a vicious dog.
downward spiral
a process, usually a harmful one, in which something gradually but continuously gets worse or better

The constant lack of communication at work resulted in a downward spiral of productivity.
when you blame or criticize someone for something that has happened

There were many recriminations after the fatal bus accident.
deal with
to take the necessary action especially in order to solve a problem

Ralph Kilmann identified five main styles of dealing with conflict.
behaving in a confident way so that people notice you

She acted more decisively after she took assertiveness training.
determined or trying very hard to be more successful than other people or businesses

Competitive people know what they want and operate from a position of power.
take a firm stand
a strong effort to defend yourself or to oppose something

At this college, we take a firm stand against cheating on tests.
able to make other people believe something or do what you ask

Tom Sawyer was so persuasive that he convinced his friends to paint the fence for nothing.
not liked by most people

Giving a quiz on Monday morning was an unpopular decision the teacher decided to change.
caring only about yourself and not about other people - used to show disapproval

You are being very selfish trying to exploit this situation to your own advantage.
to affect someone badly and make them feel less confident

The bitter conflict at work left people feeling badly bruised.
feeling angry and upset about something that you think is unfair

He felt resentful when others were promoted at work and he wasn't.
a job or piece of work that involves two or more people working together to achieve something

A collaborative work style tries to meet the needs of all people involved.
a particular way of thinking about a problem or subject or a point of view

Let's try to find what's common in all these different viewpoints.
a balance between two opposing things, that you are willing to accept in order to achieve something

The tradeoff of leaving work at 2 pm instead of at 5, but working Saturdays, isn't good for me.
give up
to stop doing something, especially something that you do regularly and to stop trying to do something

Everyone is expected to give up something in order to reach a compromise.