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  1. Khoisan
  2. African
  3. Natal
  4. Unification
  5. Concentration Camps
  1. a province in E. South Africa where Gandhi came
  2. b a person (especially a black person) from Africa
  3. c hunter-gatherers/farmers who relied on grazing land, sheep, goats, and cattle
  4. d Afrikaner women and children were taken from their homes to less than ideal camps (28,000 died)
  5. e 1910- British colonies and Afrikaner republics joined as Union of S. African (prevents black wealth and allows whites to flourish)

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  1. 1867-Afrikaners discovered diamonds (urbanized S. Africa) British saw chance to make $
  2. mixed-race population descended from interbred slaves, whites, and khoisan
  3. type of mining needed to get gold (requires lots of $ and workers) very hard and dangerous
  4. the practice of having political power over another country, filling it with settlers, and economically benefitting from it
  5. members of a group of native people of S. Africa and the language spoken by them

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  1. Afrikaansa person (especially a black person) from Africa


  2. Compound Systemcramped barracks where thousands died each year, lacked food and ample supplies


  3. Voortrekkerfarmers that left the cape colony and moved inland


  4. Contract SystemAfrican mine workers had contracts that bound them to work for long periods of time


  5. Zulutribal group made up of Bantu people (largest ethnic group)


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