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St.gerard religion

cardinal virtues

prudence, justice, temperance, fortitude

theological virtues

faith, hope, love

solemnity of Mary Mother of God

January 1st


Easter season

Assumption of Mary

August 15th

All Saints Day

November 1st

Immaculate Conception

December 8th


December 25th


check out the influences


Have the Facts


Others canhelp;seek advise


In prayer ask God for help


Evaluate your choice


1st Gift of the Holy Spirit


2nd Gift of the Holy Spirit

right judgement

3rd Gift of the Holy Spirit


4th Gift of the Holy Spirit


5th Gift of the Holy Spirit


6th Gift of the Holy Spirit

wonder and awe

7th Gift of the Holy Spirit

1st Law of the Church

Celebrate Christ's resurrection every Sunday

2nd Law of the Church

Lead a sacramental life

3rd Law of the Church

Study Catholic teaching throughout your life

4th Law of the Church

Observe the marriage laws of the church and give religious training to your children

5th Law of the Church

strengthen and support the church

6th Law of the Church

do penance

7th Law of the Church

join in missionary work of the church


make sure that we respect the dignity of all human beings and honor their rights.

1st Corporal Works of Mercy

Feed the hungry

2nd Corporal Works of Mercy

Give drink to the thirsty

3rd Corporal Works of Mercy

Clothe the naked

4th Corporal Works of Mercy

Help those imprisoned

5th Corporal Works of Mercy

Shelter the homeless

6th Corporal Works of Mercy

Care for the sick

7th Corporal Works of Mercy

Bury the dead

1st Spiritual Work of Mercy

Share our knowledge with others

2nd Spiritual Work of Mercy

Give advice to those who need it

3rd Spiritual Work of Mercy

Comfort those who suffer

4th Spiritual Work of Mercy

Be patient with others

5th Spiritual Work of Mercy

forgive those who hurt us

6th Spiritual Work of Mercy

Give correction to those who need it

7th Spiritual Work of Mercy

Pray for the living and the dead


when someone talks about someone else


spreading lies about other people causing others to judge them falsely


people speak of someone's faults and failings to others

rash judgement

to assume something about that person without evidence


to brag about oneself


lying to oneself about one's ability or behavior


people who witness the truth about the gospel by giving up their lives


when you kill your baby before it is born


the act of intentionally bringing about the death of someone who is gravely ill

ordinary means

to preserve human life

extraordinary means

not to be used to preserve life of someone who cannot survive


the return or repayment of something stolen from another


two people of whom at least one person is marriedto someone else having sexual relations

Premarital sex

having sex before marriage

Artificial birth control

man made devices that prevents the conception and birth of a child


An excessive and often uncontrollable sexual desire that occurs in people who have not developed their sexuality in a healthy and responsible way


the portrayal in words,movies,or pictures of sex or sexual activity in an obscene and degrading manner


the virtue by which we express respect for ourselves and others by the way we dress,speak,and act


the virtue that calls us to use our sexuality in a reasonable and faithful manner


the act of deliberately stimulating one's sexual organs by oneself


the act of having sex with a number of partners without regard to a faithful commitment


the buying and selling of sex usually between strangers


the condition in which a person is sexuality attracted to someone of the same sex


speaking or acting untruthfully in a way that deceives someone who has the right to know the truth


the act of putting a falce appeareance

seal of confession

solemn obligation of a priest never to tell what has been told to him in the sacrement of Reconciliation


the act of trying to repair or make up for the damage done by a lie


a word that means power


showing love and compassion to those who are suffering


the act of being poor judges when it comes to things that mean a great deal

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