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a Greek philosopher who was one of the first people to classify organisms

binomial nomenclature

two word naming system developed by Linnaeus


an individual who has the gene for a genetic disorder but does not express the trait

crossing- over

the exchange of corresponding pieces of DNA between like (homologous) chromosomes


molecule that contains the information needed by a cell to direct its activities and determine its characteristics


sex cells which are produced during the process of meiosis


an organism's genetic make-up or allele combination- its "letter" code Example : Tt


first word of a scientific name

Gregor Mendel

concluded that traits (genes) are inherited through the passing of factors (genes) from parents to offspring


an organism with different alleles for a trait, represented by one upper-case letter and one lower-case letter


a chart showing pairs of chromosomes


first scientist to give species a 2-word scientific name


produces four new genetically different cells that have half the number of chromosomes that an organism's body cells have


chromosomes line up in the "middle"


a family record that shows how a trait is inherited over several generations


an organism's physical characterictics or visible trait. Example: tall

reproductive cell (sperm, egg)

contains half the chromosomes

sex-linked traits

found on the 23rd pair of chromosomes


the identification and classification of organisms

upper-case letter

used to indicate a dominate allele in Punnett squares

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