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Chapter 1: Using Technology to Change the World

Blaise Pascal
The first accurate mechanical calculator was invented in 1942 by
Babbage Analytical Engine
In 1834 __________ included components of RAM, CPU, and input/output devices that are used in today's computers.
In 1975, Popular Electronics magazine advertised the _________ as the first computer available for personal use.
Integrated Circuit
In 1956, Jack Kilby, from Texas Instruments, invented the ______, which could store thousands of transistors on a single chip.
The _________, which can alter its electric state between on and off, is the basic building block for computer circuitry.
The First Spreadsheet software application for personal computers was ____________.
Built in 1939, the _________ computer was the first to use vacuum tubes instead of mechanical switches to store binary data.
Which computer was the first computer designed for U.S. business?
The ___________ is considered to be the first successful high-speed electronic digital computer.
Ada Lovelace
Who is considered the first computer programmer?
The Cost
What is the biggest trade-off between buying a desktop versus a notebook/laptop computer?
They are computers that were returned within Dell's 30 day Window.
From where does Dell get its refurbished PCs?
whether you can order the computer with a specific screen resolution
Before buying a computer it is important to consider all of the following except ___________.
Notebook/laptop computers are slower than desktops
Which of the following statements are true?
desktop computer
If you want a computer that allows maximum expandability, you should consider a _____.
They were used for only one year
Which of the following statements about refurbished Dell computers is FALSE?
Where is the help center located
When purchasing a no-name computer, which of the following is not a support consideration?
whether the online store charges sales tax
when deciding whether to buy your computer from an online store or a retail store, you should consider all of the following except
becoming educated
The first step in buying a computer is
Where is the manufacturer located?
When purchasing a no-name computer, which of the following is NOT a consideration?
Information Technology
A Field of study focused on managing and processing information and the automatic retrieval of information is __________.
data mining
The process of searching huge amounts of data with the hope of finding a pattern is __________.
QR (quick response) Codes
A technology called __________ lets any piece of print host a link to online information and video content.
crisis-mapping tools
A(n) ____________ collects information from emails, text messages, blog posts, and twitter tweets and then maps them.
affective computing
Computing that relates to emotion or deliberately tries to influence emotion is known as __________.
digital divide
There is a great gap between the levels of understanding, internet access, and availability of technology tools in different regions of the world. This phenomenon is known as the ___________.
Cognitive Surplus
The combination of leisure time and the tools to be creative
Social Networking tools
What provides a level of instant connection and instant distribution of information that is reshaping the world?
augmented reality
A combination of our normal sense of the objects around us with an overlay of information displayed is
collaborative consumption
The joining together as a group to use a specific product more efficiently is_______.
Computer Forensics
Analyzes computer systems with specific technologies to gather potential legal evidence
Community consumption implies that we are joining together as a group to use a specific product more efficiently
Marketers need to be aware of the phenomenon of crowd-sourcing--checking in with the voice of the crowd.
The Art project is a collaboration of several museums that allows online visitors to explore over a thousand pieces of art.
The three that lead to better performance and personal satisfaction are education, mastery, and purpose.
Being computer literate means that you are familiar with the capabilities and limitations of a computer
If you plan a career as a dancer, there is no need to become computer liberate, because computer are never used in dancing.
Purpose is the feeling of confidence and excitement from seeing your own skills progress.
Course management software such as Blackboard and Moodle are used by students to communicate outside of class, take quizzes online and find class materials easily.
Crowdsourcing is a style of generating capital to start a business asking for small donations from a large number of people, often using the Internet.
Computer literacy is about being able to use a computer to create programs and make repairs.
Autonomy is the freedom to work without constant direction and control.
The digital divide contributes to the cycle of poverty.
Computer literacy is not concerned with the ethical implications of computer technology.
Unsolicited e-mail messages
Instructions that tell a computer what to do