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Honors Chemistry Final Exam

An example of an extensive property of matter is ___.
It is composed of hydrogen and oxygen.
Which of the following is NOT a physical property of water?
All of the above (color and odor, melting and boiling points, malleability and hardness)
Which of the following are considered physical properties of a substance?
Which state of matter is characterized by having an indefinite shape, but a definite volume?
Mixtures can be separated physically, while compounds cannot.
What distinguishes a substance from a mixture?
The first figure in a properly written chemical symbol always is ______.
Which of the following is used for chemical symbols today?
There must be a change in chemical properties.
What must occur for a change to be a chemical reaction?
1.54 * 10^-10
The diameter of a carbon atom is 0.000000000154 m. What is this number expressed in scientific notation?
1333 km
Express the sum of 1111 km and 222 km using the correct number of significant digits.
11 mm^2
Express the product of 2.2 mm and 5.00 mm using the correct number of significant digits.
one microliter
Which of the following volumes is the smallest?
What is the temperature of absolute zero measure in °C?
Which temperature scale has no negative temperatures?
1 dg
Which of the following mass units is the largest?
1.1 * 10^2
What is the volume of 80.0g of ether if the density of ether is 0.70 g/mL?
4.34 mL
What is the volume of 45.6 g of silver if the density of silver is 10.5 g/mL?
The density increases.
If the temperature of a piece of steel decreases, what happens to its density?
Atoms of the same element are always identical.
Dalton's atomic theory included which idea?
The mass of a neutron nearly equals the mass of a proton.
Which of the following is true about subatomic particles?
The central core and is composed of protons and neutrons.
The nucleus of an atom is ___.
Number of neutrons
Isotopes of the same element have different ___.
84|38 M 86|38 M 87|38 M
Which of the following sets of symbols represents isotopes of the same element?
The electrons move around the protons, which are at the center of the atom.
In Bohr's model of the atom, where are the electons and protons located?
It decreases
How does the energy of an electron change when the electron moves clower to the nucleus?
Counter clockwise
If the spin of one electron in an orbital is clockwise, what is the spin of the other electron in that orbital?
What is the next atomic orbital in the series 1s, 2s, 2p, 3s, 3p?
What is the number of electrons in the outermost energy level of an oxygen atom?
How many unpaired electrons are in a sulfur atom (atomic number 16)?
Which of the following electon configurations of outer sublevels is the most stable?
They are inversely proportional to each other.
How are the frequency and wavelength of light related?
Which variable is directly proportional to frequency?
Of the elements Pt, V, Li, and Kr, which is a nonmetal?
The atomic number of an element is the total number of which particles in the nucleus?
Representative elements
What are the Group 1A and Group 7A elements examples of?
Which of the following elements has the smallest atomic radius?
Cations form when an atom loses electrons.
Which of the following statements is true about ions?
Which of the following elements has the smallest first ionization energy?
How many valence electrons does a helium atom have?
What is the charge on the strontium ion?
How many electrons does silver have to givve up in order to acieve a pseudo-noble-gas electron configuration?
How many electrons does barium have to give up to achieve a noble-gas electron configuration?
How many electons does nitrogen gain in order to achieve a noble-gas electron configuration?
What is the formula of the ion formed when phosphorus achieves a noble-gas electron configuration?
It gains electrons
How does oxygen obey the octet rule when reacting to form compounds?
1s^2 2s^2 2p^6
What is the electon configuration of the oxide ion (O ^(2-))?
1s^2 2s^2 2p^6 3s^2 3p^6 3d^10 4s^2 4p^6 4d^10 5s^2 5p^6
What is the electon configuration of the iodide ion?
What is the charge of the cation in the ionic compound sodium sulfide?
What is the net charge of the ionic compound calcium fluoride?
How many valence electrons are transferred from the nitrogen atom to potassium in the formation of the compound potassium nitride?
Which of these elements does not exist as a diatomic moleculre?
Hydrogen's nucleus is electron deficient when it bonds with an electronegative atom.
Why is hydrogen bonding only possible with hydrogen?
Network solid
Which type of solid has the highest melting point?
Nitride ion
What is the correct name for the N^(3-) ion?
Have a numerical charge that is found by subtracting 8 from the group number.
