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the body of Christ, the community of God's people who profess faith in the risen Lord Jesus and love and serve others under the guidance of the Holy Spirit

marks of the church

four essential characteristics of Christ's church that mark it as his true church; one, holy, catholic and apostolic

St. Ignacius of Antioch

first applied the term "catholic" to the Church


the official public worship of the church

evangelical counsels

vows of personal poverty, chastity understood as lifelong celibacy, and obedience

Great Schism

major break between the churches of the west (rome) and east (constantinople)


successor of St. Peter


break in Church unity resulting from the failure to accept the pope as the Vicar of Christ


he movement inspired and led by the Holy Spirit that seeks the union of all Christian religions and people throughout the world


something concrete that points to another reality


one who is sent to accomplish a certain task


to bring the good news of Jesus Christ to others


handing on




the symbol of authority to forgive sins in the name of Jesus


a baptized Christian who believes in Christ but does not accept all of the teachings of the Catholic Church\


a gift of the Spirit whereby the pope and bishops are preserved from error when proclaiming a doctrine related to Christian faith or morals

Beatific Vision

seeing God "face to face" in heaven, the source of our eternal happiness; final union with the Triune God for all eternity


he church dogma that teaches that the blessed mother, because of her unique role in her Son's Ressurection, was taken directly to heaven when her earthly life was over


type of sin; failing to do good or right


the state of purification that takes place after death for those who need to be made clean and holy before meeting the all holy God in heaven


a perfect life of supreme happiness with God and the communion of saints for all eternity


eternal seperation from God that results from a person dying after freely and deliberately choosing to act against God's will

Venial sin

actual sin that weakens and wounds our relationship with God, but does not destroy divine life in our souls


an offense against God through a violation of truth, reason, and conscience


a specific intercessor with God on behalf of people on a certain locale or having a special role, vocation, or career


latin word for "holy"


true sorrow for one's sins

Immaculate Conception

the church dogma that holds the blessed mother, by a special grace from God and by virtue of her Son's merits, was preseve immune from all stain of original sin from the very first moment of her human existence


type of sin; doing wrong


a study of teaching about the "last things"


turning from God's love


the most popular devotion to Mary


the first disciple


During the Eucharistic liturgy, the priest ____ bread and wine by invoking the blessing of the Holy Spirirt.


The most important reading during the mass.


Our resounding "Yes" to God's word during the mass

Essential Rite

That portion of the liturgical celebration of a sacrament that is strictly necessary in order for the sacrament to be valid.


Eucharistic _____ emphasizes how we celebrate the Eucharist in the midst of the assembled church.


Completes the sacramental grace of Baptism.


Lent comes from the Anglo-Saxon word "____"

Sanctifying Grace

The grace, a gift of God's friendship, that heals fallen human nature and gives us a share in the divine life of the blessed trinity.


A ____ governs the Eastern Church


Baptism forgives both __ and personal sin


Sacred signs that resemble the sacraments


Sacramentals include objects, actions, and ____ that help us become aware of Christ's presence.


A traditional term meaning "the inclination to sin."


Jesus chose a ____ meal to launch the events of our salvation

Eastern Rite

Churches: Catholic Churches following one of the six rites derived from the ancient traditions of Christian churches that were in Constantinople.


Christ means "___ one."


The baptismal ___, lit from the Easter candle, reminds us how Christ is the light of the world.


A perfumed oil, blessed by the bishop, used in the sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation, and Holy Orders.

Holy Spirit

Confirmation marks Christians with the ___ ___, giving the power to witness to the Lord.


___ robes represent rising with Christ.


The Season of the Church that ends with the feast of the Lord's baptism


Means "to make holy"


The three-day long liturgy that is Church's most solemn celebration of the Paschal mystery.


A season of intensified prayer, fasting, and almsgiving in preparation of Christ's resurrection and our redemption at Easter.


Liturgical season that prepares us for Christ's coming


Those to be confirmed chose a Confirmation ____ to accompany them in preparation and at the rite


The term used to describe what happens at the consecration of the bread and wine at mass when their entire substance of the body and blood of Christ, even though the appearances of bread and wine remain


An unbaptized person who is preparing to receive all of the sacraments of Christian initiation


Religious images or paintings that are traditional among many Eastern Christians.


hose newly received into the Church through the sacraments of initiation at the Easter Vigil.


Breaking of the bread is a symbol for sacrifice and ___.


The Eucharist communicates God's very ___ to us by giving us the Risen Lord himself


The principal liturgical actions in the Church.


The newly confirmed person is charged with bringing forth in word and deed "the ____ of Christ."


Liturgy is the "___" of the whole church


Celebrated 50 days after easter


Represents cleansing


Represents healing and protection

Perfect Contrition

Sorrow that comes from love of God

Procreative and unitive

Sexual intercourse in marriage must be this because it is a powerful sign that binds a man and woman together as lifelong partners.

the exchange of consent

The indispensable element that makes for a valid marriage


the sacrament of Penance where God lovingly forgives us from our sins


A sacrament at the Service of Communion in which Christ binds a man and women into a permanent covenant of love and life bestows his graces on them


Help bishops and priests at liturgies distribute Holy Communion at Mass and to the sick, proclaim and preach the gospel, witness and bless marriages, preside at funerals, and perform many other actions of service for God's people.

Church parish

a family for everyone and in a special way for those who live alone


: highlights a key element of the sacrament of Penance-telling our sins to the priest

Bride and Bridegroom

the ministers of the sacrament of Matrimony


an official church declaration that what appeared to be a Christian marriage never existed in the first place


break in unity with the successor of Peter, the pope

Imperfect contrition

Sorrow that comes from motives other than the love of God, like fear of punishment


As a successor to the Apostles and representing Jesus, a bishop is responsible for teaching, shepherding, and sanctifying his people. Each bishop is responsible for being the head of a local Church(diocese) as he serves with other bishops around the world.


Priests work alongside bishops as their helpers, when they are celebrating the Eucharist, the Holy Spirit enables them to act in the person of Christ.


Deacons receive the sacramental character "serve, not be served". Married men can become permanent deacons so they may serve the church and administer sacraments but never become a presbyterate.

Holy Orders

the sacrament of apostolic ministry at the service of communion whereby Christ, through the Church, ordains men through the laying of the hands.


a sacrament, also known as confession, through which Christ extends his forgiveness to sinners.


Holy Communion received by a dying person to help them pass over to God in the afterlife

Satisfaction (retribution, restitution)

The official name of the Sacrament of Penance stresses that when we turn from sin, we must do penance and make for the sins we have committed

Anointing of the Sick

a sacrament of healing, administered by a priest to a baptized person, in which the Lord extends his loving, healing touch through the Church to those who are seriously ill or dying

Sacraments of healing

penance and anointing of the sick continue Jesus' work of healing


the most important act for penitents


When a Catholic is going to marry someone who is not baptized, Church authority must give this for the marriage to be valid


Marriage is a______ written into our very nature, because a God of infinite love made us


a successor to the apostles who governs the local Church in a given diocese and governs the worldwide Church in union with the pope and the college of bishops


the state of being unmarried that priests and other religious choose in order to dedicate their lives totally to Jesus Christ and God's people.


the covenant of marriage involves a couple's total commitment that results in a deep unity of body, heart, and ___

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