Philosophy 1100 Exam 3

Terms in this set (50)

1. Harold needs to have his rugs cleaned, and his friend Veronica reports that Ajax Carpet Service did an excellent job on her rugs. From this, Harold concludes that Ajax will do an equally good job on his rugs. How do the following facts bear on Harold's argument?

a. Veronica hired Ajax several times, and Ajax always did an excellent job.
-Argument stronger; more primary analogates

b. Veronica's rugs are wool, whereas Harold's are nylon.
-Argument weaker, different dissimilarity

c. Veronica's carpets never had any stains on them before they were cleaned, but Harold's have several large stains.
-Argument weaker, different dissimilarity

d. Veronica always had her rugs cleaned in mid-October, whereas Harold wants his done just a week before Easter.
-Argument doesn't change; Irrelevant

e. Harold knows of six additional people who have had their carpets cleaned by Ajax, and all six have been very pleased.
-Argument stronger; same as A but even stronger because it is more diverse

f. All six own rugs made of different materials.
-Argument stronger, more analogies and more diverse

g. All six additional people were born in Massachusetts.
-Statement has no impact on strength of argument

h. Ajax has recently undergone a change in management.
-Argument weaker, relevant dissimilarity

i. The Environmental Protection Agency recently banned the cleaning solution Ajax has used for many years.
-Argument weaker, relevant dissimilarity

j. Harold changes his conclusion to state that Ajax will get his carpets approximately as clean as it has gotten Veronica's.
-We now have a weaker conclusion. Argument stronger