The nonmetals in Groups 6A and 7A ____.
Fe^(3+), O^(2-); Fe2O3
Which of the following shows correctly an ion pair and the ionic compound the two ions form?
Stannic fluoride, SnF4
In which of the following is the name and formula given correctly?
nano-, 9 (she put nona)
Which of the following correctly shows a prefix used in naming binary moleular compounds with its corresponding number?
Select the correct formula for sulfur hexafluoride.
Which of the following elements exists as a diatomic molecule?
8.0 * 10^1 moles
How many moles of tungsten atoms are in 4.8 * 10^25 atoms of tungsten?
2.1 * 10^24
How many atoms are in 3.5 moles of arsenic atoms?
96 g
What is the molar mass of (NH4)2CO3?
2.2 g
What is the mass of silver in 3.4 g AgNO3?
11.2 L
What is the volume, in liters, of 0.500 mol of C3H8 gas at STP?
22 mol
What is the number of moles in 500 L of He gas at STP?
0.430 mol
What in the number of moles in 9.63 L of H2S gas at STP?
All would have the same volume.
Given 1.00 mole of each of the following gases at STP, which gas would have the greatest volume?
What is the empirical formula of a compound that is 40% sulfur and 60% oxygen by weight?
CH4N, 90 g, C3H12N3
Which of the following sets of empirical formula, molar mass, and molecular formula is correct?
Describe chemical reactions
Chemical equations ___.
Not used up in a reaction
A catalyst is _____.
Activity series of metals
In order to predict whether or not a single-replacement reaction takes place, you need to consult a chart that shows the ___.
PbO2 -> Pb + O2
Which of the following is a balanced equation representing the decomposition of lead (IV) oxide?
The reactant may be a solid metal.
Which of the following statements is NOT true about double-replacement reactions?
The reactants are generally two ionic compounds in aqueous solution.
In a double-replacement reaction, ___.
A double-eplacement reaction takes place when aqueous Na2CO3 reacts with aqueous Sn(NO3)2. You would expect one of this reaction to be ___.
1.00 mol
How many moles of H3PO4 are produced when 71.0 g P4O10 reacts completely to form H3PO4?
P4O10 (s) + 6H2O (l) -> 4H3PO4 (aq)
10.0 L
How many liters of hydrogen gas are needed to react with CS2 to produce 2.50 L of CH4 at STP?
The average kinetic energy of the gas decreases.
As the temperature of the gas in a balloon decreases, which of the following occurs?
The pressure decreases
What happens to the pressure of a gas inside a container if the temperature of the gas decreases?
The volume of the container is increased.
Which of these changes would NOT cause an increase in the pressure of a contained gas?
The ration of the volume and temperature in kelvins.
When the pressure and number of particles of a gas are constant, which of the following is also constant?
Temperature, pressure, and volume
The combined gas law relates which of the following?
number of moles
What does the ideal gas law allow a scientist to calculate that other gas laws do not?
0.1 mol
What is the number of moles of solute in 250 mL of a 0.4M solution?
What is the boiling point of a solution that contains 3 moles of KBr in 2000 g of water? (K`b = 0.512°C/m; molar mass of water = 18 g)
Increases as reactant concentration increases.
The rate of a chemical reaction normally ____.
The reaction makes more products.
What happens to a reaction at equilibium when more reactant is added ot the system?
The reaction makes more products.
In an endothermic reaction at equilibrium, what is the effect of raising the temperature?
Salt and water
When an acid reacts with a base, what compounds are formed?
What type of acid is H2SO4?
NH4 ^+ and NH3
Which of the following represents a Bronsted-Lowry conjugate acid-base pair?
equal to [OH-]
In a neutral solution, the [H+] is ____.
The negative logarithm of the hydrogen ion concentration
What is pH?
Which type of solution is one with a pH of 8?
Redox reaction
What is another name for an oxidation-reduction reaction?
N=-3, H= +1, Cl= -1
What is the oxidation number for each atom in NH4Cl?
What coefficient of H^+ balances the atoms in the following half-reaction?
H^+ + MnO2 -> Mn^(2+) + H20
Sn^(2+) -> Sn^(4+) + 2e-
Which of the following is an oxidation half- reaction?