History 27-28 Test

Which communist state remained independent of soviet control?
a) Yugoslavia
b) Greece
c) Romania
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Khrushchev received many of Stalin's policies by doing all of the following except a) Loosening government control on writers b) Increasing heavy machine production c) Reducing violent repression of political opponents d) Placing more emphasis on consumer goodsc) Reducing violent repression of political opponents (maybe)The Brezhnev doctrine refers to a Soviet era principal regardingC) The right to intervene if communism was threatened in another communist stateWhich of the following was the main reason why the Soviet Union disintegrated?A) The multiethnic nature of the Soviet UnionHow did the revolution against communist rule begin in Poland after Gorbachev's decision to have military support?d) Workers organized in the Solidarity trade union under the leadership of Lech Walesa to demand change.How did the Communist government collapse in East Germany?c) Mass demonstrations led to the opening of the East-West German border.The last leader of the USSR wasb) GorvachevThe European community was chiefy and ________a) Economic Union