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major landforms of China
Gobi desert, Mongolian and Tibetan plateaus, Himalaya Mountains, etc
how have the major landforms protected or isolated China
The mountains and rainforests separate China from Southeast Asia
Why do most people live in the region called the heartland
its topography and natural resrouces, both regions produce diff. crops bc of the diff climates, one is industrially powerful and one manufactural powerful
What are three main rivers of China
Huang He, Change River, and Xi River.
how was the huang he influenced chinese life
because of its frequent floods that cause terrible destruction
What are the advancements of the Shang dynasty for gov.
It had well-organized army of nobles, peasants, and slaves and the Shang Dynasty battled invaders
What are the advancements of the Shang dynasty for writing
used ideographs which spread to Korea, Japan, etc. with about 3000 characters in the system of writing
What are the advancements of the Shang dynasty for science
an accurate calender
What are the advancements of the Shang dynasty with art
improved bronze making
main key belief of confucianism
relationships involving the family are the key to an orderly society. To restore order, the 5 relationships must govern human society
5 relationships in confucianism
Ruler and ruled, father and son, older brother and younger brother, husband and wife, and friend and friend
main key belief in daoism
the link between people and nature is more important than importance of proper behavior. The best way to live is the natural way
main key belief in legalism
People acted out of self-interest. They would respond to rewards and punishments, not good examples.
What impact did Buddhism have on China
It offered an escape from the suffering of earthly life and promised salvation for the good and punishment for the wicked
What is the name of the first emperor of China
Shi Huangdi in the Qin Dynasty
Describe how did the first emperor rule China
He used harsh ways to centralize power in his own hands. He believed in Legalist principles.
. What did the first emperor BUILD
the Great Wall using forced labor to keep invaders out from attacking
Who founded the Han dynasty
Liu Bang
Under the Han dynasty what is an example of LARGE cultural diffusion
The Silk Road
. The Han developed the civil service, describe what the civil service is
It was an examination system to choose civil servants (gov. officials). To pass, candidates had to know Confucian teachings and Chinese law, history and traditions
What are the advancements of the Han dynasty for science
scientists invented a seismograph
What are the advancements of the Han dynasty for medicine
What are the advancements of the Han dynasty for farming
Used complex flood control systems
What are the advancements of the Han dynasty from other civilizations
Developed foot stirrup
When did the Ming dynasty rule China
From 1368- 1644
When and where did the Ming dynasty explore
Between 1405 and 1433 it explored Southeast Asia, India, and the coast of East Africa
Why did the Ming dynasty explorations end
Not known for sure. Options: some officials were jealous of the Ming admirals, the emperor needed money to fight invaders, etc
zhou dynasty
said haven gave them the right to rule
developed daoism, Confucianism, and legalism
shang dynasty
accurate calendar/ astronomy
ideographs and pictographs
qin dynasty
used harsh means which lead to rebellion
built great wall
unified empire
han dynasty
set up civil service system
used silk road
song dynasty
gun powder
printing press
tang dynasty
golden age
conquered vietnam
long periods of peace
spread chinese ideas
used poems
mongol dynasty
efficient transport system
beijing as capital
ming dynasty
expanded civil service and great wall
used confucianism
stable dynasty
qing dynasty
set up by manchu invaders
claimed authority over many states
didn't want to be absorbed into chinese culture
manchus forbidden to marry chinese
opium war