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cultural diffusion
migrating people, traders, and conquerors spread ideas, and inventions (ex. Iron making, the alphabet, religious traditions)
where did religion in the middle east come from
what did post WWII migration bring?
language, technology, etc.
what places/ regions had contact with the fertile crescent?
Nomadic people, babylonians, hittites, nile valley, etc.
why was the suez canal built?
To link the Mediterranean with the Red Sea to create a water route to the Indian Ocean and reduce the ocean voyage to Asia. built it to control shipping and trading between Europe and Asia
which religions consider abraham an important figure
judaism, islam, and christianity
4 things that judaism, islam, and christianity have in common
All are monotheistic, the God is Abraham, they all have a holy book, and they all have service in holy buildings
islam was successful in spreading the religion bc of what key ideas or values?
The Arab armies were united by their beliefs. Jihad also motivated many Muslim soldiers. The lure of riches to be won in the conquered lands was a powerful incentive as well
christianity was successful in spreading the religion bc of what key ideas or values?
For many people, the religion offered hope of salvation and eternal life. The poor found comfort in Jesus' teaching that all believers were equal in the eyes of God
7. What is the source of the Arab Israeli conflict in the Middle East since 1948
The Jews announced the creation of the state of Israel
8. How do the Arab nations feel about the nation of Israel
they feel israel should not exist
Sought to reestablish a Jewish state in Palestine
Theodor Herzl
Formed organization to promote Zionism. With his encouragement, Jew from Eastern Europe began to migrate to Palestine
10. The Balfour Agreement
the British government would support Zionist objectives, specifically supporting the establishment of a Jewish homeland in some or all of Palestine
the arab israeli conflict and promises documentary
-fought about land
-cultural differences
-the intifada (Palestinian uprising)
-constant wars
similarities between islam and judaism
service on friday, sacred language, fasting, no pork, etc
similarities between christianity and judaism
orthodox, pslams, 3 sects, 10 commandments, etc
similarities between islam and christianity
belief in heaven and hell, matrilineal
palestinian mass uprising
effect of israel and PLO agreeing to Oslo Accords
hope for peace grows in the Middle East
effect of the 6 day war
Israel captures west bank, gaza strip, golan heights, and jerusalem
organization whose goal was to reclaim Palestine to destroy Israel
what happened after the british left palestine
jews declared the creation of the state of israel
what caused israel's invasion of the West Bank in 2002?
palestinian terrorists and suicide bombers
yarko first impressions
naive, anxious, serious, paranoid, not religious and scared of religion
daniel first impressions
naive, easy going, calm, not religious, scared of religion
daniel later impressions
thoughtful about both sides of stories, appreciative of both sides, would rather just discuss sports with faraj
mahmoud first impressions
naive, not informed, thinks it is not the jews land, closeminded
mahmoud later impressions
thinks jews are deceitful and mean, just against authentic jews, does not think peace is really possible
schlomo first impressions
wise, religious, willing, very smart and thoughtful, orthodox
schlomo later impressions
acceptive that israelis are not perfect, would like to be nice to arabs but not meet or get close
sanabel first impressions
kind, caring, innocent, goes with what she is told
sanabel later impressions
puts politics aside, wants to meet more jews, thinks they are innocent (most of them)
faraj first impressions
one sides, has bad experiences, violent, close minded, angry, spirited, sad
faraj later impressions
feels torn b/c he wants to like the twins, sad that B.Z. will leave and that daniel and yarko will forget the friendship, once he talks to the twins, he wants them to come
moishe first impressions
relgious, into fighting, one sided, does not like arabs, traditional, wants arabs to fly away
moishe later impressions
no jewish friends, says he never will, thinks friends would call him a whip if he talked to an arab, thinking meetings should be held, but not with him
what did the british white papers do/say
abandoned previous British policy statements toward Palestine, advocating a binational state in territory. To achieve this, it called for a policy of restricting Jewish immigration in Palestine
UN partition plan
divided the country in such a way that each state would have a majority of its own population, although some Jewish settlements would fall within the proposed Palestinian state and many Palestinians would become part of the proposed Jewish state
a pilgrimage to Mecca, performed as a duty by Muslims
five pillars
specific religious and ethical requirements for Muslims
northern tier
some oil, fertile land, water, not arabs
arabian peninsula
OIL, conservative, sunnis dominate
fertile crescent
fertile soil, 2 rivers, one of earliest civilizations
nile valley
good soil, cotton, 1 river, water, oil, desert protection
rain, fertile soil, oil/gas, phosphates
sumerian achievements
developed a system of writing
and they also made the wheel and the sail
what are the hittites best known for
their mastery of iron