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The "Four Walls" Theory
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Inherent in the success of every Restaurant are the seeds of failure. These seeds are likely to sprout when a Restaurant has become successful and popular.
A new restaurant opens and is successful, but as an adverse result of this success the Team Members starts to feel that they are more important then the guests. The team member then becomes rude and indifferent and the guest does not feel as they are being greeted into their home and ar unwelcome.
What are guests coming to T.G.I Friday's for? The answer is 'The Product' Our diverse Menu provides guests with a wide and varied selection of items that fit their budget/tastes.
To remain competitive and innovative, we are constantly reviewing our menu offer and ensuring our signature items are 'best in class'
We believe a guest in our restaurant is like an oyster, comfortable and scure in its shell, perfectly content untill an irritant forces it way inside. Example of 'Irritants' to a guest can be, the door host taling too loudly, using the microphone to call a table, the air conditioning too cool, dirty cutlery or anything which may spoil the experience
Each Transaction leaves an impression on the guest and falls into 3 categories:
PLUS - A plus experience is a 'WOW' and the guest will tell friends of the great experience.
ZERO - Nothing bad happened. "Will i go back" maybe
MINUS - When a negative transaction occurs, i.e no one apologised, Manager wouldnt speak to them ect, and will tell friends of bad experience,
1. To maintain 'The Package' - ambience, product and service for the guest.
2. To creat a fun, vibrant, profitable and good place to work.
3. To achieve the business objectives and vision.

Have a good relationship with our Team members and they will give good service to our guests.