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  1. Steenkamp
  2. coloured
  3. Transvaal
  4. African
  5. DEIC
  1. a a person (especially a black person) from Africa
  2. b a member of the famous Retief family of which Peter Retief was one of the foremost voortrekkers
  3. c mixed-race population descended from interbred slaves, whites, and khoisan
  4. d former province in Northeast S. Africa-independent republic formed after Great Trek-resistance to annexation by Britain in 1877 led to Anglo-Boer war
  5. e a Dutch trading company founded in 1652-established the 1st permanent settlement @ Cape of Good Hope

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  1. area of S. Africa that became a British Colony in 1814, 1910-joined Union of S. Africa
  2. hunter-gatherers/farmers who relied on grazing land, sheep, goats, and cattle
  3. South African Indian Congress, formed by Gandhi to organize Indians and to get their basic rights
  4. 1910- British colonies and Afrikaner republics joined as Union of S. African (prevents black wealth and allows whites to flourish)
  5. Dutch farmers that moved inland in S. Africa to farm

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  1. Great Trekmigration in 1835-1837 of many boers northward to move away from the British rule in capetown


  2. Contract Systemcramped barracks where thousands died each year, lacked food and ample supplies


  3. trekboermeans "African" in Afrikaans-Africans descended from the Dutch settlers of the 1600s


  4. VoortrekkerDutch-speaking people who migrated by wagon from the Cape Colony from 1836 on. Wanted to further escape the British rule


  5. ZuluIndustrial and Commercial Workers Union-organized strikes, very successful in 1920s