21 terms

Grade 9 Fluids and Pressure, 7

non-solid state of matter in which the atoms or molecules are free to move past each other in gas or liquid
takes shape of container
amount of force exerted per unit area of a surface
pascal (Pa)
SI unit for pressure
atmospheric pressure
pressure caused by the weight of the atmosphere
Pressure Formula
pressure = force/area
Fluid Pressure
increases as depth increases
Depth Increases
Water pressure increases faster than
atmospheric pressure does
Water is denser than air
Fluids Flow
high pressure areas to low pressure areas
buoyant force
upward force that keeps an object immersed in or floating on liquid
Archimedes Principle
the buoyant force on an object in a fluid is an upward force equal to the weight of the volume of a fluid that the object displaces
less dense than air
Why does an ice cube float in water?
Ice cube is less dense than water
object that is more dense that surrounding fluid
object that is less dense than surrounding fluid
Overall Density of Object
changed by changing the object's shape, mass or volume
Bernoulli's Principle
the principle that states that the fluid pressure DECREASES as the speed of fluid INCREASES
upward force on an object that moves in a fluid
determined by wing size and thrust
pushing or pulling force exerted by the engine of an aircraft or rocket
force parallel to the velocity of the flow,
it opposes the direction of an aircraft
determines the speed of the aircraft
Pascal's Principle
change in pressure in an enclosed fluid is transmitted equally to all parts of fluid
Wing Shape
airplanes to take advantage of Bernoulli's Principle to achieve flight